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June 21, 2009

Puzzle Of Your Heart

I wonder what's in your mind?
I wanna know what's it like to place first.
If you wanna step away,
Step away with my hope.
My life and love might still go on,
I'll stand up because I'll stand for the light.
In my heart,
I can't get over you.

Every past we got in a short of time,
Is like we know each other for a long life.
I wonder what's it like,
If it comes with love in return.
I'll write for you a history,
I bet you'll be the main thing for everyone.
You got the eyes of angel,
It curse down every guys who know you,
And so do I?

You know the game,
The game of sight,
I wink at you,
Staring at you,
Just like you did,
Let's climb the mountain,
I catch if you fall,
But I'll stay a space for your safety,
In this life I wanna know what is it,
To be the first one...
Who can create the best love story.

I wanna make a song,
I'll make a song on what we been through,
Just as a memory,
Because someday you'll be home,
Or maybe someday you'll be somewhere else,
As long as you know what my love is like,
I wanna write a book,
I'll make a book based on us,
For everyone to read,
The love story of Liz,
Because someday you'll belong to someone,
Or maybe you already do...

In this life,
I try to understand a friendship,
I try to understand relationship,
Even I never been through in relationship,
But I do understand what love is like,
Because to understand love we don't even need anything,
We just need to accept and feel it,
The heart will tell you the real love,
The truth inside your heart,
It'll be place with another,
And I'll lock both of it,
So it'll be forever,
The key of that lock I'll give it to you,
Because its your call to unlock it.

Tell me what you think when you look into my eyes?
At this PROM night,
You are dancing with me,
On this Shinning floor,
Reflect light into rainbow,
I wonder if there is a length in the middle,
I'll never remember how beautiful are you,
But I do remember the smile,
I'll be stuttering when you smile that way,
You just to beautiful,
Only a cool prince like you can hold you,
That prince will have you,
And he'll give you the greatest love,
To draw your smile the whole time.

I wonder if you read my post,
Because I just want you to know,
You rock my world,
I wanna thank you,
For letting me know you,
Casualty means special,
Love means you,
Liz mean Life Inside Zargest when it comes with love...

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