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June 26, 2009


There is a space in my heart,
I want it to be place with happiness,
I wonder if there are human,
Can really feel it with happiness...

'An offer you can't refuse,
A blood you can't see,
A friendship that you betray on,
A stain blood money.'

Will there will be a person,
You love...
Will she'll be there standing to you when you need her?
Will she'll be with you if something cursed her?
Will she'll be loving you if she don't even wanna understand you?

'Get a ride or you wanna get ride,
Get the pain if you want deal,
Get the word if you understand the world,
Get the happiness if there is a puppy smiles.'

Could you make the world change into something?
All the impossible I wanna do...

'Let the wave brings me to the land of happiness,
No one will be there......
Only loneliness cover the page.....'

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