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June 19, 2009

Love Story

A true story about a girl who fall in love to a guy. That girl is very pretty and the guy is pretty cool. The guy is single. 17 years old. Pretty rich too. Doesn't seem interested yet in relationship. He is too busy for his studies. I called him Dane. The girl called Valentine. She is a pianist. For her music is like a voice of heart to telling her thought.

They were study at the same high school. Not quite far away from home. They were living in the same street too. Normally Dane got driver to drive him back home. That day his driver got into an accident. So he decided to walk back home. That day it was raining. He hide under a tree sitting there waiting for the rain to go. Valentine met him there sleeping. She wakes him up. Dane awake from his sleep and he screamed. He screamed out loud saying ' are you taking chance to get on me'. She kept laughing at him and walk with him. She got a small umbrella. She got wet for giving him a better nice walk. That's how they meet.

Right back at home. Both cellphone switched. At the same moment they got the same cellphone. He called her asking to go out sometime. So they got back their cell. She started to fall in love to him. Only that Dane didn't even give reaction for her. A week before graduated, she decided to tell him how much she loved him. She text him her voice from her heart.

'You heat the tone of my music,
It won't be perfect without it,
Your eyes make me get a great night,
Where I can remember you look at me,
Will there be a space for me to place my heart,
It's cold and lonely...


And Dan text back too.

'Is that heart need a room for a life?
Where it can hide from cold of cash?
Doesn't the gold is the color of the eyes?
I just don't trust the love you said...'

Here is the final text from Valentine,

'The gold is too heavy for me to carry away,
It just a source of pain,
Your eyes is the color of the cloud,
Where I can see the sky by now,
I wanna prove you the love of the air,
Here I'll tell you a love story.
Its around the bridge of romance,
Where is on news.'

A day after that day. Was found a dead body with a love note in the pocket.

'I'll prefer to give you the best for your trust,
I need a space to keep this heart,
It will break into pieces if there isn't a home,
Just like the piano,
How good it is,
Depend on the one,
Who express it.'

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