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September 30, 2009

September's Prayer

I can believe myself still blogging by the weeks,
Only left a few days only before exam and I'm still here,
Well I got reason why I'm here too.
I wanna continue my journal for today.

How is everyone doing there? I wanna thank you all for your visit. I won't be updating my blog in this few days always like usual cause I'm busy and totally run out of my mind.

Today's journal begin from yesterday. It comes with love. That girl I have my feeling on her truly killing me into pieces of shit that nobody might figure out how bad it is. I loved her before and by the second she took full control of me and she made me love her again. I don't know what can I say. When I let her go running away from my heart, I just can never get through this. I just look myself in the mirror and think that I will regret in the future if I do it this way or that way. What way? That doesn't even matter. I think she's avoiding me, I hate her when she does that. Why I keep questioning... Did I annoy her or something? Okay, I'll give her a name. She's.... Valentine. When you don't reply my text, I'll give you a call. I guess right now I can't do that anymore. When I walked back home, we got into this scene. Where I felt like I'm gonna hug her or kiss her. My strength stopped and I'm totally weak enough to stand for this girl. It flashed me back where the first we almost kiss. Today I look at her secretly and just think. I'm trying to figure out what feeling towards her right now? Do I still love her? Do I? When I lost contact on the phone with her I begin to avoid myself from getting to close to her. I treat her like usual but I plant a strong feeling not to love her because I'm afraid I'll be down and down. Maybe my friend was right. That girl is a total caused for a guy to be fooled off. I might not be that way but she's totally don't give a damn care of apology or anything when she killed my feeling. I'll rather stand heartless to face her another day. Weird thing is I'm feeling great, sad and confused. I never get into relationship yet. I'm looking forward for one. Right now she got all of me. I'm totally giving myself to her.

I press this word. I never getting love in reply for me loving someone. I never felt how great is it. To be loved by someone. Where you feel appreciated and special. It just simply awesome. I always picked a wrong girl. Its not that they aren't good enough. Just that they can't be with me. Maybe me by my own screw stuff up. Yeah... I guess.... I can only felt the love from my imagination. I can't truly feel it but I totally understand. Its wonderful. A gorgeous fantasy to live in. I felt regret too for letting this girl down. Last time I don't care at all for her loving me. Right now my heart is weaken to be a real men and I can't actually believe that I'm giving a love to this this girl. I hope that she can talk to me someday so I can love her too. I really wanna love her. If she still loves me again I might totally be open for her. This heart needs appreciation. A room of appreciation.

As a matter of fact people might get hurt for love. I understand that because I do too. I have the feeling. My soul speaks to me when I'm down. It stand for me as a spirit that I can count myself on. That's how I stand myself traditionally my way. When my heart is empty and cover by shadow, the melody comes from people heart inspire me to feel someone right now is holding me and sharing a love. In doesn't matter what way, I feel like I'm not alone in this world anymore. Do I get the chance? To feel someone hold me tight and never let go? I can feel so much care with it. Its like the world is talking to me and listening to my voice whispering silently inside. Sometime I felt like my soul is dead under this noisy rain where nobody can listen.

Isn't its sexy if my love line is like kissing under the mistletoe of Christmas? What a faith and destiny I can say. It just beautiful and sweet. Taste like candy that killing the moment. Holiday is just around the corner. I'm gonna miss school so much and start a new life. I'm gonna work, learning violin and also trying not wasting my time senselessly. I also wanna go on a date and write a book called 'first come first. First date, kiss and love'. If I find a girl to bring with. Maybe...

My life is artistically colorful. Its like a drama or story book. I felt lucky enough and unlucky enough. Right now I wanna dance like crazy. Its cute like singing when showering. This life is wonderful and extremely a strong test everyone. Right now I guess I'll end my post here. Well, please don't waste you time right. The big test is just around the corner. Also please don't waste your love, appreciate and treasure the one besides you. Rather than you don't have anyone. Just like me here, all alone and simply lonely with my camera. The camera I kept so many photograph in it. It contains memories that shouldn't be forgotten. I'm not trying to be humble or what, I'll stay myself as that swanky ad snobbish. That's the unique of me but I'm not what you expect right now. I'm way better than that. Lets pray together for our big test on the upcoming October.

'Dear God,
I might have seen so many in the past,
The time that past I learned a lot of things,
That can never be count by my finger,
Do you remember our prayer like we remember you,
You sure do always and forever.
In our prayer we place our honor,
Where you have us bend on our knees,
We are under your strength,
You decided the future of us,
Right now we are on our knees and asking,
With a great pleasure from our heart,
Please give me a light of hope for the test,
Where guides us to be a legend for the future of us,
Maybe not just us,
There are so many of them,
We are the apprentices of the legend,
You have us now God,
We are not afraid to stand alone,
Because you are always there by our side,
We believe in that always and forever.
I wanna pray for the others and me my own,
I wanna ask you for a great future God,
Doesn't matter what way you are gonna help us,
It'll always be a pleasure for your hand.'

Right now we can only count on ourselves and stop counting on luck. The luck won't help every time. It just another sense of coincidence. Good luck everyone and be the best. Not in your exam only, your life too.


September 28, 2009

Final Post Of September~

A Future Decision?
Well I decided them and I totally suit them,
They are what I am now.

I'll decided to be a journalist and photographer.

A studio, outdoor and even journal photographer.

Doesn't matter which but I truly got interest in art,
Doing something creative,
And also being stylist.

Photographer they have very sensitive eyes,
Their eyes are way so much sharper than the others,
Very creative and artistic personality,
Can be said as a very unique person either,
Good patient and serious on photographing,
They got professional skill and idea.

A journalist is very idealistic,
Creative and hardworking person,
They take their job seriously,
Very busy all the time,
Responsible person and unique too.

These are some personality for photographer and journalist.

I wanna be a writer and photographer.

My love,
You are silently gorgeous on my eyes,
Maybe you realize them when I stare at you,
I wanna tell you how much you are mean to me,
You are everything I ask for,
I wanna have you in my arms,
Always there and will stay permanently there.

Today might be my final love note till next day coming,
I guess I won't be online all the time anymore,
There is a big test on this upcoming,
So I decided to concentrate more on my lesson,
And won't let myself down.

I'll be back after the test,
Right now I wanna end up my post with my final love note.

'The wing is a pair,
They are twin and couple,
Just like you on my eyes,
I wanna love you more than everything,
What for I have everything,
Without having you?
You mean the world to me,
Sooner and later you'll find out,
How much this feeling wanna speak to you,
The upcoming test,
I kiss you good luck,
I'll end up this post now,
By saying I love you.


September 27, 2009

Important Exam Coming

Its only a week before war,
I wonder why,
This emptiness stay me shut,
Like an idiot,
Right now I'm talking to the calendar,
Figure out a way to walk back time,
I just wonder I was the one declared war,
Right now I'm not prepare enough,
To step war.

I'm gonna get ready for it,
Wishing up for the best of it,
Because I can stand alone,
When I still have my heart,
My blood and soul.

I believe I can stand on it,
Because that's what I'm gonna go for,
I'll stand for it,
To stand for the future,
Way better than this,
As it said the future are desperate,
Wake up now and get up from dream,
Left everything behind for this precious dream,
It'll guide to somewhere way better,
And wonderful but I'll stay here,
To be the man of this place,
Its my home~

September 26, 2009

Weakness In Me

What for I have everything,
If I can't have you?
You are priceless compare to everything,
The only thing I haven't have yet.
I wish to hold you by the second,
I won't let go of you by the life.

Do I get the chance?
To be loved by you,
And to lay my love on you?

Can we go on a date?

Everything play on my mind,
I wish could get up and get prepare for Monday,
What a desperate I've been,
God don't even listen to my prayer anymore,
I know you aren't deaf enough or stupid to understand,
You have everything that I don't have,
Now my this last wish you can't make it true,
What for you make me live on this empty earth?

You created me this way,
I would say handicapped way,
But that's your want and how can I fix that,
You left me here in a purpose,
And let me down in the second,
Why can't you help me on love,
In fact that I've help myself,
Ain't that pathetic?

I can count how many of them,
None of them you gimme a hand,
When it comes to love I felt like a moron,
Being watch by my own God,
Who made my down again and again,
Bless me with love God,
You got me down on both of my knee,
I'm telling you how weak I am now,
For this idiot Saturday to go on,
Stop telling me how deaf you are,
You can end my life when I'm done with this,
Heaven or hell I'll accept,
With no regret.

I don't wanna be like before,
I'm against you God,
You do know that didn't you,
Right now I don't wanna be that way,
You have my word and I wanna have yours,
Could you,
Gimme a miracle that lay on me,
Stand for me,
And make me smile.

I can't place how much I hate the situation you gave,
I know you'll change them and let me down,
Again and again but I still stand till now,
Right tomorrow or another day,
I can't stand so long like before,
What before won't last too long because,
I'm weak enough for bagging you,
I hope you'll change that by today,
Tomorrow or another day,
I won't see another day again,
I can place my bet,
I'll be like before.

That back symbol seems arriving again,
Here to giving me that empty soul,
Can take me away to the red eyes guy,
Please stop everything and don't let me down again,
For the name of God I'm bagging you,
I'll take the responsibility and never destroy this girl's heart,
Because I can't destroy them God,
Its the weakness in me you know that either,
I just wanna protect that one heart and treasure the most,
You have my word on this,
Because my love to her is not like always,
Only a fake old sweet word,
But right now you can place a trust,
I bleed under this romance for love,
Hear the melody and you'll understand,
The blood lay on the violin,
Note written with my blood.

September 25, 2009

Bleeding Hold

Damn this time which given,
Should I appreciate this chance,
And stop looking for another perfect one,
She's everything,
Everything than nothing.

I just don't truly ready yet,
But for this girl I love to be,
Only I'm too sensitive to understand,
And those small voices speak to me,
Every single sentence than weak me down,
Into this deep shit.

This girl seems so much special to me,
It arrived in front of me without me expecting it,
There is a Chinese girl asked me to chase her,
Because this chance isn't always,
Right under this words I planted a stronghold,
To be strong for it and work on it,
It'll be the first time and the coolness will disappear,
But it doesn't matter,
All I do wanna is me...
Holding her by my side.

The evil soul is killing me,
Telling me to stop believing,
For what is on my sight,
All I see is an angel,
Trying to tell me something,
And me laying a love under this blood,
That colored by the red rose of blood.

Bite me a love and stay for me,
I'll chain our kiss in this empty heart I got,
This heart only contain millions of mute love note,
That I treasured alone under the violin.

When this pen is out of ink,
I'll replace the ink with my blood,
Say it says blood is romance,
Let the love note planted with romance,
Like the romance of the rose,
They are colored the same way,
The same thing.

The eyes give me a confidant,
That can be as evil as a bat,
That live himself under a cave,
An empty cave that I can't even find a light,
But I feel so much like home,
That guy,
Can be me.

Right now I'm wearing a ring,
I'll sketch your beautiful name on it,
Till someday it'll be yours,
It not just sketched of your name,
Its sketched our love,
An art of love.

If you get my text,
I didn't get yours,
I'll give it a call,
Or I'll see you,
If I can't find you,
I'll figure out a way,
To tell you I love you.

Calendar Blood

I got up from bed and smashing my head couple of time,
Its Friday and tomorrow is Saturday,
Another day again is Sunday then comes Monday,
A bit worry,
Not so worry,
The upcoming day...
I don't know.
I guess I'm gonna smash my head again for couple of time,
And open my eyes big and stare at the calendar,
And figure out why avoid some of these days?

Plus there is gonna be a big test for the upcoming week,
Only couple of weeks to go,
And I haven't got myself up yet from dreaming.

The bite was a pain,
Not as pain as the feeling,
Won't be more pain than it,
It'll last a while,
The pain inside will only gone,
When I comes to the right time.

Break it out and kick it off,
Stand up like how suppose to,
Stop dreaming and bite me,
Awake me and give me another soul,
Maybe another soul that helps me.

The morning light can be reflected,
By the glass on the window,
The glare was also seen anywhere,
And everywhere I go,
Under the roof I still can see them,
Just like the lens do too,
Because the front is still seen,
Not everywhere.

Stop being afraid and stand,
Just smile for your confidant,
Because it just a shit that is easy to hold,
For sure you won't hold a shit,
Just that its simple and easy,
Nothing can break this chain of believe.

Let the devil lend you a hand of hope,
That bleed slowly for love,
That blood is the romance in violence,
Wise choice can decided the answer,
Defend the wing and chain yourself,
With the angel wing of freedom.

The color is so much like the cloud,
The ocean is so much like the sky,
The smile is so much painfully cute,
Cute enough to curse the stare of everyone,
A kiss can take away a soul,
A drop of blood,
Can be an ocean of them.

September 24, 2009

Break The Chain

Just got back from few places I visited,
Damn bored I felt the same,
Is there anything gonna chance my thought about this,
Or maybe just kill this boredom,
Totally hate holiday,
I can't find a day of joy without love,
Totally killing me into this deep shit.

So I place the ink of heart,
Under a piece of empty paper,
Whispering a same old story,
In a different way.

Bite me a soul,
That kill this weakness,
Into something way better,
Stronger and evil,
Let me handle this night of moon,
And break the chain,
That I hate the most.

Doesn't matter what's the pain on the bite,
The pain will last a while only,
It'll go away easily,
After I done something I wanna do,
Right that time the pain will gone,
Fly with the sadness on the wind,
The smile take control of it,
It'll be chain by the strength of it.

What's evil is when an evil used them,
They aren't evil on the hand of angel,
Beat the Satan curse and get it off,
Evade yourself from the red eyes,
That is staring at you and have a bad thought,
I do the same too,
But I'm not apart of them,
Because I am me.

The bell is ringing with pain,
The evil smile can be seen by the tone,
I knew he's up to something than this,
I'll pay the cost of it with no regret,
But I never surrender from the hope,
I'll break the chain by my own,
In no matter what way,
You beat me up I'll stand for you,
Telling how suck it is and to insult you,
Because I do know the strength in me too,
And I have the evil smile too.

I hate to match up,
Because I'm weak enough to lose,
That won't be right now,
Sooner or later I'll break the chain,
When its broke you'll regret,
For not standing to it,
Because you don't have to,
I'll disrespect you.






September 23, 2009

An Edge Of Question

Relationship is a big responsibility,
Way bigger than loving a person,
It took steps and patient,
Right into the edge you'll figure out,
If you are ready to have this girl as your love one,
But sooner or later,
It'll will turn way bigger than the step you took,
It turns into appreciation,
When you are having him/her on your side.

Right on this desperate edge,
I figure out there is a confusion,
My heart beat totally weird,
Am I ready for this girl to be my girl?
I want to but am I doing the right thing?

Everything seem desperate by the time,
Lay the answer to the situation and condition,
They figure out an answer,
One answer one road,
One road to one solution.





A New Blog

The Art Of Writing

I just started to post some of my novel art work,
Just to train myself in writing to be a writer,
That's apart of my dream,
Everything I post there is totally original,
And not taken from anywhere,
For sure by Liz~

I just planning to express some idea,
I hope nobody steal them my work,
I write them for entertain,
For fun too because I love them,
Right now I haven't post anything yet,
And I appreciate you to follow that blog,
Your honored,



September 22, 2009

Beautiful Dress

She keep step in this fantasy,
I know I can never get over it,
Just like the flute is playing in my mind,
Stay that way for every time,
Sometime its a bit missing,
Sooner or later it'll appear.

I found a happiness on your smile,
Just playing my guitar and listen,
To my own heart that is saying now,
How it plays the same to the violin,
Wonderful than everything,
That I planted under this love,
We do.

I hope everything go on,
I just placing a last hope on September,
I hope for difference that will come,
Arrive and leave happily,
Without even hurting this weak heart,
That I can't even understand my own,
Like this confusing note.

Stop playing the same game,
Now let's begin it,
Do you have the heart to plant me,
And lay it on your empty space,
Right in your heart?

I'll be honest to tell you I love you,
I'll stand strong to make you feel it,
Love it or not it comes from you,
I can't decide your heart's voice,
But I can change the thought of it.

When I saw you with that pretty dress,
Its like a princess just step in and arrive,
With a black stretch limousine,
And a beautiful autumn leaves fall,
While I was standing in front,
Staring at you and take my eyes off.

May I feel the touch of love,
The care under a hug,
A love on the lips,
Or even a melody of love?

All of them,
If you need it,
I give it to you,
Under a shape of heart,
That I color with my soul.










September 20, 2009

September's Love Note

Its the celebration of September,
Already hits 20,
I'll be glad if I can enjoy this day,
A celebration of my religion,
I'm wishing everyone to have a great day,
And what I did wrong,
Please forgive me,
What mistake I made,
Please forget it,
I finally found a new writing,
I guess I never wanna quit from writing,
Even that I reach my goal,
I'll stay permanently here till I die,
That's why its called as the life journal,
Its another soul in me,
That I breathe with all the time.

I was waiting at my home,
Yeah been waiting for friends to come along,
Till this evening still,
None of them yet,
But the one I've been waiting,
How is she doing there,
Hope can see her come along,
And let's have some food,
& talk.

My brother, sister and little sister seem great,
Yeah they celebrate the whole day great,
Me, I'm busy doing the dishes while text her,
Wondering if she comes along,
However I have no idea about it,
She didn't reply yet,
But its fine,
Guess I suppose to stop thinking,
Maybe there will be a difference for tomorrow,
May I have the words from you,

I just saw so much tears,
From dear grandpa, family and everyone,
I wish grandma could see me this way,
I captured some photograph of family,
I hope grandma could be with,
Maybe she lives great the other side,
God bless her always,
Dearest grandma.

How are you guys there,
Some of them went back to hometown,
I've been waiting who will be my first friend,
That comes,
I've been waiting for her for a long time,
Lying my feelings and avoiding her is a total waste,
I guess I should left it off and never got back,
Or behold on it and never let go,
I place my words of love on her,
Ten fingers of apology and blessing,
Dearest love,
Have a great happy holiday.

Its raining out there,
Its telling me the feeling inside me,
The past me and now are a total different,
Maybe way better than before,
But when I step this way,
I won't walk back another way,
Because I know that I'm actually love you,
Lying myself and avoiding it is a stupid thing.

I know and I understand,
And I realize and awake,
There isn't anything impossible,
When it got here it'll stay here,
Only she could make this story go on,
The plan is ruin when its stuck,
Yeah because it seems to be a failure,
Only that its totally blur and confusing,
Just give me a chance and sign,
To have you by the side,
I want you to be my love,
My first love.

Last Thursday was a miracle,
I wonder why I'm closing to your lips,
When I was there it flashed me to the past,
Where we are in this situation,
I'm trying to kiss you,
But I knew I wasn't strong and dare enough,
Because of the situation right that time,
But I hope you understand that.

I never have one girl to hold before,
Because I never had any girl before,
Right now I can place my hope on you,
Hoping you to pay this love in reply,
For the word that I gave you,
I love you~

Your precious love,

[I hope the translation could be right,
I'm not really good in Chinese but I wrote them sincerely~]











September 13, 2009

Room Of Hope

There is a spirit in me,
One of a soul,
That turns me into something,
Way different than me,
I'm not a flirt anymore,
When its arrive,
The coolness inside just gone a while,
Right under this soul I can see rose,
Red rose like the color of blood,
I planted a romance there,
Romance secretly for loyalty.

You can see the bright sight on your eyes,
That beautiful shinny eyes can see the truth,
Which is obvious in front you right,
Maybe they are list right under this word,
While things are hidden from you,
Everything will be found out bu you.

If you trust the hope you have,
Before you do,
You might have seen the gorgeous,
Inside you heart,
That's you taking of so long,
I love too much,
A real love I treasure,
Right now I can love the pain,
To go through the real one.

Should I trust in the first love,
But I haven't have someone yet,
Because I want you to be the first,
This love won't ends,
If we believe in that faith but I swear,
For the name of God,
I'll plant the loyalty,
Without you asking,
I would.

I never know what's a love letter,
Because I do know love note,
I can say this is a letter,
That I list under this notes,
However those letter stuff,
Won't work myself for you,
I'll show you nothing that doesn't shine,
By the crystal I get a light,
The full moon I plant my hope there,
Where you can see me telling you,
I draw the word of love the moon,
For you nothing can be impossible.

'I'll pass though everything,
You totally worth it,
Even the melody will break over,
But as long as I play well,
I believe I'm not the guy,
I'm the guy of destiny,
Standing right now for you,
To listen the song that echos inside,
Your gorgeous heart.

The beauty of the night,
Slowly disappear to the morning,
Right now you can listen to me,
When you look at the moon,
I flow the melody there,
The melody I treasure under this heart,
Mutely whisper to you,
In no matter what way,
I'll prove that.

I'll face the strength of devil,
I'll be an evil for it,
If that's the way to keep me strong,
Doesn't matter how strong it'll be,
I'll stay as myself,
Only light is the strongest weapon,
But those common things won't make any sense,
Just rise up and listen,
Didn't you realize the power of love,
Hidden under this soul,
Which is infinite,
For the word of loyalty~'




September 10, 2009

Love Lays On Chest

I just about to lost a friend,
Its so sad for how it was,
Yeah jealousy takes control of it,
Doesn't matter stepbrother or friend,
He think anyone can get her easily.

I hate to say this,
Because I think its not right,
Now she is like having the light,
Abandon the shadow,
But its her decision,
I respect that even I hate it,
Because we need to to fight for love,
But not letting weakness take hold of us.

Today is great,
We are good to each other,
I wish it can be that way everyday,
The smile, touch and stare,
Yeah she punches me on my stomach,
But I think its cute.

'When you lay your hand on my chest,
it is just so much like you lay your love,
I wish someday I can land my love in your heart,
I'll pass through the long journey and skip everything,
Skip everything that I fall on,
I'll go on the only road that I got,
Because I just wanna appreciate you by the side.

By the second,
You can curse me,
In a flash of memory,
You made me me smile,
Under your shadow,
I follow you and listen to you,
Under your trust,
I fall in love to you.

What can I say?
If it takes to win your heart,
I'll be a warrior to fight for it,
I wonder does the violin sing the same,
Like how it suppose to,
With the sincere voice of it,
The only heart will melt,
Even if I'll stain blood,
I lay my romance on it.'




September 09, 2009

The Heart Of The Love

Its already for than 2000 plus viewer,
I wanna thank for every visits,
I truly appreciate your reading,
Hope that it might give you something,
Because we are related.

I been thinking about having one of them,
By my side right here with me,
I wish I can treasure the heart,
That will be drawn with the color of patient,
Patient that bow under this journey.

My feeling is so unclear,
All I know is that I have to figure out,
A way to solve this in the most simple way,
That I can't actually do it,
But I can hope for it,
Hoping for it don't make sense to me,
Bagging for it to guide this days of light.

I'm sitting on this chair picturing,
The perfect one I should treasure,
But I can accept anyone of them,
Is it which goes first?
Or which I love the most?
Or maybe which loves me most?

Those questions play on my mind,
Totally got into a big confusion,
I'll make a confession,
That I actually love her,
Her and her,
Not being greedy,
Because its a feeling,
That you will get it too,
When you feel so much love,
For someone besides you.

When it comes to never,
It will be never and never,
If its happen again,
It'll happen senselessly.

I wonder what journey I got on,
Which road am I actually going,
Why and how did I got here,
On this long journey,
I treasure so much love,
Like drama on TV.

'The world is also move on,
Its traveling on the same journey,
Where I am also on the same road,
Toward the light to find you,
For the biggest treasure in my life,
The love that's gonna ring this relationship.

This love is permanent,
When it got into,
It won't get out,
Romance plays a big role of it,
That's how the perfect melody goes,
Right under this romance,
Nothing can be impossible,
With trust, love & care.

I hate to end up,
Its extremely mean and idiot,
Break the journey with tears,
Which won't make any sense,
But I'll live that way,
With appreciation.

By the night you sleep,
I'll play the romantic song for you,
Let me stay that way beside you,
Someday we'll meet in the same dream,
You'll see the real me on you sight,
Without asking you'll know its me,
I place my hope in that dream,
The reality is another story,
Let the dream change the story.

On your eyes,
I can see how long this love will last,
How strong is the strength of it,
I'll kiss you goodnight,
We'll see again in a dream,
With me saying the value of love,
Without limit.

You have my words on it,
You can place you trust to you,
Because I'm saying it sincerely,
With all the music of my heart,
That listens to your music too,
Because there is us here,
There is love there.'








September 07, 2009

Blood Of Romance

Romance is one of my blood,
I live under this life of roses,
Colored with love and nothing can replace them,
Even my dream don't too,
That's the only thing I could have,
A love that's gonna lay on my chest,
With the blood of romance,
That's how I'm going to be strong,
Fighting with the only strength that I have,
Doesn't matter what way,
Won't gonna change my love the my love one,
When I have them.

That's the tradition,
Loyalty is the biggest responsible,
I'm not a jerk or asshole,
If I make that mistake I'll stab my heart,
With the sword of pain I'll stain it with my blood,
Slow or fast everything is your call,
Because I can guarantee its never gonna happen,
When someone in my arms.

Even madness won't take me away,
Right on the friendship I know jealousy,
With the trust I lay on I believe,
With the faith of this love,
I can understand God's want,
However those common sense won't ring this heart,
This love will never ends until you see,
Me live right inside the land,
Connect to the other side of world,
Only this soul will be listening,
To you music that echo this heart,
Its a voice to me.

Today doesn't seems great,
I actually don't believe in my own grade,
Unstable like a patient,
Right now I'll change that,
For the prove of this strength,
That can change anything,
Including this love,
Can break any wall.

Right up the sky if you see,
Until the moon arrives at night,
Fly up high with your gorgeous wings,
Nothing can stop you beauty,
Just like the white feature on the sky,
From your wings of romance,
You fly me right under your trust,
Guiding me to the blue sky,
With the melodies that flows to the moon.

My life is artistic like photography,
Every journey that I took through the lens,
For the truth and beauty of light,
That is seen on every sight.
I took every step,
With the flow of melodies,
The music inspired me the most,
What a wonderful journey I told myself,
Right under this beautiful cloud,
Reminds me of you.

The art of writing speaks to me,
Like how this music plays the scene,
I'm fighting for something,
Through the journey I fight thousands of test,
Just to find the real love,
That I'm gonna treasure with this soul.

'Look up to the sky,
Don't you think we'll stay that way,
With the melodies of birds together,
Singing like the violin does,
On this blank note I left a note,
An invisible note of love,
That you can see it with your song,
Its the echo in our heart,
Do you listen to it?

The lens is the truth under this thought,
I'll find a way to get out of this,
I wanna treasure a simple rose,
Stained blood on it,
The blood of us with romance,
Without the pain we're having,
Just with the loyalty we're gonna have.

God shows his strength to us,
Giving a lighting of storm that destroy the city,
The anger teaches a silent note of tears,
Hidden from the piano,
Those common sense won't work,
To the trust of this love,
Because I don't have to,
As long as the infinite of 'I love you' is hold,
Nothing gonna change the stronghold of our romance,
That I past through on this journey.'





September 06, 2009

Senseless Sunday

Totally place my hate on Saturday & Sunday,
Nothing really special gonna happen on Saturday or Sunday,
I hope there is but I guess not,
What can I get in front this monitor?

My love story seems disappear by the second,
As the matter of fact I know,
I am now so much like Otoya Kurenai,
For doubling this feelings,
I hope someday I might find a way out,
Right now I won't try if I can,
Trying won't make sense to me.

Hopefully the month of September figure this out,
I'm gonna do what I planned earlier,
Yeah so I won't regret again like before,
Its only left a couple of weeks to go,
I guess I'm doing it even I know the cause,
At least I won't regret like before,
Maybe not as something,
Just a gift of hope.

I'm searching for a code,
Maybe its that way,
One more try,
Might figure this out,
But I'm not quitting,
But I'll be if I have to,
Not that easy.

'Is there gonna be a perfect Sunday,
Its already the month of September,
Over the year I hated Sunday,
Even Saturday I do too,
What can I see on Sunday,
Just the morning light,
Right under this feelings,
I speak millions of answer,
Which doesn't even make sense.

How can I end this up,
Do I have a way to solve them?
The puzzle is mean and confusing,
I can't figure it out do you,
Or do I?
Are we gonna start this over,
End this again,
Or begin by another step?

How should I?'

September 05, 2009

Common Sense

I'm reading Geography book right now,
Totally fill up this mind with notes,
Insanely written up the word of shit,
Going crazy for this damn subject,
There is gonna be another test for the month of September,
Totally got myself into crazy.

Its only a month more for the biggest test,
Every 9Th grader I pray for your battle,
There is only a short journey left,
How is everyone preparation?
Are you ready?

I begin to be afraid of the calendar,
I try myself avoid the time,
If I can clock up my time with my ability,
That will be absolutely great,
So I can speed up my journey for the long walk.

Its gonna be October,
My grade is totally a craps for upcoming test,
On the September I need to build a confidant,
I hope that my grade will gets better,
Because I'll be standing for another upcoming,
With a bad one,
It can kill a hope inside me.

I wish more a great grade in my prayer,
Right at the time I can see hope left,
Now is gonna be a total desperate journey,
How hard its gonna take is how glad its gonna be.

'On my journey I step every single hope,
Every hope that I create with smile,
From there I'll be listening,
Right behind I'll be whispering,
Desperately talk in my prayer,
I believe in what I wish.

Right under this deep shit,
I can't even find a light yet,
Maybe that I'm not moving forward for it,
Or that I can't accept the fact that is.

Something that I treasure I can't have it,
I hope they are listening to the sincere heart,
I wish I can be love,
BE love by the one who I love,
So it'll be connected,
And legendary.

Gonna head myself to north,
Positively head for the truth,
What lie I'm gonna step back,
What's important I'm gonna fight for it,
What's a treasure I'll treasure again,
What's fake,
I'll be keep on it.

This feeling is empty,
Right under the book of thought,
That's how its gonna ring up this soul,
Got into a shock and destroy them,
Into piece of tears,
Like how its gonna be,
When the destroyer arrive.

This love will never ends,
Rise up till the sky is red,
Nothing will be impossible,
God smashed a thunder of anger on the ground,
Those common sense won't ever work on me,
It'll never ring up this beautiful heart,
I'll show the value of this unlimited love,
Without limited.

Let the violin destroys the music,
The music fenced with those darkness and curse,
I'll let you treasure that moment,
Like how the melodies flow to feeling,
This love is never gonna end,
For you,
I'll be a soldier and fighter,
If its gonna win your love.'

September 03, 2009

Double Of Twin Confusion

Today pretty sucks at school,
I learned the word jealousy,
Its not that I'm too sensitive,
It just that I can't accept it.

I hate that word so much,
Its a weakness in me,
I do understand i hate to fight for it,
But I guess I'll be standing,
Hoping for difference,
Then I'll go on my journey.

I'll continue it someday,
I hope this love never ends badly,
What's the use of me loving someone,
Who actually senselessly loved?
I just don't get it,
Why when I fall in love to her,
I feel like something gotta be missing,
Something that I'm faking it,
For doubling this love,
That I actually need one of them,
In a good way,
And desperate way.

I can say that one of them,
Are actually too important to me,
Maybe I can never forget a day of it,
But I wanna forget and erase the memory,
That I created with romance.
I just don't get it why do I wanna love,
Someone who I truly love,
By loving someone besides her.

Its a total mess and pain,
I wish I have it to treasure,
It seems blur our and silently disappear,
In a small light of shadow,
That doesn't shine in the moonlight,
But can be heard by the voices.

Its cold out there for couple of days,
Today is brightly hot,
And today I'm a total whisper,
Something that doesn't feels right,
I don't think I can handle everything,
Which I actually could.

'Gotta get to Friday,
On the journey by days,
Weekday will be the world,
Where I step into it,
And get off from it,
Like how I used to be on the road,
On this journey.

The confusion set to be a theme,
How the story line goes on and on,
Flow freely inside like a beautiful melody,
Right under the dark shadow of moon,
While you are hiding me in this confusion,
That combined in with jealousy.

This journey will take all days long,
Like how how step move at once,
The beginning are better that the middle,
Middle is just a piece of shit,
That stuck under this shadow,
Where I can't find myself,
Hidden from a word of jealousy,
The strength might change myself in,
Like how when you get into my arms.

The apple of red hide under the hat,
Is also seen under the dark shadow,
That's not how the feelings is move on,
That is how the art if expressed,
Right deep under the wind of hope,
That turns the shadow as a guide line,
For it to learn the gorgeous of yours,
Maybe way so much better than her,
Only way too far from me.

I live myself under the art,
The art of words and photographs,
That's how I see everyday,
That I also pass through on the journey,
By the second I'll disappear,
But the minute I'll return,
To be something way better than this,
maybe someday it would,
Someday it'll permanently whisper,
Right under the tree mucking around,
With loneliness lean on shoulder,
And sadness killing under the mind,
For the touch of beauty,
Sketched under your cuteness.

I wasn't strong enough,
I'm just guided under a mask,
A masked that brought me there,
Where I can see a dream,
That I actually hoping for,
Way better than a dream,
My prayer of love.

I can't write an end of it,
The book won't have the last page,
The only ink stays in your heart,
Its waiting you to end it up,
With your believing talent,
Under the curse of glare,
Like the rainbow after its rained,
That just simple speaks love to me.'

You line hits me you know that,
Even if I can get into your arms,
I won't be glad enough,
To live under the confusion,
It needed a room of love,
To express the word of touch,
That you can only listen under the light,
Of your ears.

September 02, 2009

June's Past Photo Shooting

Its today's Shot

Beautiful Rain

Its been raining ever since Monday,
At school today I'm not feeling well,
A bit warm and cold,
All I can say is not feeling well.

Today's photo shooting at 11.

So there is a long time to go,
Its Integrated Living Skill Study,
Heavy rain yeah but everyone go to class,
Under the rain.

Left two person in class only,
Yeah that's she and her friend,
So teacher want them to be in class,
He asks anyone who can bring them here,
So everyone keep saying my name,
Help your wife they said.

So I go get to them,
On the walk to class,
I feel so much good,
Under the rain noise,
It joint us close in a stronghold,
So I'm lucky for them to said so.

'Under the noisy rain,
I can hear your voice sweet,
Every single step we take,
My pant is wet by the rain,
I am cold on my leg,
But I am glad on my heart.

The rain is romantic,
I hope it'll always be that,
Doesn't matter to expose under it,
Let me see that smile,
With that stare.

The beautiful eyes you have,
Is just the curse on my sight,
I can't picture another frame of this,
Only your voice can frame them,
Under that deep shadow,
With you glittering lips,
Kiss down a soul,
Who learn to love.

Appreciation destroyed it,
Without it,
The pole breaks,
With it,
I might hold it.

You are stick to me,
Like permanently loved,
There is just something is missing,
Something that hold us back.

My shoes is wet,
Wet and dirty,
You are the day,
That I can see another day,
For the days.'

It is then a long story and hits the class,
Quite embarrassing,
I'm sitting behind my awkwardness,
So shy to talk~

Photo shooting at 11.

So much fun to capture some shot with the new principle,
It took about half an hour to arrange all Morning section teachers,
But the shoot only took about 5 minutes.

4 snaps,
Then I had this study group,
With few of my friends,
Pretty fun too.

I got back at home and start to flash back.
Under that rain like crazy,
I treasured that moment,
So much thing happen lately,
When I got back at school,
As I said,
A home to me.