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April 07, 2009

A Love Able Person That Never Connect to A Love Cable

Its funny... The title. A love able person that never been in a relationship before. Yeah that's me... Which i got no idea why... All I know is that its........ Sound stupid. I keep having in on my mind. Am I love able? Am I cool? Am I friendly? I ask almost every of my friend this idiot question... but I was fine asking it. They told me. "you such a liar! With that look. Man, even I am a guy I do wanna go out with you." then another tell me. "That sounds like the funniest joke or gag I know." If I am amazing as my friend told me... Can anyone prove that. I'm single and a failure in love. Not forever.

huh... now this is getting serious! A friend of mine keep on helping me with a girl which of course I know but it doesn't goes well. Does my love sounds like a joke? Why cant someone accept or believe my love? I can swear. I'll be there with you. Every time you want to. I can even prove how much I love you but strange. My friend usually tell me, "How can a guy that is cool in front of people or speaking in front of everyone got an idiot thing that you cant do... Saying i Love You? man, you suck." Well, that's normal I guess. For the whole moment in my life. With all my heart and sincerely. I never tell anyone I love her. I guess telling how much I love her is a screwdriver that might screw a friendship. That is a waste of our saliva if the words are not acceptable.... Man... God, This do really hard....

I keep waiting for my cellphone to ring every time as I fall in love to someone. But its never gonna happened like she even know my phone number and like anyone even know who is she. It sound like desperate. Every single song I heard telling different story and its... awesome. Wonderful and what else can I say? It also end up pretty bad...

Tell me my lord. Why me??? I mean... everything?

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