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March 24, 2009

The Flame Of A Spirit

A lighter needs gas to light up,
A true hero needs skill to work out,
A miracle is always told on books,
Every pages turn into darkness,
Even its written history over there,
A story doesn't complete,
If I could plug down all wires,
connect to the other side world,
connect to the future world,
I will ask how is the new generation,
the causes came from somewhere.

Sitting next to you in front of fire,
The heat from us make us warm,
As we hug it turns sweat,
Next scene is untold,
As my cell is ring,
the curse word comes,
It might turn great.

You give me your way,
You tell me your though,
I disagree everything,
You only weak my knee down,
The part you look isn't right,
The thing I do is bad,
I just copy from someone,
You say he is right,
I dig it deep inside,
Not to tell you its fake,
You only judge the mask of me.

The wind that cool me down,
Laughing at us,
nothing is heard,
It is sad,
I bend down to darkness,
The power of loneliness,
that burn down a soul of mine,
only one soul is still in me,
It will never be able to take from me.

A blank note that it story was untold,
Not even an answer is given inside,
Only God can make a sentence,
Where it begin on his way,
The ending we feel it our way,
Every pain, tear and hope born for a reason,
A reason which is blank before it written,
As it tear of,
It disappear.

March 23, 2009

Finding A Love and Popularity

I cant stand being so lonely and silent. I need somebody.... That can be the angel of my heart. Every time I wish for love. I meet one but someday, it doesn't go on and end up deadly bad. Do I look like desperate? I wonder if there is a real girl who really care and love me. Somebody who is the water for a plant to grow. It says in this deep darkness, you will find a source of light. In this life of mine, there is a light, which I cant reach them. Its hiding from me and stay the position and sometime its move. Till today, I've been wondering... What is this light means?

A bloomed rose that I plug. I hurt my hand by the fence that I hand my hand. Is that how my love will be? That end with a bad ending? I wish if I could bend all the pain and have the perfect love.... Isn't it great if i we can trust the one who love us. Thing goes easy. I really don't get it yet. What is blank in me that make them pick other or decline me? In my religion patience is the first thing to build a true human. That you can say I am blank. Even if it for a moment or a while. Just give me your love to tell me the beauty of love. Even we never meet, if its good, share me your love..

The love thing driving me crazy after the dream that I had before. If i really meet her.... I wonder if "punch of my face will feel the pain"? God, I believe that God love every human. please give me a sign to end this title.... Everything is foist on me... How to release them?

March 17, 2009

A Very Lonely Day

Mum, dad and my little sister just left home to my dad work place. Its 5 hours journey from here to there. Only my elder brother and older sister here. In this big crowded house. Only me downstairs, my brother and sister are all upstairs in room busy with their laptop. Sucks doesn't it? if I got my own room that I might spend all evening in there. I share my room with my brother. It might be better to if I owe my own room. My dad plan to buy a new house but he just damn busy with his work and turning deaf... He don't even really care with my environment or need....

A gift that cover with paper,
Left a note on it,
Asking how do you do,
Inside is the present of tears,
Include love and loneliness.

I'm just sitting all alone in this computer room doing nothing. I hate where I live, just like jail. All I hear is the sound of the air come into my house. Like there is something sitting around with me, loneliness... There are so many thing that I don't really get in this life, a feeling that killing me. I wish if I could live somewhere that is suppose I belong to. A place where i can find my light. A place I can find the clear road to draw a smile. A place where I can take off my sword without any sweat. God is listening and he wont make my life easy but someday I never know....

Rains fall and don't need to hide,
Sun still exist and the rain will gone,
If my life can goes right after wrong,
Answer given will be fill.....

March 11, 2009

Empty Blank Love Note

Noise of the rain fall on the roof,
brings me to a room fill with darkness,
As every rain touch ground,
The road turns wet and sun dry them,
Its goes nothing.

The blooming rose is now different,
Water everyday it drink,
Today is the rose for past few days,
Now it is being step and left around trash.

I wish autumn will never over,
I don't have the power to control everything,
Giving a 3 years old boy a loaded gun,
Everything might screw up.

Its whisper in my ear calling my name from a dark hole,
Not even a piece of paper will touch the end,
A light that flash down the hole,
Never reach to where its end.