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June 15, 2009

Color Of Angel

There I look in your eyes,
There the angel stands,
Giving her hand of love,
Pull me to the garden of peace,
You treat me like a rose,
You give me room to grow,
You open doors that close,
You kiss the wind of faith,
With the wing of justice,
Colored by the blue sea,
Your eyes are the beauty,
Colored by the grass of freedom,
Your touch is the touch of the love,
Where you can catch me.
Wherever I fall.

You give me the wings to fly,
Fly in the sky freely,
You give me the eyes of rainbow,
The colors change me into many,
You clear the strength of evil,
To give me the space of free,
Your kiss is the light,
The gift of love that I can't refuse,
You got the voice of sweetness,
That makes everything sing too,
Your voice whisper when you aren't here,
I feel the pieces of your heart,
Cool down my feelings,
Till I fall asleep.

Here I stay,
With your voice whisper,
So far away,
You take my hand,
Makes me feel free,
I hope you here,
Telling me the story of heaven,
Learn the road from you,
That blue sky always remind me of you,
You hold my hand flying on the sky,
I wanna fly free like you do,
Now the tears belong to the rain,
Cover by the dark light,
With the dark cloud,
I don't walk back,
The road only goes to the end,
Where you or I should left earlier,
Until someday,
We'll be there again.

Your smile make me stare at you,
You are my autumn,
Your face is color with the cuteness,
There's no one like you,
You speak to my heart,
What if I let you go?
I'll never know how it'll be like,
Holding you next to me,
Will I ever see?
You smiling back again?

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