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June 29, 2009

I'll Step Away

When I wanna cross the road,
I promise you to take the right road,
I'll stay a length of us,
Even if you don't even know,
But I guess that's how it done,
Just step away on from the middle,
And I'll stand far away from future.

There isn't a prove saying that I'm wrong,
There is a prove saying that I'm not right,
But for the name of justice,
I'll never give up innocent souls.

If the pendant of hope now can help me,
I'll be greatly safe from evil,
I don't need a gun to stand for justice,
I need the sword named by legend,
But if there is a light behind darkness,
Is hope will decide everything?

First mistake deserve a second chance,
If the third mistake deserve another chance,
Do I get the chance of trying anymore?
Or maybe I should stop?
Should I release the white flag?
Should I scream out the name of justice,
Even if I did it in anywhere....

'Its great to be coward than die worthless.'

Some thing,
I need to give up,
Maybe someday I'll never be know,
Because the compass doesn't works,
Maybe the time turn in the wrong way,
I'll give you my medal of honor,
If I can let you go...

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