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June 21, 2009

The Note On A Piece Of Paper

Day after day,
I been thinking so long,
Will there will be a chance?
Day after day,
I been wondering,
Is there a song to describe my story?
Day after day,
I been wondering,
How long is it takes more to end up the hours?
I need to kill time with something,
I been very busy all days long,
I always stay cool and steady,
So I don't look busy but seriously,
Its not what you think.
I wrote down something on my exam paper before holiday...
I guess it comes without me knowing it.

The journey I ever have in August,
Brings me to the past,
The road to October is awesome,
I love autumn,
Its the best scene for photographing,
And its a life fallen history.
This is what I wrote....

'The autumn was falling that time,
On the day we were separated,
Now that you make me fall in love to you,
But now I try to make you hate me,
I don't wanna fall on you again,
Because I don't want jealousy,
You got thousand of people,
Chasing for you and you tell me I'm special,
I think so too because you are special too,
Maybe its a mistake to do it this way but I guess no choice,
I wanna tell you something that I keep so long,
I guess it makes you feel nothing in reply for loving me before,
I'm sorry I never tell you how beautiful you are,
I'm just actually afraid when you know how beautiful you are,
You might get other guy who is better than me,
But you do make me feel special and important,
But I don't appreciate for what you do,
Because I just love everything,
Only that I just wanna start a new life,
Because I don't wanna be living,
In a novel without a push of stop,
So I create the ending of it,
But I create it because I just think so,
So I don't decided it nicely and steady,
But I'm writing for you to feel happy,
You have my word before remember?
That's I'll won't be regret or forget the past we have together,
And one more time again I wanna thank you,
For everything,
And last time I apologize,
For what I said.'

The meaning isn't how it seems, define it.

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