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February 24, 2009

What Does A Lifetime Mean

I live in an average house. Its pretty lonely here. I just don't get it, why are there people live free but in a bad way? I guess after plenty of week I didn't left out, I don't even remember my own places. I feel like I'm lock in this house. I wish I could go to school with my bike. Only this school here are pretty weird. Why is student vehicles is illegal around school? I working to be brave and patience in this weird city that I'm living now. My life here is sucks. Will I gonna get a better life on my future. I am desperately hoping that everyday I could enjoy the nature of the environment. A rule at my house is never outside if got nothing to do. I can only go out if there is a friend or maybe someone else. Now all I can hear is my fan engine working out, my cat making noise and also the sound of my finger typing this. No one got a perfect life.

'A bullet is release from the head of the aim,
A noise of bang get into my eardrum,
The vibration of spark I feel when holding it,
What am I shooting for?

A nature sight,
The sun and cloud,
The star and moon,
It is dark at night,
Why Morning aren't dark?

I flip a coin,
Pick head or tail,
When I pick the wrong one,
Will I rapidly pick the wrong one?

Story to be legend,
I am a generation of legend,
A story of mystery,
I can never find out.'

February 22, 2009

Proud To Be Your Own

No body can lie to themselves. Inside its told everything. There is a kid that I meet few days ago... He is a very bad boy, he stole his parent money and he kicked a dog that is sleeping on the road. When I speak to him he asked me to hand my cash before he kick my ass. I asked him why were him done this thing. He told me that he did all this because he don't even wanna be an asshole that keep study and finally fail in the end. Well, I think what he did is more as an asshole. I asked him why was his mother born him. He answer me that his mum born him because addicted to sex. If so why was his mum still deliver him. No body born as a loser, human are all born to be legend and create their history of their own generation. What happened that day was a sign of God that there were still few human don't get why are they being born. I understand how sad his mother to gift birth of him with pain and love. Now, she might be dare to kill herself or maybe stab her own son with her own hand. Guys, we are all being born as a new generation to make name of own generation to create history and be a legend. If you think you are a loser than you are wrong. Think bout that!

Basic Is Like The Skill To Get Into Somewhere

There was a story on a guy that working hard to climb the highest mountain in this world. Everyone said that he was totally out of his mind and its totally insane for a guy who never climb any mountain but now step too far? Even a professional would never be able to make it to the end. That guy said that he dont even need to learn, he just need to copy poeple skill but he asked a guy to do him a favor. He told that guy to send him on the middle of the mountain. That guy told him that even if he left him few inch away he will never made it. As he sent him, That crazy guy begin on middle of the mount. he brought a flag with him and few food to full fill his hunger. till more than a day, that guy dont even made it but he was able to move a little bit from where he began. than he fall down and found dead. He left a message in his pocket. "Son, all daddy did this is to prove you that if you fail basic, you never make it to the other level." His son read them and begin to think of it. Well, I post this story just to share a moral value here... Be serious before you get there but be the best as you reach there... Basic must be mater, never begin as a loser...

February 18, 2009

Tone Of Love From Music

Its wonderful,
As its enter my eardrums,
I begin snapping my finger,
I begin following its tempo,
Without other instrument,
Its still very lonely,
The tone of piano,
I begin to cry,
The tone of guitar,
I fall myself into it,
If all of them together,
I proud to know this art.

The music bring me somewhere else,
I saw you there,
I try to catch your hand,
But you are way to far,
Your voice is whispering in my ears,
please dont left me behind...

Your love to me is just like the sound of guitar,
Its touching someone heart,
Its turning into something,
Where only few of them can get it,
The message written in lyric,
I wish I could sing them,
But the tears on my eyes,
I not be able to sound out....

I draw a heart shape,
I paste your picture in the heart,
Just as I place you in my heart,
Will there someone else in this heart?
Will there any possible someone can take this place?
If I cant have you,
I not gonna say no,
If I can have you,
I will never let you go,
Even there is someone new,
You are playing in my mind...


Its cover with shield,
Without anything can break it,
Its cover with smile,
Even with tears,
Waiting for my cellphone to ring,
Waiting for summer,
Waiting for holiday,
As I colored the rainbow,
People will see them.

The diary is written,
With all of my heart,
I go to school,
To see friends smile,
Everything help,
If I have the ability to change them,
Then everyone is happy for it.

Time is always on the go,
Everyone is always by my side,
The sun and cloud together,
Create a beautiful sight of nature,
Nothing will be fake,
With all the smile in this room,
Sharing and caring,
Loyal and honest,
Together enjoy the peaceful life,
Lets scream out loud,
With all we got.

The autumn is colored with peace,
The leaf begin falling to land,
The wind will blow it far,
Even from a far place,
Here or there,
Even in anywhere else,
One happiness goes to another,
Form a person to another,
From a leaf to another,
All collected in a place,
It will never be able to be back,
From where it belongs too....

I'm making a poem on happiness for my school... Please comment!!!!!

February 16, 2009


What are friends for? Treat for cash? Can anyone list down every letter of F-R-I-E-N-D-S...

Here is mine

Can you tell me your friendship you have. I will try my best to help you. Its a pleasure to help. Just post in my comment section....

Accept The Risk Or Just Give It The Best Shot

I learn something from a guy today and its playing a role on my mind. As I saw the tittle, I begin to think. Then today I dig my wish deep inside.... That I will never be afraid of failure.. It shouldn't be call as fail, just near to success. No body in this life can be as special as our legendary but the some some of them which we will never know. Even me, you and everyone. Now we look at them in a bad or any way... On the future, we don't know yet. What if this person that people teased on him or her than this time everyone get shock as the news of him been heard. Lets say this slacker suddenly turns into the first person who can create something or whatever. I believe that might happen someday. I finally be able to kill all this fear in me so I would face anything without it. I keep this wish and dreams in me every time that I wanna create history. As a great photographer from a small city or anything. Maybe I become a writer some day. However it is. The pen that we open the ink will dry if its uncovered. If I can keep this thing in me, I believe the ink will not dry. For the future, time is the best. We can decide our future but we never be able to change the past. All we been trough together turns to history and today is a lesson for tomorrow hope. There are hope if there is dream.

February 13, 2009

Sound From The Past

I hear many voices till today I listen the my past voice. Its cute doesnt it when we are 5 or 6. Maybe 9 or whatever. This voices remind of how stupid, cute and funny I am when I was a child. Not quite remember but its the best even its arent perfect. However, its turn into something that I we gonna cry on or laugh on. Here is another thing, the voice from the past that is deaf in our ear but is listening and learning on our mind. The story of legendary person.... The people who is our guide to be just as them.. Our own but got the spirit of them. They are all being heard around the world... The Shadow Of Colossus, a warrior who had a future after his past future. The Dead Body Under Your Freaking Matress, its happen under people bed in a hotel room seems to be a fairly popular destination for the recently deceased. The strangest part isn't that the bodies wind up in such a terrible hiding place (killers often aren't the type to plan ahead). No, the strange thing is that in almost every story people will sleep part of, or in many cases, the entire night, on top of the corpse before reporting in. Most people we know will complain if they detect that someone might have smoked a cigarette in their room four months ago. Not these people, they slept inches above an oozing heap of rotting human flesh rather than inconvenience the hotel management by asking for a new room. Or, at least we hope sleeping is all they did on that bed. Oh, man, can you imagine dying and then the first thing that happens is some middle age couple starts porking over you? However, respect this voices. It become the key of the future.

Can You Accept Me As How I Am Really

Someone says... If there is another world after me. The girl or guy will appreciate him/her and will never let anyone go. Now, one of them are already seeing out with someone. From the word another world, there is another thing there... One of them don't appreciate him/her in this real world. Does the him/her love him/her as the real one? Another world means if the past time they make it different. I believe something not right coming out from him/her mouth... If another side world of me, I'm not the me who in love with you that time. Because you will appreciate me from there and you never really one me but you are greedy. On this and another world, you are like making games on who you one you get... Here is another thing, when in another world.... Did you make another same promise to another guy? If someone there don't really get what it says then it is not suppose to be make. Every touch I felt from you caress my soul, then you said that I'm not the only one... Who else is place first in your heart. Are you continuing your generation that teach loyalty? What will be for the next generation. I cant even sleep, its so lost without you but then its a stab of the sharpest knife that stab deep in my heart and being stab on your hand. Is that the touch that caress my soul and now is kill my heart. Are you heartless till you wanna take this heart?

February 12, 2009

As Candle Is Blew, I Made A Wish

I post this three days after my birthday. As 15teen today... I share my story on my birthday. As the candle is blew, I made a wish before its off. There is a message why make a wish before you blow the candle. Here is the thing. Its show a time of making wish, why we blow is we think it might come true. Here is actually the real to make it come true. Don't do this but just imagine and think the message. I will make a wish but never will blow the candle. As the candle is blow, my wish is fly away to impossible city. If the candle will light forever. I can keep my wish forever because if the candle is off by itself. Means, its come true. This is what i think but I blow too. How then? Here is a way, work to light the candle. No wish come true easy. We had to work for our own. just like candle, impossible to keep it light....

I wish everyone remember my birthday. As I change my class, no one even remember except my past class. I wish could be there back. Here is a birthday gift. I appreciate it and love it so much. its from my ex Geography teacher last year. Here is some pic of it......

I like this teacher so much. He know me very well. he know what I like and what I usually do..... Thx for this if you are reading.......

February 04, 2009

The Tone Of A Friendship

I been through more than thousand of days to stand as I am now,
I face millions of stuff on my shining eyes,
I asking many of favor,
Till today,
Am I lost?

Dearest friends, I wrote this, I mean type this is special for you. I'm hoping that you did what you promise me before. Do you have that in mind now? Did you remember? You tell me that someday both of us are going to live in any competition no matter win or lose... Remember.....?

There is a light right through the door frame,
There is a light on the middle of the string,
The light is fair,
Does the rope still there?

You told me that you got a very heavy responsible on the big exam this year and so do I... Someday after exam over, will you be able to finish and settle down what you promise? You and I dude, stop on this hall. You hold a mic so do I. You sing the part you good at, I sing the part I good at. At least can we give it a shot? On my first time of my life to live on stage, I need partner. Someday, it is nothing quite big deal.

Together we draw a heart,
Is it correct the combination?
If together we fight,
Will our pain be the same?

When you are on the stage next to me, I'll sing there free as I had experience on. Then, you are not getting worry to have a duet or partner as I am. Lets create a history, someday maybe several or many of years we didn't meet, we got son or daughter... I believe at the same time and different place, we tell the same thing to our child about a great friend. Then, someday we'll meet. The history plays back on mind with the tone of music. Will you remember the song and music?

We went home with nothing,
We in the future its mean everything,
I prefer stand to create history,
It doesn't matter of winning,
Better than hear nothing.

As I end up this title, I'm hoping to be your classmate again. I'll be great if in the gang I used to hang out with. These guys....

February 02, 2009

Day's Of Our Life

3 week just walk so fast after my first day schooling. Things all going well. I had the feeling to study for the first time ever. I never really listen to the teacher explanations. now, I regret! I already9Th Grade but not that damn good. thank God, I changed.... As I standing in front of my classroom, its beautiful and legendary. Thousand of people went here before and now they are all far away to begin their own life. This year and now, the world is different. Everything are very cool. 6Th grade student already got their own cellphone and study in a very clean class. They don't need to walk to school. Everyone now begin new style of study, Internet and TV. I always wonder, how does the life in hundred years ago. Lesson is expansive. They went library to find out more. Now, we used Internet website to learn... However, is there really everyone goes on the right way? I hate a few person I know from great class. They are even in a better class than I am but I guess they do understand the word "lucky" maybe. I been working so hard and doing homework but these guy, making fun of teacher and sleeping in the class get a better mark in me for few subject. I don't care if this guy do those stuff but I just had the picture of their parent who deliver them to earth and know that their child got not very satisfied mark. How would that be. After class I usually sit down on my school green grass and looking at the blue sky. I was imagining how does here on 80s or 90s. Maybe earlier again. How does it looks like?

I went home to my house by bus. the bus is always orange as the sun, its telling me the sun. Sun create light and light is the future of my life. God, will school be my future to be a successful person? I had lunch. My fave food is cheese. When I look at it, I begin to smile.... Its remind me of taking photo. The best thing I always love to do. It is so delicious and moist. I love cheese cake and cheesy burger. Everything is delicious. Everyone need energy to continue survive. Its like battery. We need to charge it. Sometimes I used to kill times with friend at shopping mall or restaurant. As they beside me, I'm feel very happy and not much lonely. I learn a lot from them. We are like brother and sister. Sometimes, my teacher usually bring me out either, to celebrate something and to watch movie. At mall parking lot, is the most annoying things... We wait and traffic problem. I do realize how does the world goes to university, everyone work and rush for it. Its not about strength... but our self. Someday I eat with friend at restaurant. Of course waiter always treat us nice but few are bad. Just with a clap or something they will come... They serve anything we one which is on the list. just like us... We are racing for our future which is on our list. I been making the list and its all on the same way, nothing is easy to be the best. Some people said that there is no more hope. Actually yeah if everyone really appreciate it. I can prove it. Imagine, 'What if we fall down? We still can stand up. If we look at the sky after falling down. We'll see the blue cloud is around the sun always and the sun is smiling at us. If we are surrounded by light from unknown... then, the end still not write down...' Some friend of mine ask me... What if its too late? Just like we fall down with broken legs and never be able to stand up. I believe there will be support and something will make it happen. Even not in study or something but, that person might did the best thing for his heart too.

Today also as a twelve years old or less... maybe more too.... Everyone do understand what does "love" means technically. We admire someone and interested in someone but someday, it will screw up. People cry and I did so but I think I'm stupid. I really mean it. I was like come on! I'm 14teen or what the good I force her to love me. Some of you might said its true or wrong. Be honest and tell me I'm wrong. I being sincere right now and I had few word. Its true that love is wonderful but don't make "real" tears flew it with the sadness of the love. I saw many couple and all of them are very happy to each other. I always jealous to them who ever had a girlfriend or boyfriend. I'm dont lie! I'm not special as anyone else. That why I don't have anyone but I believe I will have a soul mate. I believe it because I still young and some people said young love are actually blind. I am sorry If its not cool for me to said but I mean is a few. Not everyone. I saw many couple around the world and its wonderful. just like a black and white picture and we coloured them all. love doesn't really matter of our colour, look or everything. but they are legal to be couple because there are no rules in the world said human cant love this type of human. They also don't care in ages... Loyalty is the best medicine. If you trust your love, then... Its your love...

Late at night. It almost bed time. I look outside. Its storming outside and dark. Its scary and its the darkness. If we are stuck in the darkness.. How is it? Its a message....... On the world and day of our life we been through. We actually saw the true world we actually never know it is... but I believe.... Its better to left it behind and go to the light. Let this darkness alone and never existed on our eyes. However, we create this..... Before I go to my dream world, I write my diary like usual. My "Valentine"... I wrote everything I saw and learn. Finally I create a poem...

'Its doesn't matter if we fail,
we did our best,
even if we create an airplane that cant fly,
but its good enough to make an airplane,
the grass is always green on the past,
its also dead in the side of the world,
the fist kiss that last on memory,
but it end up with tears,
as we hold hand each other,
I say to you "forever",
as you hug me and and tell me,
you always love me and me too,
I also says "light".

The wonderful Autumn I been see,
I write down a poem of it,
the dream I dream of never end with ".",
but my poem end with love,
a friendship I create,
a relationship I create,
you laugh I laugh,
you cry i cry,
you do something wrong,
I not apart of you,
sorry to betray for the law,
but its bring to the bright side,
I'll be there for you.

Cars had side mirror,
this world had side world,
on my side i had friends,
but the side I had nothing,
the side always change as I move,
but it will always follow me,
if there is no side in me,
then i might already in the dark world,
its raining day after day,
I'm blogging day after day,
babies grow to adult,
will they find their way?

As the world had war,
as tears was falling down,
if the consequence are suck,
will it be better?
Today I hate love,
I decide it with all feeling,
tomorrow I will love love again,
there is hope always........

The golden yellow,
The light yellow,
the darker yellow,
or any yellow,
its color my life with the beauty of yellow,
but it's just for a moment,
maybe I'm not the chosen one,
A warrior who stand alone on field,
Who will that be,
Its your call."

Finally, I sleep..........