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July 31, 2009

Into Your Arms

The Friday I used to have,
Is like the best day I love,
The Friday I have today,
Totally unusual.

This classroom used to fill up with noise,
Till the voices of the birds can't be hear,
I used to play around on this street,
With friends all around in a game.

When time moves on to Saturday,
I been searching to fill up the emptiness,
Then comes Sunday,
Searching a road to kill bored.

Its summer ever since yesterday,
I've been waiting for it to rain,
There are some moment I hate about rain,
But there are some apart of me is the rain.

The broken old aged door of the classroom,
Always be seen when I got here,
The glare on the window is seen in the morning,
Is that history visible?

Jealousy really kills me in fire,
A damn hot flame of feeling to hate,
Does the birds actually listen to us?
Just like we listen to them.

Summer only left a couple of weeks,
I wonder if winter will e falling,
What is impossible I wanna believe,
What is possible I can't truly trust it.

Days after days,
I feel like losing the strength of my sight,
She seems disappear on the sight,
Does she realizes the soul of mine speaks to her,
Whisper to her how much I love her.

On the table of my sit,
I hate looking at the dirty drawing on it,
I wonder what is going on with the quality of school,
What you wish for,
Really comes with a great price.

I lay my book on the sofa,
Giving me an idea to write,
Baby I lay you on my heart,
Writing a story of love.

When you feel lonely and alone,
I'm here for you giving a hand,
With a touch of love,
For you to love,
For you to appreciate,
For me to find happiness.

Family's Support

I been dreaming to have a great uncle or aunt,
I wish to have a family that I never have,
I wanna know the love of cousin or something,
All I have is the love around me,
Not come from them...

My life is totally silent like the wind,
The hit is heard but totally shut,
I can only hope for the one I have,
And do it my own way.

On the future I'll be seeing,
I wanna give all the love I can,
Having a great wife,
And beautiful child.

When I look at some of them,
Apart of the family,
I stay silent look on the ground,
Looking at the difference with other family,
Its clear.

What is it feels like to have someone,
You respect and you can even idolize,
Deeply inside to have their words inside,
I can only have the wind, noise and light around the nature,
They speak to me.

I wonder what I'll be without the voices?
The lens can even speaks to me,
It gives me a strength of patient,
I wonder do I actually have family's support.
All I got is mum, dad and my dad's side family,
Too bad dad's family is living far away from us,
So I can have the words of mum and dad.

When I look at people outside,
Something I cry by my own,
Feeling the happiness that they got,
In the dictionary of my life,
I can't actually find the meaning of happiness.

I share my love feelings with the wind,
It'll carry them to the one who need,
I share my story with the light,
It'll help me with a sign,
I share my story on the blog,
It'll give someone that is luckier than me,
To appreciate something,
That I don't actually have.

When I capture picture,
I do realize why photograph is important,
My love might be mute by the thunder,
But on the picture really tells a story.

July 30, 2009

The Melodies Of The Wind

On the lonely road at school,
Only the wind can be listen at that time,
Its pretty windy out there,
I'm alone left at school.

I'm waiting for a cab or a ride,
Couple of hours was killed for me waiting,
At that time I was looking at my school,
The main gate in front of me,
Flash me back to a moment.

I wanna spend my time with her,
I do agree that time actually decide the situation,
I wish its just us,
On the portrait.

I kill my time of thinking and looking,
At the sunny weather,
Sometimes its dark,
Will it gonna rain?
Like my heart,
In this confusion.

On the road I wanna give you a heart,
I'll share with you a love story on the lips.

The voices of the wind whisper to me,
Keeping me cool and nice view,
The beautiful leaves flying around,
With the birds flying in a group,
It used to be that way.

On the street I walk alone,
On the wideness of space I share along,
The wall around will always look the same,
It'll be so much legendary.

The morning glare will always be seen,
Its beautiful and awesome,
But it'll hurts the eye so bad,
When I look at it brings me to the past,
The first time I saw the glare on school's gate.

The wall on that school really strong and tough,
Everyday I'll see this wall at the same time,
The morning light is also seen on it,
The shadow can never be gone.

I saw this girl playing on the street,
Same person and same old song,
Every time my walk is perfectly scened with the melodies,
Just like my life scene by words,
Whispering her story through the loneliness of the street,
The melodies is flow by the wind,
Sharing her story to crowd this space.

July 29, 2009

The Romance Of The Light

The noise of the rain out there,
Will never break down my voice,
On 10Th grade later,
People are moving to other school,
I wonder which road I should go.

The rain out there tells me a story,
Its a feeling I'll feel when the time comes,
I suppose to think of where I should be,
And where she'll be.

The birds stay silent for today,
Just like me stay silent in class,
The birds must be sad for the lost of the sun,
Just like me when I heard of next year.

I see my time is limited,
I can't waste it anymore again,
I won't know what its like out there,
If the time goes without me realize it.

On that dark cloud with rain,
The orange of the sun still seen,
I'm thinking in this dark room,
Wondering of a small light will appear.

Girl are you listening,
Do you hear my heart beats,
My life seems to be long,
But not on the sight.

I wish to stay till September ends,
Should I run from the faith?
I don't feel lucky at all,
Just like the rain with the birds,
Desperately whisper.

The light is seen on the reflection of rain,
Its clear, clean and invisible,
The truth color of the roof never change,
From the eyes you know I love you.

The light is also seen on the ground,
Beautifully seen by my naked eyes,
It makes me wanna cry,
For me looking at the light,
Reflected by the water on the ground,
For the dark to be seen.

Hold my hand and please hold it tight,
Are you gonna let go if the time has come,
To me its not the length of us each other,
Its the length of love.

On the rainbow that will be seen later,
With the clear cloud and wet road,
Its slippery for her to walk,
Do I still speak to her?

The future is desperate for the past,
I'll never know what its like to see future,
Because I'm afraid to look at it,
Its better I fall on my own,
Not falling on the sight.

My book, is always without a last page.

July 28, 2009

The Window Reflection

In this noise I still can listen,
The birds out there is still singing,
The same song with difference story,
Just like me,
Telling a different story,
For the same point.

I might be repetitive till I done,
The world will never know where the end of universe,
Just like us as a person,
Will never know what are we in the future.

The way she speaks seem so perfect,
I lost myself away from awkwardness,
Even that its a weird way but for the best,
The best of the book,
And the best of the future.

The 80's seems disappear,
I wanna know what its like,
On this time I might be legend,
A legend for the coming.

The world begin to silently told a secret,
The only secret nobody can ever hide,
They can lie to anybody,
But the only think can't be lie is their own voice.

The eyes tell a full story,
The shinning glare reflects on her lens,
Its beautiful with her lovely face,
I can't stop getting out of imagination.

Today weather seems to be fine,
How bright is the strength of light,
Will it'll be expose under the roof,
Under this roof is a shadow,
A shadow of secret that can't be expose.

Puzzle From Night

In this busy and noisy moment,
My ears turn deaf,
Can hear my voice whispers,
Telling me to expose what is hidden.

She is
I try to understand,
But I can't,
She is.........

Her smiles I been wondering,
The image is always on my head,
Thinking far away a story,
That I create all my own.

What I hate I make it a dream,
To me its right for my own,
She's pretty for what she is,
There is a room for another heart here.

You are not alone,
You still got me,
Even from behind,
I try to love you all I can.



~blur in a moment

I don't get it,
The puzzle God,
I ask you last night,
And is today is a sign?

The Master Of Goth

The eyes I can never forget,
The evil eyes and violated,
With the sorrow of darkness,
In that eyes I understand a story,
He is here.

In this garden with roses,
His steps color every roses black,
Just like his heart look,
Its a death behind awaken.

Its a feeling that I can never hide,
I can control but I might be dead,
Its badly hurt and silently destroy,
I think its destroy but it born from me.

When I look at her,
He is the one in front me,
Telling me a different story,
Warn me to be right.

July 27, 2009

July's History

She speaks to me like melodies,
A melodies that giving me the feelings,
Even that I'm deaf,
I can feel the melodies.

She moves in closer,
Telling me an adventure,
Now that I figure out,
She's waiting,
Waiting on my move.

She smiles so amazing,
I wanna kiss that smile a memory,
How beautiful behind sweetness,
The awesomeness I can never forget.

There is the time,
That is the history,
That is the pain,
Will I find out the solution?

I hope I know later,
I'll falling down if I know too early,
Let it moves step by step,
The awkwardness gone when I got the confidant,
Her smile is the curse of my awkwardness,
But what ever the smile can be,
It can melts every heart she meets.

I wanna love you on the arms,
For you to feel safe and lucky,
But however you feel,
What I feel is a theme of the story,
One thing for sure,
My book is always without last page.

Every smile of hers is a confidant,
Everything is hidden behind,
Its a mystery of beauty,
For how the one will holds it,
Stand for it or die for it,
As long as the voice speaks.

I wonder if this fantasy created beautiful,
How would the future fantasy?
Is the old fashion gone away senselessly?
God may I have her for the first time ever,
On every list of things I got,
She the only thing I never have yet.

This year's July made a history,
On September will be the ending,
I hope this story ends up great,
I don't wanna know now,
Let me hurt my own,
Or just let me walk away,
By my own.

I rather face it and walk for it,
Better than I silently pass-by,
With a smile of hi will never be enough,
All you need is what you want,
Let legends be the angel of our heart.

July 26, 2009

The Sight Whispers A Story

I thought Sunday will be a great day,
But the joys run away,
I been hoping for the best day,
It still a silent voice inside,
Hoping for something,
Something that I never have before.

Human are actually blind without light,
If this world without light,
There won't be life on this earth,
Her confidant are amazing,
Whoever she is,
Who ever she may be,
For sure my heart lays on her.

I wanna get back to the start,
The first part of us,
She won't kiss and tell,
But she whispers out silent,
She can makes me listen,
But she can't makes me stop falling on her.

In my blind sight,
She still amazes me with what she did,
Whoever she is,
However she was,
She got my love on her,
Waiting and whispering,
For the light on the door,
Of her heart.

July is history of where it starts again,
However its happen,
No matter how is it,
It still the same story of whisper,
How the voice actually understand,
What humans' thought.

She can be anything that amazing,
She can be the rain who makes me cry,
My story is just the book without last page,
I think I can end up this book with my own,
But the idea just run away stopping me to do so,
I can't get over it and end up so bad,
But what ever the story is,
She could be the theme of the book,
One thing for sure,
Its what we whisper,
For what we listen.

How is the world gonna speak to me,
If my sight is blur by the pain,
The pain of deaf people out there,
That never appreciate this life,
What can I do to wake them from the bed of stupidity,
I wonder is their whisper even heard around,
People don't whisper from the voice,
They whisper in the eyes.

Sunday's Whisper

The snacks I used to eat,
Don't taste like usual,
I wonder does she thinking of me,
Just like I think of her.

I'm here alone in this room,
In front of my computer's screen,
Looking for a puzzle solution,
How can I get over it?
Or how can I fight for it...

A legend said,
'Its not important to be a fighter,
Its important to be a person.'

The cloud today is white and blue,
It still dark and its gonna rain,
Just like me in this fine mood,
I know I'm can't smile at all.

I'm falling in love,
I hoping it won't falling apart,
The start line always say,
'Be careful for what you wish for,
I ain't gonna take any responsible for it.'

I'm now listening to my favorite band's song,
It speaks to me,
Just like how she speaks to me,
On the eyes I study her thought,
The voices telling me a sign.

I hate Sunday so much,
The only day for me to kill time,
God make her meet me,
I desperately begging you.

My new cellphone is cool,
I'm missing my old cellphone,
Its legendary and a picture of memory,
Now that I'm creating a new memory,
And I wanna treasure it,
Like I treasure my feelings.

"The first thing I take is always our picture,
The picture she took,
It means everything to me,
Because she is on my side."

We Just Can Stand On Our Own

On Sunday's Secrets,
You'll read the world whisper,
Every feelings inside,
And so do I too.

Everyone listen to the voice,
Selfishness can never be step away,
If the person is just not a person,
Maybe they are deaf,
Deaf enough to read a heart.

I walk at the end of this street,
I saw a lot of tag,
Some even bad words telling the prime minister,
How they live and I agree with them,
This country needs someone better,
Who actually deserve the sit and title.

How nice a person I be,
I still apart of them,
Maybe the prime minister is not the one,
How a bout people who responsible?

Out there a lot of rioting events,
People whisper out loud for the best of them,
Asking for an equal treatment,
Everyone is a person too,
So do I...

July 25, 2009

Book Without Last Page

From here I wonder,
Far away thinking,
At this time of freedom,
How did she kills her time,
I was only killing my time by thinking,
Of what she is actually thinking.

On my thin glass window I can here the birds singing,
The weather is a little bit dark out there,
Its gonna rain sooner or later,
I listen to the music and thinking of her face,
The feeling I got now ain't much different,
She makes me go on her way,
Its a journey to collect treasure,
Treasure of her love.

I look at the time and its already pass a couple of hours,
I'm here alone in this dark room,
Wondering what is she doing now and hoping for her to text me,
Like it would ever happen....
Or maybe listen to her voice,
yeah maybe.............

The baby birds on the tree just born,
I wonder how wonderful is God's creation,
From a youth they grow up,
Just like us begin from a friendship,
But it goes above that,
And we're not even close.

I love her because it comes from the feeling,
I didn't know how nice she will be to me,
Till that it melts me like a cool ice,
God can you speed up the time,
I wanna kill all this time without thinking.

My heart's room is cold with wide space,
I wanna fill it with a partner,
Someone who I can protect,
And where I can get to be a hero.

Its awesome today for the time I spent,
Its not enough to me,
I wish it end up till evening,
I wanna listen to her whisper,
In my heart I say the same thing,
Tell me that you love me,
I'm afraid to listen to the answer,
Its another words of hell in fire,
Every minutes is like hours,
I wanna see her again and again.

In this evening of blank mind,
Is her mind thinking anything about me?
I'm just no one I know but does she feels it?
I truly wanna listen to what she thinks of me,
The answer I'm afraid to listen.

I wish the door of this heart won't fall,
Because I can't without a guide line,
I wanna learn and accept the first,
Because I never know before.

My love is like a book that ends with no last page,
Wherever I'll be,
There might be a story,
Of how I whisper,
Whisper for all memories.

Because my thought is like the universe,
Its infinite and far away,
Will never reach the end.

Hell, its been years now.....

July 24, 2009

The Beat Of Love

Please tell me that you love me,
Everything will be all right,
I wanna appreciate you,
I am waiting for you,
What are you thinking of,
I really need you,
Put me into your arms.

The beat ain't gonna stop,
It plays in the silent room,
Under that unexpected moment,
I just wanna know what its like,
In your heart.

I wanna listen to your thought,
Do you love me in the reply of me loving you?
Whisper to me,
Tell me that you love me,
I really need her.

In that night,
I think about appreciation,
Its been a couple of years I fall on her,
Can't stop and won't stop having you in mind,
She makes me crazy,
The lovely that makes me blind but I still feel,
The love I got on the arms,
Sweetly drawn a smile,

Right at a far length,
I wonder,
What is she thinking of me,
She really hits me like a drum,
I just can't stop dancing,
Just tell me that you love me,
That's all I been hoping.

I wanna hear something new,
Second times ain't gonna be the same,
There is a difference,
Between first and second,
Its late,
But its not wrong.

Tell me what is it like,
Having in the arms,
Under that snow,
I'll warm you up,
With the best I got,
For you to have the space,
To enter the door of my love,
You are so wonderful like an angel,
Who will be here to change me,
For me to hold,
And appreciate.

The love on my lips,
Sweet pink like her heart,
Who is gonna care of us,
As long as you love me,
Everything is gonna be alright,
I just wanna have you in the arms,
I don't wanna hear other words,
If it hurts me,
I'll step away soon before it comes,
As long no blood in this fantasy.

Love Note

My voice I whisper,
Even the wind can't take it away,
With the strength of the only heart,
I'll whisper everything in my way.

The wind carry my words away from me,
With the strength of the gate I got it back,
The light can't hide the truth,
Because the light is the truth,
At night its dark,
It'll be darkly travel to your heart,
I wanna fill your heart with words,
That I told in words.

On a piece of paper,
I'll write a poem for you,
With the memory we got,
I put them all like the wind,
It carries everything hidden away,
Without we knowing it received.

I fold the letter in a from of paper plane,
For you to read and reach you,
I want you to listen my story,
My story on I fall on you,
I wish the plane reach you,
Only God be the one I trust,
Makes miracle happen God,
I'm bagging you.

If everything doesn't work,
I'll text to you tell to tell you,
The satellite got its weakness,
I can only trust the connection for today.

If you are away so far,
I'll run to you there,
I'll tell you the legend of the pen,
How it writes,
Without ink.

Even if that I can't find you,
I'll make it clear for you,
You listen to my heart whispers,
In a touch I bet you understand,
How it goes on like the wind,
Travel with the light,
The plane on the sky there,
Take people to their destination,
Text on goodbye for everyone,
Everything is connected,
Just like how my feelings connect to you,
I love you.

The Wideness Of The Mind

I got into confusion,
Trying to think what she thinks,
Her thought is a puzzle,
Something that I can't get over it.

The field is wide like a person mind,
Widely colored green,
Green as the beauty of nature,
Telling a beat of silent,
Like the wind around.

I hate to think of it,
Its a melodies that really make me dance,
I been hoping the beat could cool me down,
As slow as its can,
For me to listen,
On what she whispers.

On the end of the street,
I look at the river behind the tree,
Its like a nightmare hunts us,
I wish I live in a better country,
Not a hell in nature,
I rather stay blind than look at it,
It stabs my heart sharply bleed,
I envy the world on the other side.

Her face is lovely,
Like the angel's wings,
She is the angel I know here,
Placed in my heart,
Without wings she can fly,
All the impossible I wanna do.

The calendar is the worst enemy,
My time is getting limited,
Limited like the emptiness of my heart,
Blank like a piece of paper,
Framed by darkness of pain,
Nothing is actually pain,
What pain is what I've learn,
Even I lie on the calendar,
The world out there go on,
Without me control everything,
I'm just a powerless human on Earth,
There is not even anyone.

It hurts me enough to get over her,
Because its something I can't do,
I regret I waste my time to get over her,
Without me expecting anything,
She comes playing in my dream,
Something so much wonderful that I can't forget,
The awesomeness I can't forget,
The emptiness,
I can fill it with the light,
All of them collect in one,
Like a glass mirror.

July 23, 2009

A Song Without Lyric

Words give me confident,
I can say but I can't do,
Every single voice speaks to me,
Telling me about something I keep,
Locked treasure of solution,
The only key I got was stolen,
Stolen by the heart of an angel.

I hide my feelings in puzzle,
She is too smart and awesome,
She can solve that puzzle by the look,
In her shinny eyes I know,
How much she understands the voice,
Even that a person is deaf,
But the sight never lies a story,
Deeply whisper the story of truth,
The beautiful lights of love.

The song without lyric tells a full story,
Whisper desperately hoping for something,
Without telling the truth,
The wonderful melodies teach everyone,
A great adventure of love,
Got stuck in the guitar,
Like a song without lyric.

Her word is a magic,
A spell of attraction to me,
There isn't actually magic,
Even Harry Houdini knows that.

In the box on my table,
It keeps emptiness inside,
Just like me keeping words inside,
Treasure in a form of light,
Only the key of her heart can open it,
Its invisible but brightly in color,
By the reflection of the eyes,
The love stares.

In black her cuteness shows on the smile,
In the dark contrast telling a different story,
Of the beauty in her language,
That only speaks in the heart.

The sun out there is yellow Autumn,
I wonder when I should tell the note,
Musical of loves note inside,
Deeply grave with my own believes,
I made it clear to her,
The only key to open the grave,
Is her heart.

July 22, 2009

Melodies Of Love

In the blue uniform,
She is as beautiful as the cloud,
I've been searching for soccer graph,
Wondering the color up portrait,
For the perfect expression,
Like how my feelings speak to her.

She is the cold ice to cool me down,
From every heat of sadness,
Without doing anything,
I'm a total stuttering,
All I can keep is the smile,
With the innocent stare in the eyes,
Without she telling what she thinks,
I can feel the beat she understand,
The voices of the beat,
Like the drum rhythm hits the song,
Amazingly whisper,
The story of romance.

The guitar of Mexican country music,
Really hits me and make me dance,
She talks to me like melodies,
Melodies of a story,
Line a row with patient,
Telling a story of her personalities,
Without listening to it,
I truly understand by the look.

Guitar melts every person down,
As it comes with love,
Without lyric the song is told,
It knows everything without telling,
Your beat of the heart tells a story,
Like the rhythm hits the song,
Awesomely lay there under the shady trees,
Listening to the dream,
Whisper and whisper,
The awesomeness of the life,
Telling a soft melody expression,
Like every musician did,
Understand what they sing,
Is more important than everyone understand them.

Even the song is repeat,
I wanna dance for couple of time more,
Its like Autumn once a year,
I don't wanna regret everything written on the diary,
Without them I'll never grow up like melodies,
Flowing slowly and giving the peace of freedom,
Something like heaven,
7 gates of them,
Like July of fallen.

Men Of Honour

Legend Carl Maxie Bashear(First African-American Master Chief) said,
"It's not a sin to get knocked down; it's a sin to stay down"
And "I ain't going to let nobody steal my dream".

I am here to take that 12 step,
To be titled as a master chief,
Even with one leg,
With a 240 pounds diver suit,
By holding his diver tradition he will make it,

The 8 step he got,
He begin to cry and desperately try,
Chief Hanks ask him to stop,
But right he is under Chief Sunday's order.

On the ninth step,
Legend Chief Sunday said,
A Navy diver is not a fighting man,
They are professional saver expert,
If he lost under water he found it,
If he solve under water he brings it up,
If its in the lake he moves it,
If he lucky,
He'll die 200 feet beneath away where is the closest he will ever get to be a hero,
And I don't know why anyone wanna be a Navy diver now you report to this line,
With the tears and strength he got,
He was titled as the first African-American Master Chief.

'The question is,
Can they defeat me?
Even if I die down there,
I'll die like a Navy man.
I got here today with our tradition,
Honored Sir.'

I wonder why is he stand so hard,
Without regretting anything he did,
Even he need to cut his leg,
He did all that,
For the only name,
Of honored.

Twelve Step To honor,

July 21, 2009

Future Question

Why don't you tell her?
Why don't you show her how you feel?

I'm waiting for my perfect time,
Waiting for the greatest spot,
Hoping for something fantastic,
Patient is the cheat for the game.

Does the kite in my house still fly,
How about the wind around,
Is it like before again and again?
I trying to not waste the chance,
I'm just need the time,

The answer is the worst pain I'll know,
Curiousness brings me into crazy,
Wondering how it'll end up,
Also thinking of the voices,
Trying to listen to her heart whispers,
The truth inside.

She is just simply lovely,
I'm trying to hard to work out attention,
She seems don't realize it,
But just who am I to her?

I just too afraid because I never did everything,
Why don't I do it early before,
I should give the best first shot,
What will she says when she heard the story?
From what I know,
I bet she realizes how much I love her,
Maybe she is waiting for my move,
Or maybe she totally got no interest at all.

I throw a rock to the sky,
The reflection of glare on the rock,
Shining glow like the rainbow,
Telling the wonder of future,
To the sky,
Like a flying fish trying to fly,
Another words of jumping.

July 20, 2009

Senseless Words

Go on and keep trying,
I can do way better than that,
When you said something,
Did you done everything?

What else can I see than people whisper for help,
I hear heroes even cry out hoping,
The world out there is something,
Something nothing more than a word.

You said so,
You are meant to me,
And so do I,
Everything is just a game,
Nothing than a senseless words.

Every single person know what they hate the most,
Do they actually picturing how is it like?
If you look in the mirror by yourself right now,
Are you a kind of person that people hate?

I will and I do,
Promise made,
What comes tomorrow,
better know the answer.

You are too evil holding this life,
There isn't a gate to let the birds fly,
You are just something that can be done,
With left off,
You disappear.

I regret for my promise,
Its not that I didn't do it,
It just that I got no chance,
Like they even care sometimes.

A promise is still a promise,
You got my words and you got me,
I'm competitive and selfish,
Sincerely for me to hate you.

Is There Gotta To Be Something

Her heart is a puzzle,
Like I need a map,
I got lost in it,
Where should I go?

Its quite embarrassing,
But to be honest,
Its wonderfully weird,
Does she giving response?

Love doesn't care of religion,
I'm lucky I'm a mix religion,
I speak like 5 language a day,
Feeling like the world is speaking to me.

I saw thousand kind of world,
Every single world got its owner,
I meet almost every person,
Who trying to tell me how to stand up,
And whispering for help.

Secret Of Personalities

What is something call friend?

I got a lot of friends,
Even they are different age,
They are nice and awesome,
The one who I trust,
Giving me a spear of blood.

As I said before,
A blank piece of white paper,
Is still frame by a black line,
A source of unreceived light,
Which comes with the word shadow.

As a friend it doesn't matter,
By for the insult comment is just to much,
I feel the pain,
Like a boat build sink,
Without looking at the hard work.

There are nice and sweet couple,
Does anyone know what actually in their mind,
How nice is a person right behind,
They can still be a backstabber,
Your apologize I accept without thinking so long,
As a friend,
Its okay.

July 19, 2009

The Night Of Love Catching My Soul

Something come by at night,
Telling me how to stand up for her,
I don't need anyone to help me to get her,
Because I believe she needs a guy who sincerely loves her.

I wonder how many guy out there can't even step a millimeter close to her,
I wonder is there anyone stands closer than me,
Because I ain't not gonna let that happen,
If he isn't hers.

Why do you reject the others, Liz?
You got others out there and why you pick her,
I lost my friend for being love by others,
How stupid is that,
I am so sorry but I can't be with someone,
Who I don't fall in love with,
I don't need to feel sorry to being loved,
Because I can't control their feelings idiot.

I'm not snobbish or picky,
I'm just honest and real,
I sincerely told me feelings,
Without any hook hiding,
Because on the lens view,
Everything told the same way.

Isn't its great if I can accept the one who loves me,
But I don't feel right and its not a game,
Like having a person for a moment,
Then I get other.

There is a warrior,
So there must be a sword,
There is a horse,
So there might be an arrow,
There is a sign,
So there might be a solution.

Valentine can never defeat me,
From the look shows a nice person,
White piece of paper is still,
Framed by 'black line'.

Valentine Of July

My soul is silently weak,
I feel like I about to leave,
Somewhere out of this body,
Like I don't belongs here.

She can't be gone in my imagination,
Her name is beautiful like her look,
I can't believe the before comes now,
I am Liz Valentine again.

I wonder should I tell her,
I lost my coolness and awesomeness,
When it comes with love,
Because I'm just too weak for it.

I wonder am I picking the wrong girl,
I can truly say she is the one I been dreaming,
Like the dream I got before,
In that dream,
I feel so much great like she is with me.

Maybe she isn't mine,
I been hoping in a dream for others,
Without hoping for her,
You gave me the dream,
What are you telling me God?

The hug,
The kiss,
And even the touch,
Is that gotta be something,
That I'll never know?

A Month Of Future

Only beat can hear in the ears,
The beat of regrets,
What a waste in my life,
Burn in fire.

Time is getting close,
War will be in a couple of moths,
Weapon and everything done,
Only myself unprepared.

I wanna see her for her light,
I love her,
Ever since the first time I saw her,
I believe she is different than others.

I wonder where should I be placed in the gang,
Everyone one are smart and good except me,
I start a history here of myself,
For the first time I try so hard,
To stand like them.

Maybe its good to know them,
I'm a total different person now,
Maybe its good to love her,
I follow her step to make her impress.

I wanna understand to be in the best class,
I wish I can be with them,
I hate my own class for the standard,
Not that I hate the people,
Just that the principal sucks.

You can't change my word of what I said on you,
You can change yourself so I change my thought,
If you take it easy on everything like this,
Well I should tell you how immature you are.

I wonder what happen with now between the 80's,
My brother and I are study at same place,
But everything is just a total different,
Like nightmare at night after morning comes-by.

There ain't no way to get out,
Only trust of our own can be the guide line now,
The world out there is a nightmare,
Everything comes in a second,
Like thunder storms got mad.

Apocalypse Of 2012 In My Country

On the year of coming,
The world here in my country getting lost,
Is there a compass for the minister to get out,
Or maybe is there a solution to make him realize,
How stupid is the decision made.

The youth will study in an awesome standard,
Too bad they miss something,
Everyone wanna learn overseas,
With your decision you made,
Which road will it goes?

I admit myself I hate this country,
I never wanna really tell where I am living,
For a reason because its embarrassing,
I maybe nothing that can change you,
But I'm just like everyone here telling the truth.

It sucks to be known here,
Because its like living in a street,
With a stupid leader giving command,
Like we are dog,
What a lord.

I wanna prove what he did is wrong,
Because I am one of the last person that will feel the old style,
Next year,
Everything will be different for the new generation,
I should say I'm a survivor,
Because its a nightmare you smart ass.

What you did is just the key of hell,
You know I'll try my best,
To go far away from your stink country,
Because I don't deserve to live here,
To prove that you suck.

Every Feelings In Words Change The Road Of Answers

Men will always be men,
A guy like me just deaf,
Sometimes I can't listen to the world,
But I listen by my sight.

She change my road,
I know there is something wasn't right,
Awesomely I'm speechless,
Something I never expect to happen,
Is happening.

I been hoping for her a long time ago,
But awkwardness brings me in jail,
Like I can't forgive myself,
Letting the pain to be carry by my own,
How worth it is comes into my mind,
With thousands of spirit,
Burn like fireworks,
But what can I do?
When I try to talk to her,
She's with someone else.

She is too awesome to me,
Without saying anything I can truly stay silent,
Maybe there isn't something to worry about,
Just that I'm worry for what she thinks of me.

Will there will be a second try?
Yes there is but will I fall on twice?
I wonder if she changes her way on me,
Will she accepts what goes first?

On the Sunday of light,
I been searching for soccer graph,
For publishing in Sony album,
Where I can be called as a pro or expert,
Will I got the camera with me,
I realize the best shot I got,
Is her smiles.

I been searching for the shot,
But all I can see is just nothing,
No idea comes in my mind,
Should I try for second sake of myself?

At night she comes whispering to me,
Every single word is like a sign from her,
I wonder what that actually means,
Before the sun sets,
I wanna find the answer,
Should I speak out to the world?

July 17, 2009

Something So Much Important By The Side

When there is a trouble come-by,
There might be a person to stand with,
As long as we aren't greedy or selfish,
We'll be the one.

Money doesn't buy any trust,
Its just nothing than a trade,
A trade for you to be hate,
Just like the fireworks.

The awesomeness of a person is in there,
In another soul of a person,
Just like melodies flow by the wind,
Whisper and whisper for you to cry,
When the mask is there together,
It becomes the filter of the lens.

Its the biggest gift from God,
For everyone to learn and travel,
To different side of street,
How they live and hang out,
Someday you'll make yourself like home.

Every step you take comes by echo,
The echo of the huge room space,
The wideness brings a loneliness echo,
But its full fill with partner.

A question like thunder storm,
Giving an emotion of confusion,
Wondering and predict the future,
It'll be there giving a hand and trust,
Like holding a shield with a sword.

They are awesome and make me laugh,
Looking outside at the street,
Laughing in pain without them by the side,
School be a place for tag,
Which they hang out together spot,
For everyone to share out feelings,
And throw loneliness with freedom.

It doesn't matter of color or religion,
What important the trust,
No matter how good looking you are,
They will always be you side,
By the tunnel of shadow,
You'll regret for what you done,
Even they are nothing much like couple,
But they are your friends,
Nothing than a person.

Out there,
There are millions of friends,
Even without knowing their names,
They are still a friend,
Because friendship isn't illegal or wrong,
Its a room for you to learn,
Its a room for your awesomeness,
And its the wire for your sweetness.

As a backstabber,
It just a hammer,
A rusted hammer being left off,
Its heartless and hard,
Painfully work for us,
They are still a friend,
A friend on the other way,
Depend of what they think.

If you really are a great friend,
Hope for the best,
Don't be such a competitive,
Lets equally stand,
Even a betrayer is still a friend,
Because they are nothing,
Than a friend.

Be Awesome Behind Competitive

I'm such a competitive,
I'm jealous and envy,
But I never wanna hurt someone,
It gains me confident.

She speaks to me perfectly,
I listen every sentence she said,
Even that some words I never know,
From there I learned.

What is it likes to be in a relationship,
I never know what its like telling someone,
The feeling in a circulation of light,
The lens never lies,
Only randiness lies to us.

She smiles at me so sweet,
I found out my the heart beat speaks,
I can never actually lies me feeling,
The more I lie it scolds me,
When I honest tell me story,
The awesomeness I see in the reflected lens,
The light comes into my eyes of soul.

He is too sad to be known,
I though that it'll be call as partner,
But it seems there is a line,
That is illegal you step in,
Where its like hell for you,
What a betrayer.

The awesomeness be the glass of me,
It can be break and can be gone,
But with the awesomeness I stand free,
Like somewhere I been dream to step for.

You, that evening me head was beautiful even we just conversation but I'm glad I could time with you... Sadly it just once and I miss your voice. I hope upcoming petanque we'll meet again...

July 16, 2009

The Wind Of Goodbye

Every morning I got the chance to see the sun rises,
In the evening I can see the sun sets,
At night I see the moon fenced by the stars,
Glowing beautiful like a camera flash,
I wonder does she feels the wind that I feel now,
The wind blows away my voice and I hope it reach,
The voice I whisper to the wind.

I look outside at my window,
The sky is always blue as beautiful as her eyes,
The windy weather blows the leaves perfectly,
All I can see is her wavy hair flow like the leaves,
Friday will be the day for me to hope last,
After that,
I can only hope for miracle,
Plus today won't make any better,
Maybe its a sign from God.

The grass is naturally green,
Dance by the beat of wind,
I wanna say goodbye,
I'm hopping that the wind can send the message,

Maybe I can forget you, bye... 

July 15, 2009

Future Are Desperate Than The Past

If I don't stand here today,
Where I'll be place for tomorrow,
I wish tomorrow never come,
But the time will still go on,
Even that every clock and watch are broken in world,
Its God's want,
I can't change them.

What if my life without a pen?
I can never write what's today for tomorrow,
What if my life without this computer?
I'll never tag down evidence for future.

In this life,
I face fear,
Even I hate fear,
Because it doesn't make sense for me to face fear,
With the hand of my friend,
They give their hand to stand,
I don't need to face fear,
I'll stand without fear.

My life is like the blue sky,
Its still blue but different darkness,
Sometime its brighter,
And sometime its darker.
Just like me,
Sometime I might be blind,
But sometimes I can see far away.

I hate to go on,
Because I'm too weak to stand,
She then steps in my life,
She change the way I am,
Something that I never know.

What if I got gun in madness moment,
Will I release a shot or I'll shoot myself?
The future consequences will be mean,
Violence, extreme and pain be the answer.

I look on my desk,
There are so many books that I never touch,
I lay my hand on the desk and thinking,
I need you giving me strength,
I'm too weak to stand,
Will you help me?

Looking at scenery through the lens view,
The truth reflects me eyes of mind,
In all your decision in each moment,
The future is also desperate to change the ideal,
Lets capture for the future,
Desperately turning back.

July 11, 2009

A Love Poem

In the morning,
The sun rises,
Sometime its rain,
In the evening,
The sun sets,
With a brilliant orange lighting,
Shows the truth of your color,
At night,
There are moon,
Fenced by the stars,
She is the glowing stars,
Something that important to me,
When I pass-by the street,
I kiss the wind to say hi,
Her hair is the fallen autumn,
Lips like cherry,
She gives me the heart beat,
That I realize I'm alive here on earth,
She is the angel on earth,
She gives me wings for me to fly,
Wherever she goes,
I'll watch her by the side,
I can't get my eyes of her,
She is just perfect,
Like the beauty of September,
She comes in my mind,
Like wherever I am,
She still playing in my mind,
That she will be mine.

Maybe You Can't Know Your Future, But You Can Know Your Road

If you look yourself in the mirror,
You'll see yourself grown up,
We can't see future,
But we can see our progress to the future,
From the mirror,
What Have you learn.

If you look at it,
You'll see yourself,
Standing by your own leg,
Without pain,
And looking at yourself,
To know yourself.

There isn't magic in this world,
Even Harry Houdini knew that,
There is miracle in this world,
Where is the miracle,
In your eyes right now and in the mirror.

Looking at yourself in the mirror is a miracle,
A miracle for you to stay alive,
Some they can even look at themselves,
Because they have a long sleep that time,
Where they will never wake up.

Miracle is a natural disaster,
Something amazing and possible,
Depend on the goddess hand,
For you to stand.

Legend said,
'I'm afraid to sleep,
Because if when I close my eyes,
Will I open my eyes again,
I thank God every time I wake up,
Even that I know I'm no longer living,
But I still happy for God letting me stay,
Awake right now is the biggest miracle,
That God ever gave,
Because a person like me,
Aren't suppose to stand,
I can't hopping for miracle every time,
Because It wasn't permanent,
Its only sometimes.

In the mirror,
Can you see what are you been doing now?
What kind of person are you now?
What are your talent?
Are you lost now?
Who do you love?
What are you dreaming for?
What are you suffer for?
What are you live for?

What Is Your Purpose To Live?

Legend Michael Jakson said,
'Everyday I sit and ask myself
How did love slip away
Something whispers in my ear and says
That you are not alone
For I am here with you
Though you're far away
I am here to stay'

Legend Aya Kitou said,
'Seeing me crying so heavily,
mum scolded me " Only babies cry! What kind of high school student are you?"
For Huimei (My cousin).
Huimei, Why Aya likes to cry that much?
Why cant she be like the past, always smiling.
I really miss the past!
If there is a time machine,
I want to take it and go back to the past and see myself running, walking and playing….
but, the current me just have to face the present future.
Must I really face the present?
I Don't Want to Grow Up!!!
Time! Please stop! I want to stop crying.
Is my crying system spoilt?
The current time now is 9pm.
Even if all the watches/clocks in the world are spoilt, time will still keep on spinning? Isn't it?
Life is limited, yet time is never ending.
I should stop thinking too much. '

If you willing to die for something because you are too weak to try,
Then I'll tell you,
You are not the one who suffer in pain,
You aren't afraid to die in the end,
You are just afraid for the consequence,
You won't be the one who suffer the most,
Your parent will be the one,
Mum will be the one who suffer the most,
Suffer for 9 months to give deliver you on earth,
Suffer for couple of months taking care of you when you are baby,
Suffer to listen how stubborn you are as a teen,
And now suffer for you to see you laying there in the hospital,
Laying like a statue stands for the country,
Seeing you die for a selfish reason,
And seeing that her love is a waste of time,
Think twice before you pick the wrong way.

What is your purpose to live,
Me? I can't decided but God decided for me.

Do you see the tree outside,
The sun reflect my eyes to look at them,
Do you see the sky change color,
The weather changes the sky color,
Do you see the sea with a sun sets,
Wait for a long times but see it for a short time,
Do you see the birds flying around on the sky,
With the wings of angels,
Do you the wolf moaning,
When there is a full moon on the sky,
Do you see the stars twinkle,
Giving the direction of life,
Do you see the rain falls,
Falling to clear the world like taking bath,
Do you see the mountains stand,
The fogs gives the strength to stand tall,
Do you see the sky on my lens glass,
The shutter is ready to shot,
Do you see my camera is mount on the lens,
Its waiting to snap,
Do you see that God is telling you something,
Then what is your purpose to live?

The Future Thought Will Be

Now that I stand as a 9Th grade student,
Is the future of the past,
The past that I never appreciate,
The past that I regret so much,
I just can try the best from now on,
Because I won't die if try.

There some times I wish I can erase,
There are some scene I wish to forget it,
Still comes thinking in my mind,
And written on a book of diary.

If I weren't so young, stupid or even selfish,
I'll stand on with the key for the castle,
Easily past-by the past and walk on future,
Because the world always goes to future,
In every seconds.

The future payment will be the biggest pain,
The pain for ourselves to wake us up,
On what we just did,
Sometimes its won't hurt us,
But we'll be crying to live on.

There is a legend says,
'Will you stand up after you fall down?
If look at the sky when you fall,
You'll see the cloud today on the sky,
With the big smile of sun,
Telling you that you are still alive here,
And still got time to live on,
IF I still can see the smile is smiling at me
Every second will be a gold for me.'

A Mind Under The Desk

Everyone study hard for the best,
Sitting there on a chair,
Clear up mind for stuff coming in,
Where does the knowledge go?

I clear up my desk,
I do notice that me,
Is actually the desk,
There stand in life,
To learn and to keep on,
Giving the best for its person.

I left the books on the desk,
The desk just carry it,
The longer its carry,
The more sad it'll be,
So do the books?

I love books,
I love novels,
Love story,
True story,
The desk isn't blind,
He is just deaf,
And dumb,
But he studies too,
Just like us.

At my class table,
Its destroy his beauty by humans' hands,
Its unfair and totally idiot,
Even its a desk,
Its a person too,
Like our pet.

Human do take care of their look,
Then why can't we take care of its look?
Human do feel awkward with their look sometimes,
How bout its?

My computer is place on the desk,
Strong and never break,
The drawer sometimes stuck,
But it still can be use and shouldn't be destroy,
Just like picture,
Memory is place there,
Even the picture aren't good,
But on the future it means so much.

On the big exam day later,
We'll find out how is it,
Taking exam with the desk,
With its ugly and destroy look,
Let's see how its done.

July 10, 2009

Voices In A Word

Every feeling is written in words,
Like what I did right now,
Its a voice from the heart,
How we speak,

You are sitting far away,
We are far away,
My love is falling apart,
Just that you aren't clear in my eyes,
Starting to blur my mind,
Bring up confusion.

If I can have you in arms,
I'll protect you from darkness,
I wish to be a hero so I can help you,
By the side,
I still love you.

I wanna have the heart,
That you like,
Because loving you is like,
A puzzle of confusion,
There isn't a solution,
Only can speaks.

July 09, 2009

Today's Talk

Sometime high school sucks,
Incomplete equipment and every standard are low,
Something that I hate,
Sooner or later,
I plan to leave,
The school with success,
Someday I graduated,
I'm wishing God can place me to my dream land,
I wanna be there looking for my dream work,
Which I'm actually is right now,
But I wanna be better than that,
I don't really serious with my studies,
I'm too serious in photography,
But I won't let it go so soon,
I'll be study too,
Because that's how I wanna be,
Standing on beloved land,
Without yelling or regret,
I'll be so happy to stand there,
I hate my place now,
Everything sucks,
Totally unfair,
I want a better environment,
I'm saying this as a photographer,
And as a student too.

A Home For Love

I'm lost alone here in forgotten city,
Every single step I took only got back here,
Just like my life in the valentine world,
I falling in love and its falling apart,
Now that all I can ask is that,
Where is the room of destination,
To get our of this...

Your hand is cold and strong,
Telling that you won't let go,
The necklace you are wearing,
Is the one that is invisible,
Which its a space for me to place,
My heart...

The smile that you got is a light,
Just like my camera lens,
Soon it'll be clear and blur,
Every smile is just a symbol,
Of how you are feeling right now...

The love on my lips,
Is that you'll be my first love,
The flash in my eyes,
I color you in every word.

A Person Is Nothing Than A Person

Is there a world telling that religion is a country,
A country against another country,
Color people being treat depend at place,
It doesn't make sense to me,
We are human,
We laugh and cry together,
Learning to be a great person,
For the dream.

Color become one of the weapon,
To stand behind from trouble,
Innocent being treat like enemy,
For a reason of racist,
War can happen.

I respect everyone,
Its a pleasure to know others,
Even that we are in total different color,
They are a person like me,
Who is searching for the answer of life.

How can few certain people they avoid,
But how come people get the right for no reason,
The world is a city,
A giant city live by human,
All I know is to understand other,
And listen to other,
Because I do know the world is listen to me,
Like they are listen to me.

Class of a person become the power,
The power to control people like God,
Still not a God,
Without the cash they got,
They ain't gonna stand as a God,
Because as an actor,
You act like the given character,
As a human,
You act like a person.

Everyone is different,
Not by the color,
Every person is different,
Because there isn't an identical heart,
Even twin don't even behave the same,
Never talk behind anyone,
Because they are human too.

I speak to the world,
Telling story to everyone,
Without hiding anything,
Never judge the book from its cover,
Because you can read the book,
But you can never make the book to read you.

There are a lot of them,
With a SUV, BMW and stretch limo,
But there isn't a word saying that,
We have to respect them no matter what,
To me its we shouldn't respect them,
If they disrespect us,
And treat us something than a person.

There are a lot of kids starving,
Around the street,
Sleep at the side of road,
Without anyone care of their life,
They can be rich,
They can have a perfect life,
With help and with appreciations,
If both are doing good,
Your name be the place on top of heart,
With respect of everyone,
And respect of God.

Goodbye to Principal

Today is like an event for VIP,
Surrounded by photographers and reporter,
Everyone rushing to take photo,
Someday we'll meet again,
I hope new school be a great place for you,
Just like picture,
We can just hoping new spot,
We'll be the best spot.

Thank you for the time and respect,
Your honored,

July 08, 2009

Silent Love

Silently I scream out to you,
I love you baby so much than you know,
You won't know anyway...
Let me be by your side so I can protect you,
It doesn't matter if you like someone else,
Because jealously only kills myself,
I'll try to left a length if you need,
You can ask me to go away,
But you can't ask me to stop loving you,
Because I'm not a dog who listen what its man says,
But I'm a person who is whispering for love.

You mean so much to me,
Something that I actually can't put aside,
Because your curse is the strength,
And a weakness of myself,
But I can never fall on others curse that easy,
Because I love the person,
Not the look or personality,
If so then that ain't good enough to be a man,
I'm not that person.

I wanna break a piece of diamond for you,
It'll stain the blood of love from me,
Color of red is also the color of rose,
A love behind pain,
I'll stay that way,
Loving you from behind,
No reason why just that I'm not strong,
To stand for you,
Besides you have the right,
To live with freedom,
I ain't no forcing,
I'm just hoping,
Alone in the street,
In a shady hood,
Behind wishing for miracle,
Silently whisper...
I love you.....

July 07, 2009

Only once a year,
Having a memory,
With the season,
On time.
Every moment of beauty,
Is capture by the beauty of art,
Photography is the love of person,
To friend.

July is the month of joy,
Let's get out of stress,
Freely walk away from homework,
Dive in the sea,
Under the bright summer,
Let's feel freedom,
Till August is over,
And there goes autumn,
On the summer too.

From another side of summer,
Autumn falls in the same month,
Away from school,
Listening and speak to the world,
Let travel around,
Pass-by the trees in a row,
Like a king surrounded,
With guard.

Winter comes on Christmas,
Its snow out there,
On this December staying,
At hometown,
With Grand parents,
Its cold and lonely,
But its romantic and sweet,
I'll stay under the cold,
With you,
I'm not afraid to get cold,
I'll cover you from cold,
Because its worth it,
For me.

Then comes April,
Relaxing with the view,
Enjoy the color of view,
Naturally and brightly colored,
With the beauty of A God's give,
Playing near waterfall,
Enjoying the coolness of the water,
Fresh and uninfected,
With joys,
Get to the time.

Fallen Love Of Beauty In A Picture

I can't wait for August,
I wanna see the 'falling of the year',
The autumn.

If I can stop September to arrive,
I'll be waiting for you to hang out,
On the bench surrounded by fallen,
The fallen of every year,
Its gold and red,
Only you can replace the beauty.

August will be the day of history,
The day where I can picture,
You standing next to me,
With the beauty of your smile.

When the month of August comes,
I wish I can see the beauty of autumn,
With my naked eyes in reality,
I wanna understand every story picture in colors,
The leaves fall down to land,
Blow by the wind of tears,
Let it be the best day,
Even with the loneliness of myself,
I can hear every person been here,
Speaking to the world on this colors,
They all be listen,
By the beauty of autumn.

The road fenced by the tree,
Like a road to a brighter future,
There the nature speaks to us,
On how the road to be a great person,
On the end of the road there,
You'll enjoy the whole time of passing,
Even in the end is nothing,
But good enough for what you did.

The red autumn is the cuteness,
Just like the cat playing around.

There drawn in a form of picture,
Love to capture of a loving couple,
We are equally love by the autumn,
Under the sun,
Surround by the tree,
With the leaves flying around,
Blow by the wind of welcome,
Just like love,
Welcome to the family,
Welcome to my life,
Welcome to my side,
As long as you love me in reply.

Rainbow At Night

At night,
Its cold and lonely,
I sit in front of television,
Killing time with entertainments,
I feel like something is missing,
Something that is uncool.

I read your novel,
You wrote it your own,
Its a story of a princess,
You are the princess,
Your eyes shine the night,
Every photographers will aim on you,
Like a star,
That time,
I'll be the moon standing behind,
With jealousy and left off.

There in the night,
Stars of zodiac all on the sky,
Showing a secret message to people,
Showing the road of success,
Even the stars brightly light,
I believe the cloud can be seen here,
The moon light is still bright,
Even the thousands star around,
Still ain't compete the moon,
But without the sun,
The moon won't gets its light,
It'll be nothing than a rock,
Made originally by God,
Without human knowing how long,
Because we'll never know.

Even at night,
The rainbow is there on the sky,
Even without sun light,
It still wanna stand there,
Showing the beauty of strength,
With the trust of reflection,
It gets every light,
All the best to stand,
Maybe everyone in this life are equal,
Only that miracle do help,
Miracle is depend on luck,
We aren't God to plan everything,
All we can is to stand there listen,
And learn what God teach,
Do and step away,
From what His asks.

Maybe Its not gonna happen,
A person stands after dead,
No one can answer the question how,
Everyone can just stare at the miracle,
A miracle create by trust of a person,
Not everyone will meet miracle,
When there is a time for event,
You'll be there for them.

Voices Of Burning Flame

There is a line says,
'Never sell your soul to the devil"

There is a legend says,
'That's how to stand as a person'

There is a child says,
'I born without love of my mum to me'

There is me in the mirror says,
'You stand alone or stand as legend'

Dad says,
'You got to have confident, because that will guide you to the right road'

Mum says,
'The book be the one who speaks out knowledge'

Friends say,
'Together we are one'

Lover one says,
'You are the strength for me to stand'

Brother says,
'Its a just blood buddy, not hell'

Sister says,
'If I can face fear of driving, I'll be facing for faith'

God says,
'Its your responsible and your call, because it comes with a price'

My camera says,
'Memory is save for you to flash back. I'll help you to store the beauty'

The class says,
'Its home, feel yourself at home'

Colonel says,
'Its kill or be kill'

Now is me saying,
'Every legend stood on here with their honor,
I'll be standing at the same place on the future,
Without being seen by other in this time,
Its great enough for the world to listen,
Is like this blog,
Post your memory or idea,
Being steal or being read,
Got fan or being hate,
Write it or not,
Your finger be the guide for you,
Like the camera snaps the picture,
Of honor and respect,

July 06, 2009

Only Death Is The Reason To Give Up

When it hits that month,
Everyone will be holding their sword,
There is the time to survive,
Not just survive,
The chance to fight for the name,
As a legend for the future,
Fight for it,
For the name of honor,
Born with love,
Lets repay with career,
Or great result.

The war is about to start,
Trust be the guide to live,
There are thousand of them,
Lets bleed out blood,
For the best of ourselves,
As long as we can have a better future,
Holding the name as a master,
Holding the pride as a genius,
And holding the legendary sword.

The star cover over the moon,
Its a gate to tied up beauty,
The star is shinning in the eyes,
I'll be the moon,
To stand on for the others,
Stand up strong with no regret,
Because there isn't a reason for me to give up.

Time keeps moving every step I take,
I wanna walk away from faith,
I'm just too weak to give up,
It'll be unfair for those,
Who is now living in a peaceful garden,
Left a legendary note and telling God,
For a longer time so they can draw a smile,
When they gone.

'The time is like a cash,
Its depend on how we use,
Why human can walk?
Is this the way the leg is used?
Why me?
I'll try my best to reach my goal,
Because I still can stand on my wheelchair,
Even that I can run, walk or stand like usual,
But I still need to appreciate time,
Because when there isn't a time,
I won't have the chance to feel it,
Why human can walk?
The one that need,
Can never have it,
But I still thank God,
For keeping me alive,
I only have a wheelchair,
A grip pen for me to hold a pen,
And also a glass of word,
For me to speak.
So I still got no reason to give up.'
(Sincerely, Aya)

Love For You To Hold

The camera is sketched with artistic computer style,
Just like how you sketch my love to you here a piece of paper,
A camera be the theme of love,
Where ever I am Alpha be there,
She becomes my best friend,
She apart of my eyes,
And apart of my soul,
Where I gain spirit and be strong,
To stand for waiting,
Where it plays your eyes,
So you could put your eyes on me.

July 05, 2009

A History Of Keyboard

Click and click,
Every word I want,
Click and click,
Every story I learn,
Click and click,
Every sound from the past,
Click and click,
Writing for the future,
Click and click,
A legendary noise I familiar with.

Every button of letter is every person in me,
Every word I said is a history of me for the future,
I love the time and I don't want to waste it,
I save everything here for you, friends and future child,
I wrote them for my own too,
A diary in public,
A record of my daily lifetime,
Growing from a child to Teen,
Someday I'll be adult,
I try to understand everything and I did,
In my own way,
Everything is not fake,
Its all come in my mind.

Smile Tastes Like Candy

It tastes like candy,
I wanna kiss your smile,
Make it a memory,
Of you and I,
For the first time ever,
Will I get the chance?

You are too special than other,
I hope that you know,
Because you are the most beautiful one,
And the only nice girl to me,
You are too nice,
And its something that I love,
I love other to get over you,
But no matter what,
You are still playing in my mid,
Because I still love you,
That picture means something,
That smile got to be something,
The stare of your eyes telling me,
A short of missing puzzle.

It tastes like candy,
Which is only one on earth,
Because it tastes you,
The beauty of you.

I keep on loving you because that all I can,
You didn't love me back maybe,
I can't make you love me in cash,
But I can only love you for you to love back,
Loving you is something I truly keep,
The real love I never told who is she,
But all I can say is the only you,
Can end up my love story.

That smile is a spear of lighting,
Every guys look it might melt down,
You are the hottest sun that melt the ice,
In a second like snapping the finger,
I'm not in the same level wit you,
But I still a normal person who fall in love to you,
I know you better than the other,
Because I love you for who you are.
It your honored,

Friends Far Away

I wonder my friend who stay far away now,
How are they doing?
Some in Asia, America and even Europe,
How are they doing?
its been awhile didn't chat with them,
Not forget Latin too.
Really miss them...
Hope to meet.

I love America,
You guys make me feel like home,
I speak American,
And talking with you guys are fun,
You give me your support,
For me to lien on.

You even make me proud to be at home,
Even that its not somewhere I wish to live,
But you guys make the top,
I just can thank you all.

You guys are awesome,
Being a friend without knowing who I am,
Where I'm from and even what kind of person I am,
We share story like we are close,
Even they don't really know us well but so lucky to know them...
have a great time.. always.....
Your honored,

The Feeling Of Love That Last So Long

You are the diamond of the castle,
I try to treasure you but you are hidden,
I try to ignore but you're too shinny,
I try to keep my eyes away for you,
But you are there in front of me,
I'll step away from you and your shinning body,
I cant never get over it still,
So I try the best to step away,
Find other gold or something,
Still you are too special in front of me,
So I regret left that way,
I try to get to you but I guess not the time,
You are awesomely beauty,
My feeling last too long on you,
I just can't lie my love to you,
And you just the one that meant to me,
I guess more as a soul mate..

July 03, 2009

Reason Why People Give Up

I ain't gonna respect a loser,
Don't give up.

I'm not God or what,
I give up too....
I still stand tall.....

'The ring bell at 12,
I went bad before it,
Christmas begin before I realize,
The next day,
It is a dream.

I take picture of you,
While you are taking picture of me,
When the picture is print out,
You ever realize,
Its a beauty of you?'

A Love After Loved

It suddenly comes to hunt me,
I stop back and watch the past,
Its been a long time,
I still love her,
Only that I can fall on her,
Without her falling back.
I wonder what's on her mind,
That feeling comes back...

Should I try another time?
Because to me the first time,
Ends up deadly bad,
I couldn't make it,
If I try a second,
What I'll learn?
I wonder what should I do now...

July 02, 2009

Friday Photo Shooting

There will be a bus waiting at school,
I'll be there for my school for competition,
I'll snap pictures of it,
For the memory and sharpener in the future.

God I feel sorry,
I don't respect you sometime and now I do,
You are the greatest one who give me the sword,
When there is a battle you'll give me sword,
That sword will be hand by the God's hand,
Only a chosen one can hold it,
Or only the love one.

God you do help me so much,
Just that I don't realize how much,
When I come in 15,
You changed me,
Last dream I can reach it,
But you create a new dream for me,
Which I never realize that's my hand,
But I thank you,
For the love one,
And respect.

'Miracle is a possible event in a life,
Even something impossible too,
When there is a warrior willing to stand alone,
If he survives,
It born....

The Months Of The Paper To Test Our Level

There is about 2 and a half months,
All that I can see now is wondering...

'Why am I standing here?
Why am I keep staring?
The glass almost break,
And now that I'm running?
What for if there is a pain,
Without a reason?

I look at that tall mountain,
I wonder how long it takes,
For me to place my tag on it,
I'll be there for the name of trust,
Inside a human body,
That will be at the top of it.

When the glass is broke,
It'll never stick together,
Someday glue might help,
But its not the way that I want,
If I can create a pen,
That can write a history,
I'll write it sincerely.

Your voice so beautiful,
Its got out with your heart,
Your question drop me,
All that I see is only dust,
There is a bag to collect all,
But will there will be a time for this?'

I regret for wasting my time,
I wonder if God can give me a chance,
Its a gate to the future God,
I'll climb or jump to pass through it,
Even if there is a ladder I'll climb too,
I wanna learn what people did,
I wanna know why people did,
As long as its what I want,
For God sake I'll stand for it,
Give me the word of hope,
That's all I ask.

'A person need skill to climb on that mountain,
Even if begin in the middle with the help of helicopter,
You will never stand on the top as a legend,
You'll be there for your life,
Which is silently whisper.