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December 25, 2008

The Rainy Days Of Christmas

The bell sound on the 12 at the midnight. people begin screaming and jumping. Firework decorate very beautiful all around the sky. The dark night are full of light. The day after that. Everyone create a beautiful line in a story.... Where the smile, laugh and tears all never be able to erase. On that line...... People will cry to return there... Today is Christmas. the busy cellphone always making noise saying I got message from friends. There is nothing else people could say. "Marry Christmas". I begin smile when I read them. I walk around visiting friend on this day... Lot of house are all busy and there...... A spirit of energy born. Relationship... Everybody love it. Everybody celebrate them doesnt matter rich or poor. Its Christmas. the day where we create smile and miracle might happen. At my place here. Its raining. I saw a lot of people still walking around because its once a year. When I look at that rain. I begin to think. On this great day. All sadness are hidden and people forget them. just like this... People all walking around and still celebrating Christmas on this great day even there is sadness in everyone. There, we create a miracle where we understand the true word of "happiness". Even how weak we are, there might be something can change our way..... Marry Christmas everyone.

December 22, 2008

The Past And Very Great Memory

I hope people could share with me about the best past and memori with me... Few days ago. I just walking around and I pass by somewhere.. I heard the noise. Its sweet and lovely. the bouncing of basketball never change. I had been so long didnt play with friend and so long doesnt jump and shoot. Its hard and pain. I see many kind of feeling for people while playing this game. I had a friend that very snobbish. He never let people score even own team. If miss, he will scold us. I scold him for that and give him a lesson... I just walk away because even we are there we are also not there. Invisible? Maybe... I choose this game to play for school is because to spend more time with friend and to learn the word 'fun'. Later on when everyone herad I had a broken leg. the sound of bouncing is lately gone because Im not there anymore. My friend realize that even how he is in basket. Still, he not good enough to understand the word 'team'. Now, they play for me and I am very happy for them. Im glad the bouncing of basket is also a diary for my memory. I love soccer too. I always play on the front because I had a very strong kick and lt of people afraid and fight for it. Day after day... It turn into a meteor. Extremely strong but then I realize... The ball is stronger and faster but I had accuracy probelm... Not because I not good in kick but I had problem with leg. The harder and faster I kick. It gives preasure to my leg. Its deadly pain. I take easy on that so I still play basket. Someday, i had the worse pain ever. I meet alot of specialist and its no cure. Everything now turn into a sweet tears. I really miss to shoot and jump shoot also kick. I always have the picture on my head for how I kick and shoot. I wish I could know what people and friend sweet moment....

If We Got Option To Decide Our Life... What Will Everyone Go?

If every single human got option to decide their life. Which way will they go? I asking myself on the same question too. Which way will I go?Pls share with me which way do everyone will go? Easy for the begining or the end. Maybe forever we control the life? For the begining I think I will choose I handle the world. When I choose that way. I suddenly afraid to be like that. It sounds like we are God and it might be enjoying life for the begining but later...... We wont be able to feel how and we will forget for our sense. We didnt feel pain and undead. Everything we want in totally complete and over than complete. Finally I become a game. Like we are playing some kind of game. We want this and that all happen but I might be useless for myself. Being how we are right now is better. Doesnt matter what easy first or what hard first. As long as it come first than we had to break the wall. We begin from nothing to the best. If I be able to decide my option for my life now... I choose depend on God. Which is right now. If we handle our life like God. There is something that never be able to erase... The unfairness that people migh think. I never love those stuff. Its so uncool. Beside, I wont be able to feel the true love. There is no tears... So I decide myself. I go on like how I am right now but I bagging God to gave me the sign for where I can find my light.

What Is The Future Before Everyone?

As everybody read on the tittle... What is the future before us? I'm hoping everybody could share with me about what people might think on their future... I really appreciate your comment. I might be not right at this or maybe something but this is what i think. People always love the past more than the future. For me, because of the past that is why future happen. I always love future. Even I dont know but I believe on my own future. Maybe it not cool or bad but I still on the road to future so I might be able to take my future. We will never be able to take future but we still can change the future. Like we can take them. Of course I will say not damn easy. Lots of problem I hear from thousand of human. The way to solve the problem is actually we ourselve. I keep on trying to find a way so I can choose a bright future but the me right now is also the future for the past so I believe God do help us to give us option. I believe some doesnt go on because of few mistake. However, we got option. My objective to telling people about this future is actually to hear what and to share something that might be a little complicated to get it. I owe a pendant. I keep it always. I called it 'the Dark Hopeless Pendant' because its dark and grey but there is a symbol of sun. Its saying that the sun is far and trap in the darkness. However, this pendant wont change but we might feel its change. When thousand of like collect, the sun will bright but always hidden in the dark... In our heart.... The light is us. The light is the future us. We are in the future for the past but we are the past in future so this explain time is always on the go. I hope everyone could spend the best time with no regret and never turn it to trash..... We still dont know the future of us yet so keep it the light in our heart. The future will always on the go. We never will be able to see yet but it will be the best......