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August 31, 2009

Last Day Of The Month

I'm practicing with my left-hand to write,
There are so many info on it,
I found out it really work,
Pretty slow too but baby step right?
I'll post them on dayforthedays's blog soon.

I'm listening to some band melodies,
They add me on myspace and I really appreciate it,
When they left me comment,
I see some of them already are famous,
Some still on the journey,
But I bet they will,
Hope to listen to their news someday,
Hope they'll keep in touch too.

I found out The Maine is also like them before,
That was amazing then,
So it really works out when you had the dream,
I see The Maine prove them,
But not just The Maine,
There are more out there,

I got up early today at 9:30,
It doesn't even feels right,
It still morning,
I usually see the clock at 11 or 10 in the morning,
Yeah tomorrow school,
So I need to have a perfect nap.

Its been a while I didn't touch book,
I think I will but only add night,
Because I wanna be something for the family,
Maybe a pole or leg of it,
And I wanna create something for my dream,
I'll step into my dream fantasy.

What should I see early tomorrow,
Does the morning word sounds right,
I guess it doesn't,
It will be too cute for her,
I guess we do it the same way,
From a weird way to a sweet way,
That smile tells everything.

It feels like a month of holiday,
Holy craps I look at the calendar,
Why is time so slow,
And today why is the time too fast?
I don't know,
Maybe sometimes,
I need up something,
But that will be fine,
Because I going back to school.

Preparation are all in the last minute,
It always be that way,
I wonder how limited is the time,
Till we can't appreciate the last,
I guess it doesn't matter,
Because that how the tradition,
Let it be that way,
On the future,
I'll smile when it happens again.

'On my lefty seems working,
My right is the strength of it,
The Chinese says disrespect,
Both come together are special.

I been picturing the time I used to had,
How the holiday is spent,
Tomorrow I'm gonna miss today,
Someday it'll be something out of it,
Maybe now I can lay on it,
But I can trust on it.

Word gives me up a strong hold,
The spirit and soul are even speaking,
Now that even the mirror can speak,
All the way through the sight,
The truth is always been seen,
Avoiding is a lie to the heart.

Its cover in black,
I can a beautiful autumn on it,
The season is going over soon,
I'm gonna miss it someday,
Like how the speed end up,
Without moving at all.

3 letters I wrote on a piece of paper,
All plain white piece of paper,
I'll left a love note under your desk,
The desk on the sense of touch,
Where you can truly understand it,
Even just by the sight.

Trust guides top be something,
Maybe that's how it start,
From you from a trust,
By the weakness it starts on me,
That's how the curse take me on,
Maybe the curse will gone,
When when I have something,
It'll stay permanent,
Until I lost it.

Its the last day of August,
But it isn't the last moth of the year,
Skip me over from September,
I'll capture something out from November,
Let September be the emptiness,
That I won't fill up with anything,
Because I guess I don't wanna fill on,
I'll let it flows wit melody.'


August 30, 2009

The Crystal Of Heart

I just after watch KR Decade final episode,
So awesome the ending of the series,
It'll be continue In the December's Rider vs Dai Shocker movie,
Can't wait for it,
The story is a total mess,
I wonder why does everything turns into a war,
At first its a great comrade,
Its a battle between riders.

I was right about Dark Decade,
Yeah the one from the Climax Heroes game,
Kivara is a new rider,
Between Natsumi or Tsukasa's sister will be it,
And the appearance of Shining Ultimate Kuuga too,
Now I found out that Decade was actually the leader,
Dai Shocker's Leader,
Yeah he returns to his home and regret of it,
In front of Hikari's Studio telling Natsumi Hikari is always his home.

All rider vs Dai shocker is the first time ever,
Modern rider with the other riders around the 60 & 70's,
Including the latest release of 'W',
That will be the first time he appears on TV.

After I watched all this,
Its really is confusing,
Why is he the leader,
And why does all this comes from him?
Well, I guess December will find out the answer.

Its already Sunday,
Tomorrow will be the end of holiday,
Now I wanna thank 188 viewers,
Its gonna be 2000,
Gosh I can't wait.

I idolize a character called Otoya Kurenai,
He's a great father & a great husband,
The braveness of him to protect his love,
His dream on his son to protect the music,
From mute,
Really touch me.

Its been a while I didn't post some poem,
So I decided to post picture,
Poem and my journal in this blog,
All in one.

'The morning mirror greet me,
Its Sunday morning,
I still can't find a light,
By the mute cellphone,
I hope it doesn't go on,
But a sense of touch,
Could change me into something.

I listen to the morning birds,
They are singing the same old song,
I wonder are the song the same,
Because I don't understand the language,
But I understand the melodies.

School is just around the corner,
I'll find that morning light every weekday,
That's how my life at school,
On the lens can be seen everything,
I'll find a way for it,
To go on and on,
Let the tradition repeat.

I'm waiting for another full moon,
That will be next month or something,
The Chinese's calendar shows it,
Always on the 15 will be the full moon,
I think that digit gotta mean something.

The afternoon winds are cold,
My hand is always ice-cold,
Because I can't change it,
It'll always be that way,
That's me.

There isn't a portrait for August yet,
Maybe I'll capture something,
That actually shine like the sun,
Maybe way better than a crystal,
As beautiful as the heart,
The crystal of heart.

All the beautiful glare is seen,
On the beauty of the skin,
The light can be seen,
By the precious voices whisper,
A heart that falls on it,
With the letter of love.'

August 29, 2009

Saturday's Evening

I got up straight at 12,
Gussy up and get a bath,
Yeah I know,
Teen right?
So I got up at 12,
Take a look in the mirror,
And telling myself its morning.

About half an hour and got down stair,
To the computer room,
Yeah and start blogging,
Its 1:55 in the afternoon,
And its Saturday,
Yeah holiday will be over,
That will be great hah?
I don't know,
Start top freak out because exams' result.
Holy crap~

What's great about being back at school,
Is that I can meet those faces and smiles,
Of everyday,
Not gonna miss school anymore,
I'm gonna miss holiday,
Yeah I hate holiday,
Because I'll be killing the whole time senselessly,
At school,
Maybe I have fun,
Not with homework.

Monday will be a holiday too,
So got back at Tuesday,
I hope there will be another event for photo shooting,
Its been awhile.

Why is holiday so long?
Don't won't be bad too!
Sometime its short,
Sometime its too long for me to stand.

On the month of September school schedule will be different,
School over earlier.
hope that will be great too,
I don't know,
Just don't feel right,
Can't wait to get back~

I just hacked a new PSPTUBE on my PSP,
Now I can watch more video from other site,
I also tried to hack it as a remote control,
But can't because I'm using a PSP Slim, 2000,
No infrared available,
Only PSP phat, 1000 has it.

This remote thing you can control TV,
That's why it known as PSP Universal Remote,
Truly rock!

My GF?
She's not my girlfriend yet,
I mean we are not confirming this relationship,
I don't know about it yet,
Someday when I find out the answer,
I'll post them.

Its 3:26 and I still stick on the monitor screen,
Pretty busy with the hacking stuff,
Its driving me crazy and really confusing,
Like millions of files,
Now everything is done.
Thank God.

Stay at home for today,
No plan for today,
I'll figure something out to kill more times,
So that will make sense.

They are sleeping on my study table,
I'll read them at night,
The evening must be with computer,

No post yet~
I'll figure something out~

August 28, 2009

My Journal

I just got back from shopping mall,
After dinner about 7,
I directly go get my camera and stand-by,
Wondering if I can get a shoot for today,
Too bad I didn't.

Its been a while I didn't writing,
Something like my journal,
So I'll change the blog title,
Now I announce it as Liz's Life Journal.

The second blog,
I think I'll delete it,
I'll combine it with this blog,
So keep up for up coming photograph,
Any comment or opinion I'll appreciate it,
It'll be a big pleasure.

I love blogging,
I start ever since my leg broken,
Its complicated,
They called it 'Jumper Knee Cracking',
Yeah I wear that steel-leg,
If you ever read my first post of the blog,
You might know about it,
Including picture.

Today I update my blog pretty late,
Its Friday and school about to get start,
I just can't wait for it,
Truly miss school,
But I'm afraid too,
Because I do know I got fail for my Geography,
I guess nothing could change that,
Only if I work hard on it.

Exam is just around the corner,
Its the biggest test of the future,
The ladder to the future.

My grade isn't good enough,
I'll fix that and I'll make a dream,
I hope someday I can be way better than this,
So far better than this.

Its about September,
The gift?
I don't know,
I haven't buy it,
I think I don't wanna give it,
Because its not worth it.

I guess maybe there is other in her heart,
I just know that I can only have that girl,
She'll be there for me,
When I need love,
I hope it'll be that way,

My grade?
I prefer not tell it,
Some not bad,
and suck.

Someday when I fix that,
I'll list down my grade,
Because its nothing now,
Nobody look at sucker's grade,
Nothing interesting.

I'm planning for a photo shooting tomorrow,
Maybe I'll bring her,
Not quite sure yet but I hope it goes well,
Love in the shutter.

August 27, 2009

Last Night

I wish she could be here,
The picture plays on my mind,
What if I never did it that way?

Maybe I'll picture a smile here,
A smile that I've been dreaming,
Now it just a shadow,
Shadow of thought that might be happen,
Now it seems like it didn't,
I'm hiding behind my black jacket,
With sadness and regret.

I hope she can fix it,
Then I have to count on her,
But that's not how its gonna be done,
Because I bet we have to move on together,
Let both make a step,
As long as it is parallel,
Nothing can stop us.

She'll be that way in my dream,
Under the black umbrella waiting,
Calling me on the cellphone,
Then you appear in front of me,
Standing under the rain,
All wet and passing me the umbrella,
I was there standing under the rain too,
She calls me stupid for having bath with rain.

Too bad it just a dream,
I hope someday it'll something,
That I can treasure.

Baby your sweet face,
And your sweet lips,
So I get the sense of touch,
Where I learn so much love?

Will you grab me,
And hold me tight,
When I'm falling somewhere,
From the top.

I hate the tears on you eyes,
I'll find a way to chase it away,
I'll be the light who dry up the tears,
You know we do right?

On this business of the mall,
I wonder if I can find you,
If you were there,
Are we gonna meet each other?

From youth I learn,
To be a brave and strong person,
But I do realize how weak I am,
To see you cry.

Its okay to stained blood on love,
I'll be fine with that if you need,
It doesn't matter what I'll regret someday,
Let me succeed the title,
For how this love will never ends.

I have your arms now,
Do you think the same way,
I can picture you now,
I'll frame it with your smile,
As a portrait of perfection,
How the love reacts,
On two person,
In a couple.

I'll be loyal when I have you,
You can have my word on that,
I'll permanently love you,
You can trust that when I have you.

Before the night gone,
I'll kiss you goodnight,
If we're far away,
I'll kiss the wind goodbye,
Let it flows to you,
And you'll feel that in a dream.

Where there is me.

August 26, 2009

Frame Of Wednesday

Its Wednesday,
Its raining out there.

I been looking forward for photo shooting today,
The rain is really a wall of everything.

Can I summoned the light,
Let me carry the sky,
I'll treasure the sun,
Nothing is impossible for me,
If its for you.

I'm listening to my favorite song,
Its really hits me to dance with,
The sun out there is shine,
Silently from the other side,
This side,
It rains.

Its been a while raining,
I wish the weather have a schedule too,
Rather than I lost in this blue sky,
Cover with falling of rain.

Its about to September,
Should I do what I've planned?
Should I buy the present,
Or maybe just a line of words?

Tell me that if you love me,
it won't be any distraction,
If you do sincerely said so.

When I got into this,
I'll end it up so bad,
Is it actually my faith?
That I bring bad news?

Work on time,
School on time,
Dinner on time,
Sports on time,
What else can be say?

On the middle of September,
its gonna be her birthday,
Should I get something,
Or maybe avoid a space from her?

Its obvious maybe,
But I'm not desperate,
If I do I'll commit a suicide dive,
But I'm not that stupid.

Its about the end of the year,
It'll step to 2010,
I wonder what will make difference?

The friend I used to meet,
The faces I used to greet,
Different color and style,
We are gonna miss them.

Its about time,
All that is created,
Will make a history someday,
There will be a smile,
Where we gather together,
As one.

Do I realize how desperate is the strength now?
I'm a sucker but the exam is about time,
Maybe I'll get up,
I'm just dumb enough to be silent,
Get up now and find a road,
I'll create that.

A dream I dream,
I must complete what is still hang on,
Maybe I don't realize it now,
So I'll realize it someday,
But I don't have to.

Sunday is just about the corner,
I can't wait to got back school,
Damn I'll see the days,
That everyday will be the same,
In this schedule,
Like how legend told.

Let stay behind legend,
Got into it and stop being selfish,
We have to fight for it,
kill that idiot far away from us,
Bring it to hell.

Hell up with the shit,
Hook on the trust and honor,
Keep up the rope of hope,
Let it create us a light.

It'll takes couple of days,
For me to think,
That's how we do too,
Sometime it'll takes forever,
Which mean never.

I'll got back into her arms,
When I got back from home,
If I solved it earlier,
What I dream is what I felt,
Patient plays a big role.

I'll guide you to Saturday,
Let Saturday with the blue sky,
Shinning glare on glasses,
With a hope of joys,
I'll pictured that portrait,
Into a frame of love.

August 25, 2009

Treasure Of Appreciation

I got up at 10,
Gussy up for a couple of minutes,
Get my camera bag and go out,
Not far away,
Captured few snap and go back.

When I look at the beauty of the day,
I been wondering if every mistake is fix before,
Well maybe I can see having her now,
Yeah I'm falling in love,
But its falling apart too.

A new memory and story I create,
Go on and on,
Now that this is the chorus,
I'll find the best way,
Before I end up the same way,
I want difference,
Make me smile with no regret.

I'm here on the monitor screen,
Picturing an image with her,
Yeah all the thing she does,
Is to make a story that I love,
For not being greedy.

Into your arms I'm listening,
While your picture is on the screen,
Maybe its right,
I need her and have to forget another,
If I made a choice,
Will I regret the same way?

Will the wind who listen me,
Can give me an answer of it?

I might be deaf for the words,
Because the wind is dumb too,
They didn't speak,
They just telling like the sun do,
Yeah life is a mess too,
Maybe this angel will fix it,
Because she's been changing my days.

I sketched a portrait of love,
Of course I been imagine,
If she's by my side,
Well she supposes to,
Just that I ruin it,
Now that I see the true me,
That is actually faking a smile.

Like what they used said,
A mask of feeling right,
I wish there is a picture of regret,
Someday maybe I'll understand,
How to read the words.

Let every single sentences,
Teach me and guide me be legend,
Someday I'll stand behind it,
Today I'll stand on it.

God I'm asking,
Do you listen?
You sure do but will you,
Get me out of this tunnel,
I place a gift of heart under the desk,
With the note saying I love you I mention,
During that day,
I'll pictured to have you.

In fact everything is just a lie,
What great is a dream,
What suck turns to be reality,
Because they do too.

I search for a text,
Text of my mistake,
I'll make a statement of it,
So that I do listen to the voices,
Who actually listen,
And speaks to me.

Now I see the me under the shadow,
Can't be picture by the lens,
It brings a confusion of brightness to the camera,
So do the light?

Its been a couple hours past,
Me still sitting on this chair,
Looking at the same picture,
Why do I do it that way?
Isn't its great if I didn't,
Maybe I have you on the side,
You're awesome.

The sunny day doesn't seems usual,
A few days ago its a beautiful blue sky,
A great day for shooting,
Now today I been looking,
For the same old treasure I treasured,
I can't search for it,
Because I already have it,
And I about to keep it deeply inside,
Without expose it,
Someday it will.

The world out there did the same too,
Some are extremely lucky to find a home,
A home of pleasure where accept them,
Maybe I do too just that,
I don't appreciate it so much,
So now you can treasure my word,
I'll treasure your heart you gave,
Love you made me felt,
And pleasure of appreciation you wished.

~If you love me that way,
I'll love you the same way~

August 23, 2009

Photographs Of Love (My Fav Post)

I'm walking back,
Under this sadness,
I'll find an end of it,
Which is impossible.

The image I can never see again,
The love and cares I used to have,
Just fade away like a film,
At the night of tears.

While you are sleeping,
I'll watch you,
While the sun is shines,
Slowly I close my eyes.

By your side I sleep,
I felt so much love with you,
Like this world belongs to us,
When I feel you,
You'll feel me back.

With the twin image,
I'll capture a smile,
Where there is a strength,
That can never be break.

Ring up my heart,
With cares and love,
Bring me to your side,
For you to hold.

I wanna stay that by your side,
Let me live at your world now,
I love you is the best happiness,
Let the shutter be the melody.

I can be happy by the dark light,
That we are the shadow,
Who keep our own happiness,
In a small room.

Let me stay for this night,
With the smile of us,
That's been fade away,
By the wind.

You were watching from behind,
While I guide you with love,
You give me a smile,
That guides me to the dream.

Your eyes is so beautiful,
So much like the marble,
With the light its seen,
Let me bring you to that.

Telling you that I love you,
Shows a light of photograph,
With a kiss of light,
It gives me a smile of yours.

When I look on the lens,
It used to share love there,
I love you is note on it,
With a happiness of love,
That we both create together,
I can never feel this way again.

I love you I whisper,
To the wind it flows,
To the sun it shines,
That the best of it.

I love you I scream to you,
Before the last I saw you,
I scream out with tears,
Every second I pictured,
On the film I smile,
On the picture we loved.

You are now with roses,
You might seen the beautiful light,
That's is a bitterness of sweetness,
We both share them,
Under this treasure.

Do you remember and have it,
The ring of strength,
That used to be pictured,
On this lens.

I'm watching the sleeping you,
With tears and emptiness,
I can only listen the wind,
That also cries badly,
For the lost of a memory.

The touch every time you hold me,
I'll pictured them and framed with love,
The crying you make me empty,
I'll be apart of you,
Reality or dream,
We both know the same,
How is the picture,
Framed with love.

-appreciate the one besides you when you can,
Before you can't...
-I wrote it for what I felt. This never story can never be ends,
The song inspired me so much with my story~

August 22, 2009

Cute Love

As I look at the calendar,
Holiday turns to be the greatest enemy,
Is there a way to skip up the time,
A week will be so much like a month.

I try myself hiding from the date,
I'll state every happiness of the days that past,
What happiness is when a day past,
I'll draw an 'X' to confirm that day.

Let Monday without holiday,
Let me enjoy Saturday and Sunday,
Its dark to be on holiday,
Guide me to the next Monday.

Your leg's step guide me around,
Every single step I listen and understand,
Will be guide me on your heart's step,
Let me hold you with love.

I care so much of you,
I'll protect you from shadow,
I'll be your shadow,
Follow on your back.

I wanna stay on the left,
You stay on my right,
Let it be this way,
For us.

Will you end me with a story,
That I never heard before,
Will you answer me sincerely,
Will you be glad to have me?

I wish you are listening,
Let the sense of touch,
Be the theme of the story,
How you made me love you.

The touch reflects my mind,
In a second I'll flash to the heart,
Questioning to get out from confusion,
The answer comes from the soul.

I wanna be your side always,
Let me hold you with love,
I'll stay to fight for love,
All the impossible I wanna do.

The lens guide me to the view,
How do I see the truth from the view,
Let me learn from it for the real,
I'll learn from it for you to feel.

Judge me with that cute face,
So much pretty for how you amaze me,
Everything you did make it seems like love,
I'll love you for you to love me.

Black Lot

When I look at today's blue sky,
I been thinking of her in my side,
I'm so happy for her to be my side,
The question I can never answer,
But I admit it that I love her.

Maybe she's better,
She speaks to me so well,
She makes me happy,
She amazes me,
If she loves me,
I'll appreciate it and love it in reply.

I look at that blue sky,
Truly wanna hit up the bit,
I wanna skip holiday fast,
I'm bored and miss her so much.

The parking lot today is busy,
People are having their holiday great,
Holiday is my greatest enemy.

On the black glasses I see her eyes,
Cutely twinkle like a star,
Maybe that I'm hiding myself away,
Avoiding to love her.
But finally I realize,
How sweet we are.

On a piece of paper I sketch her portrait,
Maybe my friend is right,
I should love someone I can be with,
Rather than I'll be silently love.

Her touch tells me,
How much it won't stop,
Anytime it'll be,
I really love it.

I'll stay for her,
Let her shine my light,
I'll guide her,
Let her be my love.

Maybe I should let you go,
Because it won't make sense,
I'll state a history for that,
You'll be a great person.

The smile and touch,
I can never forget that,
Everything she does,
I'll lay on it,
With love and care.

My love is such a mess,
My dream guide me to the end of it,
Maybe now I found out the answer,
How should I be.

August 18, 2009

Day Of Everydays

I got up early at 5,
Gussy up and get pack,
Everything is done as its 6,
Got into the bus and continue on journey.

On the window I watch the sun shines,
So much beautiful like Angel's eye,
I lay in there till arrive at school,
Dream for an adventure in my fantasy.

I step in class as I got there,
Hanging out with my friend on the time,
Its cold and hot depend for the day,
Just like how human react with mood.

The weekday will always be the same,
Weekend is a hell into my shit,
The cold wind was felt in a sunny day,
That hot soul in the cold day.

The heart will be the key,
The key of the biggest treasure,
What is unseen but what's felt,
Like how the shadow plays a role.

I'll be step back to home,
That's how the days are planned,
Everyday will be the same,
Only the voices won't be.

She speaks to me so close,
I felt like we are going to kiss,
She slow down my voice by her smile,
Should I believe her loves me and accept her?

She smiles and speaks to me,
So close like we're a couple,
It so sweet and weird to me,
Because I felt like having her in the arm.

She comes to me and scold me,
With her cute look and cute eyes,
Showing her cute face reaction to me,
Scolding me to be taller.

If you do love me,
I'll change up my mind,
Let me know you,
Or let me appreciate you.

August 17, 2009

Melodies Of Emptiness

I put in on an adventure,
With a gun and a bike,
I left home far away,
Creating a dream for me to lay.

This adventure turns on and on,
I step to another fantasy,
Looking up for my own world,
Then I realize there isn't at all.

I hide myself from land,
I was guided by the wing,
The sea of blue got myself deep,
Like your deep beautiful eyes.

Snapping my finger I'll find a hope,
Shoot a bang of flirt for you to smile,
And so I got myself into shit,
I'll be glad for you to speak.

I can't live in a silent street,
Listen to people suffering for some shit,
I hold myself and follow that beat,
Hit it on or break it off.

Be it or learn it,
Stand it for turning it,
Beat it to heat it,
Love it to hold it.

Snap that picture and frame your soul,
I'll be the glass of love with beautiful reflection,
Disappear or broken a piece,
I'll fix it with the only hand I got.

I stuck in this adventure,
My horse don't shows me a road,
The line in row of melodies,
Melodies of emptiness.

August 16, 2009

Stand For It

Thousands of student here fill up this room,
Every single tears fall on ground,
Every piece is land with love and a dream,
A dream of love to stand up for something.

Who will be first know?
Who is the first one who congrats you,
The one who will hug you,
Kiss you and proud of you,
Stand up for it,
With your sword for your tradition,

Behold of your strength,
Hide yourself from weakness,
Let weakness guide you to be different,
Let it be the guide line,
For you to be strong.

Get up from bed now and look at calendar,
Couple of months are just couple of second,
One snap of finger we'll face for it,
Don't run for it just face for it.

Take your weakness to hell,
Burn yourself a guide line for everyone,
Open this door of knowledge to flow,
With the melodies in line,
Stand for it.

lizcamoeli's photograph
I hope she can listen to this,
But I wish the one besides her,
Her friend or anyone,
Tell her my wish for her too,
Good luck I'll kiss to the wind.

Everyone are gather here together,
Fill up the emptiness with your tears,
Let every tears land with your success,
Don't fall the honor down on the ground.

So my friend, my buddy, my love,
I'll give you the hand of hope,
Wishing you for a good luck,
With love and care,
You deserve it more than I do,
Good luck.

August 15, 2009

August's Fantasy

Your soul put down my knee,
Shot me with a handgun,
Shock me with your tears,
I'll stand for it,
Rather than I lost you.

I'll make a statement,
For what is right,
I'll state my love,
For you to hold.

The morning sun is today shine,
Without those dirty haze I hate,
My sight is seen clear,
But I'm blind enough to understand.

Let me stand like the wind,
Touch you without you touch back,
Let me be your sun,
giving you the light for your sight.

I'll be the moon,
To destroy my jealousy,
I'll be your road,
If that's your call.

The morning light telling me to learn,
To accept day by day that comes,
On august I wait for September,
I hope September will never past.

Stuck me into October,
Let me done what is undone,
Let me do what should I do,
I'll create a note for that day,
Obviously prove my soul.

Picking the wrong one might be a mistake,
But if I pick the right one I won't get anything,
Instead of nothing I rather have the love besides,
Let me have your voices enough.

I'll state my mistake on every page,
I'll state my past on every page,
I'll state a statement for the future,
How is it gonna end.

Take me to September,
Let me make you smile,
I hope it comes with a pleasure,
Let situation guides me to it.

Is there anything for me to hold on,
Let me feel the one besides you,
I'll give you the wind of pleasure,
Telling you how much love did I stated.

What, why and how question me,
Asking me while I'm asking back,
Will everything gonna happen as I expected?
Or will everything come in a pain?

Left me behind if there is no space,
Place me the first if its available,
Write me a plane of note,
Guide by the wind of love.

To hell with holiday,
I'll kill my time up,
Rather than fill myself up,
With this loneliness,
That is killing me.

Guide me back to July,
Where I almost done my story,
Make me learn to be quick,
Not just extending the time.

On Monday,
I'll fight for test,
Till it Saturday,
It'll be a long rest.

I wonder how will I fill my time,
I might be silent by the wind,
I wonder what will kill up this time,
Sort of hell.

August 14, 2009

She Could Be The Eyes, Of The Voices

It just got me into shit,
What I've seen,
I can't let it step back,
Even July is over.

Stop November from coming,
There are so many undone business,
Get me fast to September,
Clock myself up when its September.

I can have your soul on arm,
I can feel you by the side,
I'm just faking a soul of yours,
For me to feel you.

I'm into this dark hole,
I can see a light in the end,
The light is getting smaller,
Every time when I try to get close.

I just got myself into it,
Now I wanna run from it,
But I stay for it,
Till I'm done with it.

Is there any bullets,
For me to end up this story,
I do know that its not gonna happen,
Because its useless and idiot.

Where is the road,
Which part of it,
Don't make me find for it,
Better being a loser,
Then lost you.

Hide you in my tunnel,
You'll find your way out,
If you decide to stay,
I'll leave with you.

On the center of the stars,
I'll find you from the light,
On the side of the stars,
I'll lost myself searching.

I thought life might be go on,
Like I've expect it to be,
However its not,
Because its useless.

God I'm bagging you,
Down on my knee,
Anything that I wish for love,
You destroy it,
Now I'm bagging you for her,
Let me get into her arms.

I accept any condition,
What last I won't regret,
Let me be call and written,
Be a hall of fame.

I'll make a statement for it,
Let pain feels me,
Without me feeling it in reply,
But let love loves me,
I'll love in reply.

God made me into this,
I can't lie myself anymore,
God plays a game of it,
Till my feeling shows on it.

When its raining,
I can't feel land,
When its Sunday,
I can't feel my soul.

I wonder is there any medicine,
To cure my pain inside,
And let it freely fly away,
I wonder if there is a chance,
For me to have you.

Let me blame the rain,
For giving a wall of it,
Let you blame myself,
For being blind to it.

She's awesome,
Its complicated,
Every time when I try,
To defend myself from curse,
I just know I don't want to.

My eyes tell a same story,
What on the sight and what sounds,
That speaks to me...
My lips telling the same words,
I love you.

August 12, 2009

Treasure Of Love On The Film Reel

Get yourself up,
Hold on your pride,
Tell yourself to be strong,
Appreciate who you got.

I wish someone could be in my arm now,
Every time, anytime and anywhere,
Every time a kiss of goodnight,
Anytime hold my hand on a date,
And anywhere when I need her.

I'll be your eyes of heart,
For you to see the love you got,
Let me be the wind when you're hot,
For you to have a clear road of today.

The truth is still be seen on the scenery,
The landscape I used to look on my camera,
Still reflects on the lens of my heart,
Where I see the truth from voices and lights.

I found a room today for me to sit,
Where the dirty haze didn't block my view,
On my naked eyes I see a story,
An old love story that not yet end.

She speaks to me last time I remembered,
I got into a confusion of voices,
Thousand of voices speak to me,
Which are driving me crazy.

Herd smile speaks to me,
I don't wanna start what I destroyed,
When it comes with appreciation I'm a loser,
Because what I left,
I'll regret.

I used to hold myself on words,
What I decided before,
Is what I can't decide it today,
What behind just let it behind,
What comes first just look for it.

The calendar on my desk,
I never note what day is today,
For what in before I stated my mistake,
To guide me for a different road.

I don't wanna let go what I dream before,
But I don't wanna let go what I dream today,
Which road will I decide for which dream,
I'll treasure the dream that succeed.

Maybe someday when I turn around,
I can find a goal of happiness in it,
Maybe someday when I move on,
Same old selfish road,
I might find a treasure out of it.

I treasure the time with her,
Every single line I still remember,
How we speak and listen,
Without regret I move it on.

The love story film tape is break,
I'll continue the film with a new line,
And a new story,
With a new history of the day.

It doesn't matter who is she,
Doesn't even matter how rich,
What's more important than her look?
What can be treasure more than her touch?
Do you remember how does the taste of love?
How can you fall in love on?

Appreciate the one on your arms,
Doesn't matter who you are,
And who she is,
Treasure it rather than you didn't have it.

August 09, 2009

She Steps In My Fantasy

That dream speaks to me,
The kiss and touch,
I can never forget,
That words,
I treasure it inside.

I believe in a lot of stuff,
Some of them I just let it be,
What it suppose to be,
Some of them,
I pretend it didn't happen.

For this words she whispers,
Wish she did not just in the dream...
It doesn't sounds normal,
Are we gonna meet or something,
She looks like how we first meet,
Lovely hair, sweet face and cute lips.

When I look at her eyes,
I know its real,
Its not a dream,
But it actually does.

She amazes me from the kiss,
Its a dream but,
I can feel the taste of love,
I wonder what if its real,
I just mess up my love,
I wonder what road should I take.

When she moves in closer,
I try to understand her,
And I look every single tone she said,

My life now getting into a mess,
The past haunts me right now,
My future will be desperate,
So I decided to let situation decides it.

Show me the light and give me a road,
I'll continue my journey through seconds,
I'll make some sense of it,
And when I'm gone some might appreciate it,
Don't worry,
I'll disappear from the sight when its time.

I wish to step on my dream land sooner,
So that I'll make a new start for it,
By planning where I wanna move on,
Can't just hoping for luck only,

I begin to be back on sport,
Yeah my knee just seems great,
I don't wanna live like handicap anymore,
I prefer to be how active I used to be.

That steel leg I keep in a box,
It'll stays so long as a memory,
How I step on the stairs hardly,
How I reach that small light.

What past is killing me,
On the future I stand after the past,
Desperately clear up the mess I got,
The pain I'm holding will always the same,
Like the doctor used to say,
No cure available.

Every step it takes really kills me,
In a small pain I'm suffering for,
Doesn't matter anymore to me,
Because what can I do,
So I be happy for it.

"She guides me walking,
She watched me walking,
Secretly she is taking care of me,
But then I wake up,

A Promise In A Dream

I got up early because I had a dream,
A great and wonderful dream,
Me, I'm in an airport,
Heading to North Carolina that time,
We stop in New York's Airport,
Staying for a night because of earthquake,
So at night I can't sleep,
And my enemy is there looking for me,
They are asking me to pay or they'll kill me,
And return a chip of computer or something.

In that dream I got magic,
I have physical attacks,
3 of them I eliminated,
Only the close one left,
I do it one on one,
So I go get a referee,
Its a girl from a shop,
She's fine with it so she is the referee,
Yeah I won the match and I kiss her,
She didn't even care and she didn't stop,
What weird is that,
I know that girl before,
Was my friend's girlfriend,
She is that...
That girl... funny dream....

Before I got up,
She whisper in my ears,
She hugs me and say,
I'll meet you on your eyes,
And that sounds weird to me,
And God,
What will that be?

She promises me that she'll meet me,
Somewhere we first meet,
At that time,
We'll truly know each other.

August 08, 2009

Full Moon Cover By Dark Cloud

The weather out there,
So uncool,
Hate it,
Out side,
I can't capture anything,
Because I can't.

Me I'm sitting on this chair wondering,
What day will comes after today,
I hope that day a light will come,
To change my world and work on it,
I'll appreciate that.

That girl I love,
Does she needs me?

I wonder what should I decide,
Appreciate the one who love me,
Or the one I love that never answers me?

I wish there is someone can give me an advice,
Helping me out for the answer,
Now that I count on God,
Because I can't stop thinking of it.

That girl...

Its still full moon out there,
Its beautiful tonight,
I can't truly smile alone,
Yeah its a nightmare out there,
The owl just sang,
How my heart used to speak.

I give you what you want,
I'll step away to the emptiness,
Because I believe that is great,
What for you care about the side,
That I'm having,
Because you are lucky,
To have the side you are having,
I'll stay away from the emptiness myself,
And I'll learn what is wrong,
But I'll remember the promise,
To stand alone.

Maybe everyone think the same thing,
But I don't know what are they thinking,
I can think it my own way,
But I can't blame you for loving him...

Saturday In The Park

From a friend we begin,
Then born love,
Doesn't matter who first,
Then comes in romance,
Born from awkwardness,
And awesomeness.

The eyes play a role of it,
The touch speaks to anyone,
The kiss telling the truth,
The smile whisper a wish,
The hug always hoping,
The time to stop.

When I listen to her laughing,
My soul is free and happy,
I just can't take my eyes off,
Because I can't lie to myself.

Does she realize how clear is it,
I bet she does,
Its obvious.

On the stairs I listen,
They speak to me,
Every step I take,
Its telling a story,
How human succeed,
Taking step by step.

The wideness of my heart,
Still crowd with the wind,
But I appreciate the wind,
They cool the heat,
For an open heart,
And a brave heart.

I listen to her beat,
Without knowing it,
Some is clear,
Some is just blur,
On my sight.

The sight they still listen,
The light reflects the sight,
To the mind.

Its raining a while,
Its been a while it didn't rain,
Tomorrow or sooner,
It'll rain again and again,
Let how my voice speaking again and again.

I can feel an emptiness,
Something doesn't seems right,
On the morning I look at calendar,
Its Saturday,
I miss you the chance to talk to you.

Melody From The Heart

He said,
Protect the music that comes from people,
Fight just for that reason.

On the side something is different,
The note, the melody,
It doesn't sounds right and normal,
Maybe something is missing in it,
'Its not that you can't find out,
It just that you are not willing too.'

The melody is a voice to speak,
When the person is gone,
Because that melody born there,
With the heart from the legend.

On Saturday there is a person,
Used to play that violin here,
Now is replace by another,
When another gone,
New generation will replace it.

When the melody is gone,
Find a new melody,
Don't have to left it,
Fight for that reason.

Melody is not just expression,
It more that that you should treasure,
Its the ex-owner's heart,
That will guide you to be a legend too.

The wind, the light,
You don't have to make them listen,
You just let it go,
Now fight for it,
You are still alive.

That melody don't just comes from the violin,
Its your heart beat,
Same melody but never stop,
When its stop,
You'll never know.

Fight for the time,
Don't let it go,
Don't hurt it,
Appreciate it,
The melody,
Of the heart.

the legend,
Is someone that born you,
When the melody is gone,
It'll gone permanently,
When it flows on your soul,
That melody will tell you the same thing,
Treasure it.

It sounds like you foot step,
Like the legend is walking with you,
Guiding to the right road,
Without forcing you to choose,
Because you have grown up,
Choose the right thing,
He'll never stop you,
But you can destroy their melody,
If you are heartless enough.

August 07, 2009

Step Of Our Journey On The Day

I try so hard to get away,
From having that feeling,
So that I can see another brighter day,
By lying to my own.

I saw her today,
She's smiling,
I guess it'll be fine,
Nothing is wrong.

When I look at my exam's paper,
Yeah I'm an idiot,
Just that what I hate,
I'm avoiding myself from it.

She amazes me,
Maybe I'll be like her,
It feels so much like having her,
It'll be a great gift.

My road change by a light,
What I hate I try to like,
What I am not suppose to I hate,
What I like,
I'll treasure it.

From a body kit lens,
I begin with a telephoto,
Someday it'll be flash,
Then comes others.

As the page of books,
From the first page to the last,
With a blank page,
There might be some emptiness.

The day is close,
I'm not prepared yet,
I hate advice,
But I take them.

I look on my table,
It's time for it to start,
I'm still don't wanna be a prisoner,
But I wanna get out happily.

I hope she'll does what great,
She changes my road,
So I pray for her goods,
That smile I'll treasure always.

The day is decided and known,
So there won't be a reason why,
Everyone should be ready and stand-by,
To create the rainbow for future.

Maybe this months are precious,
Some of us gonna left,
To a better high school,
I think I'm staying,
I got great friend,
And history here,
As a photographer.

Treasure what's now,
Save what you got,
Love what you had,
Appreciate for who you have.

August 06, 2009

The Sight Of Confusion

Am I blind,
Or I just miss it?
If I'm blind,
Take away my sight,
If I miss it,
Make me believe.

Fear taking care of me away,
In a bad way its killing me,
In a good way it helps me,
For some how I didn't expect,
Do stay in this silent,
Voice sketch by her smile.

She comes stepping in my life,
We are pretty close than usual,
Even just a day,
Even it just sport,
It felt like we're connected,
For somehow I can't falling in love,
Because I still love her.

She seems lovely and charming,
I'm just worried what she's thinking,
I can't hear my heart's beating,
I can hear my voice whispering.

I sketch myself out on that blank paper,
My emotion makes it a couple,
I been imagine for us to be that way,
What I imagine never comes true.

I'm desperate for happiness,
Confusion is killing me,
I bet she can solve this story,
End the book up with happy ending.

My soul, my awesomeness,
My pain, my awkwardness,
My love, my sweetheart,
My words, my feelings.

I'll sketch myself alone in the street,
You are there sitting on the bench,
You fill up the wideness of my heart,
I'll love you up with the words,
On my lips.

I got myself into it,
Now I can't get out from it,
It depends to your voice,
I don't have to get out.

Here I have the tree word,
One soul to telling you,
How much my heart been telling me,
That I'm totally in love with you.

August 05, 2009

The Sketch Of Melody
I can be cool with it,
But I can't be cool for it,
When she's in the front,
I try my best to think,
What should I do?

My heart is showing an emptiness,
I hope she'll look at me with the smile,
My soul flows silently like the wind,
As pain with a nameless sword's stab.

I wanna dream what I hate,
I wanna love what I have,
I wanna know you on my arms,
I wanna love you on the lips.

I can never forget her,
She'll always on my sight,
Even that I'm blind,
I can feel by her voice.

I try to find the best way,
For me to stand for,
I'm just fear for the consequence,
And the answer.

Take away the pain,
Take away my goods,
Take away my sight,
Don't take away my soul.

The morning doesn't seems go on,
Its not even morning maybe,
Not even night too,
Just that the clock is broken,
I don't wanna fix it,
For my selfishness.

I wanna love what I hate,
The more I try to do that,
It still killing me in the deep shit,
For my honesty I give up.

Sincerely I give you my heart,
You can have my soul,
The love for you to treasure,
For reply I'll have you back.

Your painting is so much beautiful,
The art truly color this world up,
Photography, drawing, dancing, music,
Whatever it'll be,
This life won't find a rainbow without color.

The sketch is a lie,
It just a wish,
Something that I wanna be like,
For us in that sketch.

The art is an emotion,
How our feelings change us,
Doesn't matter what way,
For the art of love.

I love photographing her,
My camera will be lighted with smile,
Like how we love playing piano,
For the melodies of expression.

Tonight the moon is full,
My heart today is full,
Wide and crowd with confusion,
Waiting outside for night to come.

If I can have a word for you,
I'll kiss you the language of feeling,
If you are wondering of it,
I'll hold you a trust.

Its gonna be a silent day,
At school or at home,
The birds aren't heard today,
Maybe that I don't listen,
Because I been listening her heart,
Whisper to me.

I wanna cry out to let it go,
But I don't have a perfect reason for it,
The feelings hide me from awesomeness.
Its got me into shit.

August 04, 2009

Voice Of My Heart

Get me into it,
Place me in it,
Don't let it go,
Handle with care.

You may have it,
Doesn't matter what way,
You may love it,
Because I'm loving it always.

I look at the morning sun,
Taking step on this stairs,
Heading to my class,
I meet a light is waiting for me,
Ain't that beautiful.

I hide myself from hating,
Because I hate enough,
So I just avoid it,
Not for my friends.

We made a song together,
Yeah and it just awesome,
I feel so much to be lucky,
To have a great friend like them.

I got home and sit here,
In front of my monitor screen,
Typing a history of today's story,
For tomorrow to learn.

When emotional control me,
Anything can be done by different way,
Like it or not,
I just can stand for my own.

Some strength I can have,
Being apart of them is all I got,
Breaking rules or stunning isn't what I am,
Because its not a room to be wrong.

I sit next to my class window,
I can see the computer's lab from there,
Other than that I can see the city,
Of where I grow up.

August 03, 2009


I hide myself under the shadow,
I just got into a confusion,
Every steps she took is questioning,
So much like hell I think of them.

What is impossible I wanna believe,
Doesn't matter about the shit or risk it takes,
I just wanna learn and study,
Me... In the mirror.

There is a guy I know,
He said to me,
She is no good for me anymore,
How lucky is he has her,
Why don't he thinks,
About the other who can't have the love.

The weather is hot today,
The fog cover the beauty of blue sky,
A small source of light is seen,
On the center point of it,
Only a place, certain time.

The birds is today heard,
Same old melodies but different birds,
Singing on the sunny day,
At everywhere its heard.

I can see the light on my lens view,
It reflect to the eye of sight,
I was trying to look at the sun,
I can be blind for trying.

The spirit I don't have it anymore,
I can feel the emptiness of my heart,
So wide.

Get me back on the road,
I don't know what I mess up,
Just turn everything back as usual,
Give me a much better luck.

August 02, 2009

The Journey Of A dream

When you step into that room,
You'll see what is real,
And what actually is not.

The place I never been to,
Is where we are actually,
She is there sitting next to me,
I hold her hand for the first time ever,
Her reaction on the look is so real.

She runs to the mall I was behind,
I was still wearing that fake steel leg supporter,
The pain that I felt is totally the same,
The touch of the hand,
I won't make a word of it.

She was gone in the eyes,
I was looking around in the mall,
When I got into an edge I found her,
When I reach her she hug me,
I felt the love on her lips,
For the first time ever.

When I got up,
The touch,
The pain,
The kiss,
I can still feeling it,
As I look in her eyes,
I felt like we are in the same dream.

On the other day the voice speaks to me,
Telling me the true feeling I couldn't lie,
When I look at her eyes in shine with a story,
That she is the only one that I can only say,

When I walk in the dream,
Every footstep I take feels the same,
When I move on and move on,
The end seems to be the same as usual.

Its surrounded with tree and light,
Its full moon fenced with beautiful stars,
The wind was heard on the silent road,
With the owl summoning the soul.

When I got into it I believe,
Anything that is impossible I wanna believe,
The sense of touch I understand,
The consequence I'm afraid to know.

The bell is ring right at twelve,
Black eagle is flying on the sky,
The houses are all light down,
Only the lamppost is seen fenced the road.

She holds me hand walking on this journey,
Without saying anything I can learn from the smile,
She disappear from my sight,
I truly understand the confusion.

August 01, 2009

A Heart For You

July is over,
The Autumn will be over for this year,
I hope I had the chance,
To feel whatever my friend told me,
To be under the tree,
With your love one.

When I look at the sun,
I wonder how are they doing right 8 miles of NC,
Summer is over,
The autumn will soon be missed.

When the road is surround by the light,
I wanna know what is behind the tree,
I tell myself to get to it,
But I don't see a thing at all.

On the bright light of the sun,
I wanna hold your hand every seconds,
If time is short enough,
I'll find to way to extend it.

May I feel the love on your lips,
When it comes to the right time,
Will I feel you beside me,
For the sake of my love?

The guitar lays on the edge,
Just like me sitting on the edge,
With the cool wind together,
Under this sunny day.

Right with the wind,
I sing my song with it,
The wind can never breaks my voice,
The melody flows with it.

The bright light is seen as I open the door,
The this floor I can see the reflection of light,
Ever morning always be the same,
Someday when I meet another kind of light,
I wonder does the reflection tells a same old story?

This Saturday is a total idiot day,
I can't think of anything to kill up,
The flowing times just flow senselessly,
Only me can think up the three words,
I love you,
Hoping for you to be here.

I got the biggest gift for you,
Like it or not I don't want you to refuse,
Its priceless and you can hold it,
Here is the present,
I give you my heart.