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June 30, 2009

Can You Read Poeple Mind?

People do cry and laugh. Everything comes for a reason. What if a person cry? Why comes to mind. if everyone do really care... Why cry out?

Happiness and sadness are share in a tears,
Maybe someday you'll know,
Its like Robbie William stands on stage,
Singing a legend song with appreciation,
He is there standing with tears,
Looking at everyone like a legend,
Someday he'll be....

Maybe some are still young and they still might don't get it,
Each tears that falls on the ground show a great heart,
Maybe tears can comfort us,
But it'll end up pretty bad sometimes,
Suicide, disappearance or maybe homeless,
What I do know is,
That's human.

Sometime I cry out silently,
Its like a sword that stabs me,
Until I can't even speak out,
Even facing you in front,
I'll stay calm and steady,
Someday I'll be there thinking,
With the tears of loneliness,
Because my world totally blur,
When I hear about you and him,
I felt like shit I'm kill him!

Your love is my puzzle,
I try my best to solve up,
And all I get is a question,
That keeps playing in mind,
I rather stay away from trying,
Because the story won't begin,
But it leaves me no option to stand,
If there is a sword of love,
I color it with my blood for you,
So I can have you love me.

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