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June 28, 2009

Your Name

There in a story,
There's a chosen one.
He'll be the main character of the story,
The story end up greatly happy,
Or maybe sadly respect...
In this life,
In their world...
There was a main character.
'Today that I write,
Is also the day of history,
Where a hero stands after dead,
It must be remember for the future,
Let the future of us learn from the past,
That's how a hero stands too,
Legends give him a true power,
For him to stand up bravely strong,
For the name of justice,
He creates a history.'
Maybe there is a bad ending...
But its a great lesson for everyone,
Of a warrior who behold his title.
'I don't know what feeling says,
All I know is that its a compass.
For a warrior that lost into a black hole,
A warrior means a person,
Holding his weapon for the one that loved,
And for the name of honor,
without knowing the time and place,
Only blood can speak to them.
I don't need to be know,
Because I won't be important someday,
But a name means feeling,
Live freely,
Die respectably.'
Maybe there is a person who will give up something,
Even that he knows it important,
But its the only way for not avoid it,
But being avoid....
like a legend said...
Its kill or be kill.
My Story:
'There is a light behind the wall,
Only if that this wall can be break,
He is strong, powerful and heartless,
But its a word of loneliness,
Lock by the gate of the castle,
Innocent souls are there speaking,
Without knowing how they got there,
In a second it turns silent,
Only bloods around it,
Someday it'll come back,
To collect debt that can never be pay.
I wasn't strong enough to be a person,
I can't even hold a sword,
I'll stay away from everything,
I don't want war even it won't happen,
I just wanna get along the road without ambush.
Maybe its true that better left the sword alone,
Then stain it with bloods,
Even that the bloods don't mean anything,
At least I won't be kill by God.
There is a legend said,
When it comes with a curse,
Its your call to switch it,
That's the hidden you.
Its your call in this life,
To decide how it end up,
Blood, tears and disappointment you'll see,
But if you are cool with it,
That stand up holding you name,
Like you used to,
As long as you can reach the light,
To be title,
As a true warrior,
And a legend,
In the future.'

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