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June 19, 2009

Dictionary Of Life

Look into the mirror,
I saw myself there,
The another me,
He talks to me,
Regret now?
Man I hate you,
All you know is to be king,
Selfish and strong,
I don't need you to tell me how to be strong,
You just what people hate the most,
Why on earth are you born?
You aren't exist,
But the fear in your own born me,
I'm the Master Of Goth,
You create me,
Now you can't destroy me,
I'll speak to you,
I'll help you,
If you do know how to be a real man.

How to be strong is not being you,
There is no word tells how to be strong,
By standing on other leg,
It just born from a trust,
And born from a heart,
And that's how a legend stand.

Do you even know what is love mean?

I know it doesn't make sense,
Even I never had someone,
But I do understand a heart of a person,
Love is a feeling,
Born from your weakness,
Born from your randiness,
Born from your beauty,
And even born from your interest,
When two soul come together in a life,
The memory to the person will never gone,
Even animal know what's love really is,
When you get it,
Just don't let go,
But when you got it,
Behold the name of loyalty,
Its a respect for the other,
After being loved....

Do you even get what you doing?

I just got into a confusion,
Where I don't know,
I wanna left a space in the middle,
I wanna give a road,
I just don't feel right to do it,
Because it won't make any sense,
I live by holding the title of loyal,
I live by holding the name of honor,
And I live to be legend,
I don't wanna be selfish behind,
I wanna care for other from the back,
Because I won't be important after what I help,
In front...
At least they can get the smile,
As long as I can be the one,
Who can help them.

Why do you help people to match them even you never have anyone?

Isn't its wonderful if someone can help me,
I been waiting time by time,
And now I wait feel like forever,
I'll never have,
No one can give me a hand,
Because there are certain thing we can,
And some we can't.
I call myself "friend" last time,
I help my friend to reach love,
I'm jealous when its done,
But that's what I did.
Its been a while I didn't do that.

Do you actually strong enough to stand if you lost her?

I can live on more day without her in my arms,
It just like the lens,
If you got the camera without the lens,
You can't even find the image and all you capture is light,
Confusion there and the answer is blank.
So lost without her as my guide.

Are you a 2 in a 1?

Absolutely not,
Because the second,
Is just a nightmare,
Who stands for darkness,
I'll be the warrior of light,
Even I lost a soul,
As long as the world know,
The truth of the future,
And the truth of honor.

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