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May 31, 2009

The Silent Love

I try and trying,
But there is no use,
Because its not totally worth a life,
Besides trying,
I just can hoping,
To grow up,
From this life,
Away from doubt...

A 3 second life I live,
Every moment past too fast,
Until I don't get the time,
Why is there left a length,
So far to connect the other side,
Its impossible to connect.

I dance in the night,
With the song I can't stop,
Again and again,
It curses me...

Your Voice

I run around in the busy street,
The whole place is totally silent,
All I can hear is your voice,
Whispering calling my name.
Where are you I wonder,
The more that I after it,
I felt its getting too far,
I scream out to come after me,
It seems like There no use,
I guess its your want,
Or maybe the wall,
Of this love...

You play the beat of the song,
My heart is melted by the voice,
That comes from your heart,
With a deep message,
I wanna talk to you,
Just that I'm totally mute now,
You stare at me and I totally,
Freeze and wondering,
What should I do?
Your eyes is a beauty,
I can't stop staring at it.

When I always put down the flag,
I think of the future,
She speaks to me,
Behold of your honor,
So I stand for the truth,
I admit I'm weak,
But I'm strong enough to fight the darkness.

You speak to me,
In my dream,
You told me,
Our love story,
I snap my finger,
When you sing your song,
Its totally hit me,
I stand at a corner,
Dance with your tone,
While you staring at me,
I hit the song,
With my moves,
Then you come,
And speak to me...

I felt so much to you,
Until I forgot,
That morning is coming,
We dance the whole night,
With your album,
We heat the beat,
The other are watching us,
You just to good to be truth...

Its Been A While

This heart finally,
Turn soft and,
The smile of the cuteness,
Is there shown again,
I never thought it'll happen again,
I see it comes again,
The caring me,
Its hurt,
I wonder why,
I not suppose to be this way,
I guess that spirit,
Come back,
Appear by the beauty,
When she steps in,
My sight...

May 30, 2009

Friday With Zargest

The exam week is suck!
Totally sucks!
I did my test last Thursday with a dizzy mind,
A little bit not feeling well,
Then comes Friday,
My mum made me go to school,
I did my test in a terrible mood,
Totally sick!
Thank God,
Math is simple,
Don't need to worry.

Last Friday I totally lost myself,
I can't control the weakness I am now,
Totally not cool,
So I try my best to kill it,
I just hurting my own self...

Last Friday was the last day before day off,
I planned to do so much stuff so I could see her smiles,
Too bad,
I'm an evil standing for blood,
Desperately need help...

I took my test all early,
Then I left school,
While missing her,
I don't know,
I don't care if she replies my love or not,
Its great enough she could accept that,
Without thinking too far,
I hate lying my feeling,
At least she knows,
Better then before,
Its too late...
Thank God,
She totally matured,
Even laughing at what I said,
I don't care,
Its sweet for me,
That I can fall on you.

Its remind me of Zargest,
The past person I knew,
The me I have before,
He is a person who take care of someone perfectly,
Just like now,
I don't wanna go too far but,
I need her smiles,
That makes Zargest appears,
With the light of love,
I finally,
Didn't spoil another heart,
Because this one,
Is a total Strong,
I won't have the strength to break it,
Because I don't want to.

If We Meet In A Dream

If we could meet in a dream, look..
What kind of words can I use to embrace you with
No one can come between us
on this midsummer night..

☼if you close your eyes, look..
i can meet you in your dreams this evening..
the evening when we are not tired, also forgetting that morning is coming.
if we can meet, look..
What kind of words can I use to embrace you with
no one can come between us on this slow evening.

if it's the dream, you, reality, and me..
a great work of life and deep emotion is finished.
it is only a thing that does not come true
I've just thought about it deeply and..
within one-third of our lives..
we've got to enjoy it so that we don't waste it.
(☼ repeat)

even so, it really is heart-breaking
coming to feel that my thoughts must reach you
even if it is within two-thirds of my life I just want to meet you..

it's okay if it's only once.
please let me see your dream on this evening only
I can surely say "sayonara" to my once cowardly self
if we can meet what kind of last song shall we dance to until morning?
no one can come between us on this slow evening.

until we have time to wake up from the dream
it's show time for you & me..
with you, the two of us are dancing all night
until we have time to wake up from you & me..
hey, you & me..

May 29, 2009

Stupid Gay Joke From Joke Yard

Three friends -- two straight guys and a gay guy -- and their significant others were on a cruise. A tidal wave came up and swamped the ship; they all drowned, and next thing you know, they're standing before St. Peter.

First came one of the straight guys and his wife. St. Peter shook his head sadly. "I can't let you in. You loved money too much. You loved it so much, you even married a woman named Penny."

Then came the second straight guy. "Sorry, can't let you in, either. You loved food too much. You loved to eat so much, you even married a woman named Candy!"

The gay guy turned to his boyfriend and whispered nervously, "It doesn't look good, Dick."

May 27, 2009

New Picture

Is my hair okay? Its getting longer and please comment... but not perfectly long like I want... Check Cristian hairstyle from the video A1-one more try... The blond who playing guitar...

Keeper In Action!

Get ready!

Pray for victory!

Shooter In Action!

Taken originally by Lizcamoeli.

May 26, 2009

Sony Workshop and Some Picture

Pic of model... The picture is better than her lol haha...(75-300)

Picture of Goalkeeper...
Who is he?

Why get so mad when I ask who are you lol!

Sony's Photographer in action(75-300)Jeft


Picture of me (self-timer)

Your Pleasure

I can't believe it,
How is the difference between me,
And the old me,
Now that I see the real me,
Makes me smile,
Always and wanna be important,
Among everyone.

I appreciate your respect,
You deserve my respect,
For respecting me,
But the most I want,
Is your pleasure...

Be though buddy,
Don't fall back,
There is no reason,
To fall back!

Look at it,
The future light,
Where you can see light,
Without any glare,
If you can't,
You are far away,
So do everyone...

Extreme buddy!
Too extreme,
The lens don't even reach 400.
Because I don't have it!

May 25, 2009

The Empty Desk

It used to be,
Full of books with note,
Its totally empty,
With gravity from students,
Last time,
It was awesome,
Everything set right,
This time,
Its empty and old,
With a total history,
Of the legend.

The Tasteless Candy

That candy is totally tasteless. Its made by a factory that no one ever been to. Where I don't even know where. I hate that. Every time I chewing it. It just like medicine and sometime its taste like... I don't know. No taste! Simple...

'I chew it again and again,
It still tasteless and even add sugar on it,
It still tasteless,
Even mineral water taste better...

Every time I chew it,
I don't feel right but,
Why am I still chewing?'

I meet her usually, giving her my candy... She won't even accept it. God damn! I wonder why she says that its too sweet. but...... From what I know... Its tasteless but fresh your breath.

'She lefts away like that,
For no reason why,
She stabs the taste,
I never been knowing it....'

A message to a girl that I know pretty well.

The Angel

You are the beauty of the lens,
That cover with color,
You are the prettiness of heaven,
Which I will fall on you,
You are the ice of an angel touch,
You melt my heart on you,
You are the one,
That I fall in love with.

I hate it,
When I fall on you,
Because I won't be replied,
Every since before,
I never had an answer,
I prefer falling the pain on you,
But it falls on me...
I don't care it falls on me,
So I can see you draw the smile,
That makes every guy stare you...

I hate to admit it but,
We are in a different world,
Where there will never be us,
Because that's how it lives like,
Wanna be know and,

"I took your picture but you hide yourself,
The beauty you have can even beat a model,
I wish we can take a picture of us,
As a memory,
Of a friendship and,
Something else....."

May 23, 2009

A Desease You Will Not Believe

I won't believe it or neither do you guys... I deeply don't understand this but... Its killing me. I prefer to be heartless to the other except with the art of photography. I don't accept things you guy!

I lie to you guys I'm brave by being brave. Aha. I'm a heartless that don't really care what people feel but I only care for people pleasures. that's what I want...

For my friends. Sometimes, I support you but sometime I betray you guys. I don't wanna tell but that's how I kill feelings. I don't actually call this a disease but I guess its a spirit or soul. When i think to much. i almost lost my memory......

A History Drawn On The Lens

Giuseppe Pasquali...
One of my favorite photographer... Always had a dream to be like them or be better than them. I love the camera so much. I can't explain how much but it is damn... Totally fall on it. God, will there will be light at the end of the darkness when I use flash. I wanna create history and be a legend. So I can be a guide line for the other. My dream not totally close yet but I feel like so close to it. I need a lens... A better lens then a Macro 70mm. Should I trade it for a multi lens? It might cost me too much! I need a 70-300 is enough. I guess then I have to keep the macro 70 because I need it sometimes... I guess...

Yaty is going to get a multi lens! please don't first until you expert enough... Aha... I said that cause I'm jealous. Lend me when you get it. I will teach you how its wok... Aha ha... but you so sweet sis... Thanks for the 55-200mm lens. Its awesome and I return it to you when you need it.Sony SAL55200

Well, its already 3 years I taking picture but a few week taking with D-SLR. Its awesome that i got great compliment from teacher and the photographer gang.

This is my dream lens...
SONY SAL70300... Always dream of it. hope my dad gonna buy it for me. God, I love this. I don't mind trade in my macro 70 because I don't really need a wide lens. I mean wide angle view. because I usually take portrait or close-up so... This is awesome to me.Photo taken with 300mm lens...

At least a 2x teleconverter. Its cheap but I don't really need it. I like it but.. I need a zoom lens.. as a stalker...

The Future Payment

Every student know... Some teacher maybe aren't good enough or something but... Some of you might hate them. Here is a story.

Today or before today... At school. In my class! Some of my classmate are being extremely rude to them. Can you please stop answer the teacher stupid jokes? You think you are cool and funny. Well, this is what you are actually... Immature. You tell people be strong... Everything you do... Truant... Play hooky sounds fun? Well, please! Grow up... Think like an adult.You are 15! No! 14 or no! 7 years old... Because you guy aren't serious enough.

Lets bring this to the future after us. Here... Imagine. You already 24 and above or something. You are a teacher for a 9Th grade student and above. What you gonna feel when they are the past you. My teacher keeps remind me. Don't be a teacher except you really can fight the battle. Well, that's suck I see.

I think to the wrong way. i thought they are mature enough and think way so much smarter than me and so much like an adult but. I don't see it. am I blind or something but. When you did something. It comes with a price...

Lucky doesn't means forever. I still remember, one of you said the teacher that he or she is an annoying Science teacher or something but let me tell you. She is one of the best Science teacher. If you did all that because you guys are way to smart then, why I don't see extreme expert result anyway?

The past is just a scholarship, the future... It costs you..

May 22, 2009

The Picture Of Hope

I am the picture hunter. I hunt sun set. Waiting for it and chasing for it is what I do. From here I learn to accept and be brave to wait for it... Just like in this life. We need to accept the risk or wait for it comes.....

I capture beauty of the life. I saw this little kid running around. Few shot to him and I realize. This camera got an extreme eye. Capture the beauty of life as a legend said. How the beauty express the feeling of a life behind this loneliness..

Free my mind with all the beauty with my transition lens. healthy sight in every light. Just like unblock protect my skin... Aha.. Remember that commercial..

I scream here with every feeling and they just fade away. the sun set smiling at me when I capture his beauty...

God, what a wonderful world I can tell. I wish in the future after me. It'll stay like this. So my future son could feel it and be me someday...

May 21, 2009

The Wall With Light Of Braveness...

Its come again. The light... I try to get over it. Climb on the wall... Because I desperately wanna know whats behind it... When I climb on it... I felt damn tired. I won't make it to the end. Because there won't be. I fall down with pain. God, what you trying to say. I try my best to break it but... Its too strong. I cried out fucking crazily! Do you want to tell me something or what God. Is it just a glare or a "light"? I wanna know. Who know it is what I been after for...

I keep staring at it and lean on it. Remember Bob Dylan song. life is hard... Ooh yeah... How relaxing is it... Then I fall asleep. I dream that I pass through it... Its an extreme light that makes me blind. Owhhh God! I can't see. What is this? I wake up and I noticed that... I still unable to know it. I guess God don't want me to know. God, is it a light to bring me with you?

I sit there playing guitar thinking. Where should I go after this. Should I keep waiting here. When I sat here... Its talking to me... It tells me how brave I am just like him... To know what beyond it. He told me I don't deserve to know. Why? Its the best... because... I will know someday......

I walk away kissing the wall... That light looks light my camera flash. god, will my camera brings me there. Its hard but thanks to this wall... You give me a hope that no one ever give.

I guess that's it. Its solve... I don't need to know this light anymore. I just need to wait and I'll learn it someday. What behind doesn't exist now. Its loading for me to get it. Its my call... I not so sure but... I believe God will tells me how it will goes.........

Diary Of Today

21st May 2009, Thursday

I don't know what to say. I might think that she thinks I'm a jerk but I truly don't care. I'm not important to her anymore. i guess I made her hate me again. I think she will walk away from my mind. Holy shit, what did I do? I felt so much like valentine. So much evil to reach what he want. I guess this is it. She won't exist again and I guess she won't have the hope for us. God, i try to make it goes right but... You ain't giving me a chance. Now, I still remember my honor. I won't be walking back after what I did cause... i ain't weak... i brave enough to move on. Just like the lens of my camera. the picture I capture today... The view won't last long. but... It still produce great picture and that's my camera...

Well for... Its nothing and different from I think how did it goes. You take it very bad but that's how its done. I won't take it back or felt sorry because you ain't cool. You are different that what I ever seen. Because the real her accept things right with her braveness.. Ha ha... I guess that's it. Its your call to fix it. If you want me to do it my way. I ain't fixing it! That's how I live. Let bygones bygones my friend said. Aha. Well, I guess this will be the last word for you....
"There used to be a hole here,
When it comes it gone,
When it comes,
It wouldn't gone,
But its gone,
In disrespect,
Its not important,
Because no one appreciate it,
Even that I do,
It is no use.......
Move on and move on,
Let me be the source of the pain,
So you could hate it and left it,
Put it aside,
Kick it away..
Between West to east,
Which way you'll go...?
I'll go east....
because you lie,
I'm not special,
I'm selfish,
Valentine valentine,
Thanks for coming,
You made it go,
In a fucking bad way...
but... I respect you...
For your braveness....'

Feel The Art

Right at 20 of May. Went out with Dzul... With my brand new transition lens. So much fun capture the nature of beauty. I just love it. I capture the beauty while feeling the wind and the sound of the ocean. God, I feel great.

Here are some cool pic..

Yeah transition lens... Not fully black yet...
(healthy sight in every light)

Lovely couple...


sun set( get a long hood for a better sun effect...)grand Old LadyVery cute young girl portrait much cool shooting that day... gracias Dzul...

Its been a pleasure to capture the beauty of nature with transition lens. I don't need to worry bout the glare anymore.....

May 20, 2009

It Was Awesome

I keep thinking of it and the Camoeli seem disappears but now... The true Liz Camoeli is back. I can stop thinking about the love stuff because the camera comes on my mind always and damn... I just feel good without her.

She? You don't need to know. She means nothing really to me. I just try the best so she won't have the love feeling to me. I just want her hope to fly away by the wind. For a simple reason. It is so distracting. I guess I'm just not in the mood for us. I try my best to not get to close to you because that feeling comes again. I don't wanna fall myself too much in it. Next week gonna be an exam and I'm not gonna get idiot result. When you enter the gate of my life, I can't stop thinking how does it feels like to have you beside me? Now, finally... I'm back.

I'm sorry to try the old way. You hate me make me forget about you but this time I don't want that to happen again. I don't one of us hate each other but as long as I can erase you away from my stress. It feels awesome now. I wish my friend could be fine. I wish you can give him your heart sincerely. He doesn't seem OK. Its not easy to let him forget you.

Something play on my mind now. Its spinning and spinning like a roller-coaster. I can feel the wind with no doubt... Sorry for you. I just don't feel right to stay close like how we used to. Its driving me crazy when I think about us. Lets burn it away and be as a family. Please stop saying you love me because I hate it. Unless, we are lover.

Wink at you from me. Sorry for being such unfair for you. but I guess by this way. My doubt solve. No not guess.. Yeah! Its the best way. All days long I dream and think of you. Wanna be with you all the time and I see... I don't want it anymore. We are moving to fast and like meet in an accident! Now, we are good and lets stay not over close. That's my way.....

I Did It My Way

My way?
Its mean you don't have the right to change or telling me what to do.
I wonder,
You love me because how the way I am,
or for a reason?

I wanna be important,
I'm jealous you guys are cool,
but I don't mean to be apart of it,
I just want some else to appreciate me more,
Like the Liz they know.

I survive from every heart break,
Its not powerful enough to defeat me,
Fight the strength he said,
He comes in my mind,
You are a legend.

I wait for it,
So I deserve to be wait,
Open your mind and accept me,
I would never change if you ask me too.

You are too cool for love,
the love that was untold,
Will I continue the story of the love?
Let me tell how it ends.

I don't care a damn thing about what I suppose to do as a boyfriend,
That's the biggest lie I would tell if so,
If you wanna do it your way,
Just left me behind.
Because I deserve to do it my way.

Let me die and fly free,
To the blue sky,
Where I meet every birds,
Surround me and singing,
Bring me somewhere,
I can feel the wind,
After the shadow....


I did it...

My way!

Camoeli Is Totally Me

I'm happy to have this name because only one person on Earth got this name... this name was create by me last year... Can't remember when but yeah Last year. End of the year I guss.

This name sounds swanky to me and yeah! Thats Liz. A swanky and cool guy! Aha.. Being cool and swanky... Is not cause I'm good or proud of something so much. Just that Being swanky in front friend give me confident and there I learned how to trust people or make people trust me. By this swanky Camoeli it makes me cool. I feel so much free and enjoy being respect by friends as a photographer.

Every time hold this camera show the real me. Everybody know that they can't lie to themselves and yeah I admit it. I like me this way. This name comes on my mind when I think of the "cool" word. Then, I realize... Camoeli sounds swanky to me and that is simply how it exists.

One of the main reason how did it comes is because I love latin. Wanna be... and... I combined a latin name with another name. Finally, here is how it exists.

I told many person. The Liz you meet now is Camoeli. That think positive and a very brave person. the cool word I keep holding it. To be strong and brave all the time.

May 19, 2009

A "3 Second Life"

There it goes on and on,
Trying and trying,
I can't fix it,
Its a friend called Faith,
If there is a hope,
Then someday,
When i die,
Where will it goes?

You speak to me,
Silently with lie,
Just a while you lie,
Just a while you sincerely.

Dancing with the tone of music,
With the snare in the headphone,
seguir la pauta de la belleza,
Goes on and on,
Still feel doesn't belongs here.

el poco éxito,
The sound of the drum and guitar,
Its a great combination,
Singing together,
With a different person.

las alas de ángel

Quiero volar libre hacia el cielo,
rodeado por el ave,
que cantan,
Yo quiero vivir así,
Quiero aceptar y vivir algo más,
Algo más de lo que aspecto,
Deseo si hay un dolor que siempre se puede curar,
Quiero hacer una medicina para curar su tristeza,
quiero ser el agua de rosa,
al menos puedo sentir lo bueno que le gusta tener su lado de mí,
beso de la verdad de este amor,
Que el mundo sepa la fidelidad al amor y cuidado.


Quiero domir, no madrugar
ya son mas de las diez, a despertar
empezar con ilusion
vivir en el extremo, planear algo ideal
a veces quiero gritar y poder volar

Vivir y ser como yo quiero,
vivir con el corazon abierto,
ven y entenderas todo lo que yo siento
yo busco siempre amor de verdad.

En la ciudad es todo igual
no veo entre la gente algo especial
mi corazon quiere encontrar
alguien sincero que me haga sonar.

A veces quiero gritar y poder volar

Despertar y gritar
sentir en mi la vida,
arriesgar y apostar
sentir adrenalina.

Debo aceptar
mi vida normal
pero yo quiero algo mas
lo se, pronto llegara.

Vivir y ser como yo quiero,
vivir con el corazon abierto,
ven y entenderas todo lo que yo siento
mi amor es verdadero.

Get over me, no early
are already more than ten to awakening
start with illusion
live in the extreme, something ideal plan
sometimes I scream and be able to fly

Live and I want to be like,
live with an open heart,
see and understand everything I am
I always look for love of truth.

In the whole city is like
I do not see something special between people
my heart wants to find
someone that makes me sound sincere.

Sometimes I scream and able to fly

Wake up and scream
felt in my life,
risk and gamble
adrenaline feeling.

I accept
my life
but I want something more
I know, soon arrived.

Live and I want to be like,
live with an open heart,
see and understand everything I am
my love is true.

Bloody Priceless Love

The book I wrote complete couple of month ago. Now, starting to continue the book. With a book titled "Voice From The Past". Which is a story to solve the first book, Bloody Priceless Love. this book is going to tell how did everything happen and who is the one begin it. the main character of this book is William. The father of John. Instruction:

this story is based on the father of John. The answer... The reason of the family tragedy. William is a son of Alex. His father sent him to North Carolina to grow up. but... The new parent was found dead. His journey to stay alive and marry his beloved girlfriend. The confusion for the book one will be solve here...

'I shot dad,
He didn't die and mum feels the pain,
Dad sent me,
To North Carolina,
Where I found new friend,
Where I had a new parent,
I protect myself,
I learned fighting move from movie,
I hate dad,
I love mum,
I killed her.

That's how a life of pain,
Sharing is the worse way to me,
The more pain is better,
Let the pain be a lesson,
The guide line,
To the future.

I love her,
I marry her,
I left her,
I shot her....'

Silent Hill

I'm invited here at Silent Hill. A town that comes for the chosen one. Although you didn't aspect to be there...
Its a town of loneliness. When you are welcome, you will be to the second world. When you wanna get out. Third world will be the key to get back normal.
However, there is no way out. Only darkness can solve the case...

There was a hole here,
It's gone now,
I drove into this city can stuck in there,
Its planned to me,
That is how I been here,
In the town of loneliness,
To the town of pain,
and violence.