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April 12, 2009

The lens Of Camera Never Lie

Mum usually told me... There is no need to waste money buying so much camera. One... is enough. I feel like I am thinking that moment while I'm on the air to fall down. I feel the wind, that make me deaf. That is sad pain when I heard... its a waste. I guess mum never know. What my dream is. What I know is... the lens of camera... never lie. Every snap I take... I create history for it. Someday, it changes. I always wanna owe a D-SLR camera. To be a professional Photographer. For the art of photograph and also for the name of talent.

"Every snap I took,
With my camera,
Every blood that release,
With the tears and pain,
For a thing that want,
For anything...

Let me tell everyone,
What is told and untold,
What is mean and sweet,
How is love and hate,
Only God will answer.....

Maybe your eyes doesn't release,
What I been doing for,
Maybe your pixel of eyes decrease as age increase,
However your eyes lie to you,
Lens of eyes told you,
Only the brain doesn't,
The picture that I took,

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