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June 25, 2009

One Last Apologize

Maybe my friend is right,
If I don't exist in this life,
She might be his,
But if I'm not exist here,
She might be no one,
Its true I did something bad,
To me its my decision,
I can stand on like this,
She is just an awesome friend to me,
I ever fall in love to her,
But I just left thinking,
What I got in reply.

'The greatest thing you'll know is to love and being love in replied....'

I'll tell you a story of this girl,
She is awesome and crazy,
Cheerful and interesting person,
She annoys me something,
She still stand to like me,
Even I don't love back,
I don't know why its gone,
I wonder if she can fix it,
The feeling deep inside...

'I'll stand forever with you if there is an us here...'

Here is a present for you,
I tied it with a ribbon,
Open it up and you'll see,
the greatest history in our life.

'When it comes to history I step back. Everything born from the past and now I'll make a new history.'

Everything you did before is just for me,
You always told me how special I am,
I wonder if there is a payment in reply,
I owe you a happiness,
Because I make you bend on your knee,
Like everything you did is a waste of time,
But I admit it,
Its not that I'm special....
Its you are...

'Maybe the history teach us to stay it this way. Maybe it just not right for us.'

Do you remember the place we play?
Do you remember how we fight?
There isn't anyone out there like you.
Keep be up awake,
Because you hurting yourself,
Don't let loneliness and sadness control you,
Let awesomeness hold you.

The world is moving,everyone is feeling.

I'm just faking a smile,

u don't care about me,your too selfish to,

so I'm walking all alone,

looking on the ground that I'm walking on,

trying my best to feel the wind,

trying my best to feel u next beside me.

how does it feel to be in love?

does it feel like what i felt before?

when i was with u?

should i let u go and forget the memories like u did?

can u forgive me? can u just believe?

that we were meant together.

maybe I'm not good enough,

maybe i should just let u go,

maybe i should forget the past,

maybe I should just.............................

love someone beside u.....
(sincerely written from her-04/26/2008 6:14 pm)'

drown me in your black hole,

everything disappear when u call,

your smile,it drowns me in your black hole,

your voice it gives me hope to move on.

i walk upon your shadows,

following your signs,

i wasn't over you,

when i kiss the wind goodbye.

you cast your spell on me,

I'm not awake to see,

still under your sweet spell silently asleep.

bring our memories back,

don't erase it away,

we are meant for each other,

i believe we're soul mates.

I'm drowning in your black hole,


im drowning in your blackhole,

and i love it.

i inhale the air around me,

but its so hard to breath,

im cruse by your blackhole,

it refuse to leave me alone.

my love it bleeds on you,

like it has before,

im drowning in your blackhole,

like it has before.

im sorry if its too late,

i was too blind to see..
(sincerely another one written by her.-04/19/2008 5:42 pm)'

Well I post this for a simple reason. I just wanna give you the best memory before the time is over.... Hope you like it and I hope you remember those poem you wrote before...

Sorry but I don't love you... No matter how much you love me.. My heart can never erase to love that silent angel... Used to be my best friend's girl... 

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