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October 31, 2009

*-* Late Note *-*

Yesterday? I don't know~ Something happen and I'm feeling sad when she's not there. I got myself home with a fake smile and went to my study table and think... I can't believe I had no tears for it. Well, just nothing big deal but it was to me. That day I received my award as an official photographer of my school. Lots of people clap and I'm proud of it. On the stage I stand without awkward anymore. Well people are looking at me that time and all I hear was my name titled as the school photographer... Too bad she didn't saw that. However I made a clear decision and won't regret of it. I don't care a damn thing about her anymore. She just maybe not right for me. Not at all.

I believe one of my friend said... I deserve a better one~

' I thought I might find my end of it,
At the end I pretend it didn't happen,
I thought I might love to hear her voice,
But I hate to hear what she said,
Nothing than a selfish word.

I lay my love senselessly to her,
And she was a heartless rock,
That pushing me to break the damn craps,
But luckily I'm brave enough to stand for it,
And not stupid enough to break it,
Because it unbreakable,
But she can destroys it,
By herself.

I'm glad to see her text,
But I'm sad to read her note,
I'm happy to her smile,
But I sad to see her mad,
What she mad of is nothing right,
Not making any sense at all.

I seems like a pathetic,
Trying on and on to be loved,
Finally she's the one trying to be loved,
But I'm the one who lay this love,
Senselessly to the shadow of her.

I thought it could be better,
If I tell her how much I love her,
And I thought it might be better,
If I didn't love someone that didn't reply,
However its equal now,
And its nothing than a senseless love note,
That didn't reach the theme,
But it reaches the end of it,
And this love story is a note book,
Ends with no last page. '

Color told us, our personality, and color told us, the unique of the name,
And this note color, telling who she is

October 29, 2009

Thursday's Rehearsal

So the rehearsal go well. I didn't photograph today because don't want to. Only few shot. Yeah while the prefect are working. Nothing interesting. Just simple shot.

I'm glad the view of this blog increase without me realize it. Anyway thanks for everyone view and keep up with my page. There will be more photograph soon. Today depend~

'As I step on the stage,
History created there,
It turn be legendary someday,
Sooner or later,
Its so much more than a memory,
Its a treasure.'

October 28, 2009

{ Day Off }

Its Wednesday and today I'm off. Yeah a break on Wednesday. So I got up early this morning at 8 and online by 9 after I done my breakfast. Life can never get any better without a break. However tomorrow I'll be going to school for rehearsal award's day. I still don't know what's my award yet but I do know it has something to do with photography. I'll know it this Friday. Mum is coming along and dad, I'm not sure yet.

This Friday after the event there will be a photograph's request by the evening and Saturday. A camp event I guess. I learned a lot of stuff about the usage of flash already. I finally found out that they are so much more and a flash. The flash photograph looks awesome. Only if the flash is used 'creatively'. Yup. Its not just mount on the flash and capture that way. Its about the position and also the setting.

Now I'm listening to David Cook Come Back To Me. Just love that song. I love the line when you look in the mirror. It says you don't recognize the face in it. To me yeah really, the me right now and what before is always before. However, chances that I let go. I should just let it go. Like a freedom of an animal. So I won't look back anymore and will go on in this same old road.Its a journey that I have to go on till this story ends.

My journey is right thousand miles more away till I become someone else. All those sweet memories will always stay as permanent as a picture. It can always be feel and see but it'll never return for you to go on.

{The road I took before,
Turn me out to be desperate now,
Luckily I'm still on the same old journey,
To stand up as red as the blood,
As bloody as romance.

I'll be hoping that those feelings,
Plant in you before will come back,
And those hope you gave will be real,
As read as I touch it,
Right with the love on my lips.}