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June 21, 2009

Two Different World

We both know there are two world in us. There is a story. Written by both of us. In this world where we step now.

'Color the love with the friendship,
Color your honor with your sword,
Color your life with your future,
Be strong on the rainbow of love.'

I wonder if I step into your world. What it'll be like? Will you appreciate me there? I wonder... If there is two sun in this world. Will it be possible. Only Nibiru be the another sun. But its not a sun. This is going no way. I guess I'm not the one.

'I write a note on a piece of paper,
Dear angel,
Will you give me the wing of love,
I wanna touch the rainbow of love,
With the wing of cloud,
The cloud will bring me the map,
To guide me every time,
It comes from your wing.'

All I know in this world is I can't give you up. Its not easy. I been through all of this. When I give it up. It'll gone forever. Like the untold love before. I bet she won't know I'm exist maybe or maybe the "special" is in the trash already. I just guessing. When it comes another sun. People will talk more about the other one and the sun will be normal but we won''t know what is the real him.

'Trust is the game of acceptance,
Acceptance comes from a friend,
Friendship then goes close to lover,
It begin with crush to love,
But only acceptance can make it work,
Acceptance means of important,
When it steps back,
The crush comes into crash,
It cold and lost,
Because it'll be nothing without it.'

If there is a key... There must be something to open it.
If there is love, there must be a couple.
The key to open the lock is the dream to answer the life.

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