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November 30, 2009

*-* Vision *-*

Hey there this is Liz the author of the blog Its All About Liz. Its midnight and I was in my bedroom writing about something that I see in my vision. It is vividly sad and it never happens but it just telling me something... That I should be prepare for....

"I've been dreaming,
If we both live in a small world,
Small enough that meet us,
And join us,
That will make me happy.

We both know the difference,
Of the length between us,
Which is uncountable.

By December miracle happens,
And meet us both together,
You shut my mouth with a kiss,
And the touch of your hand,
makes me feel we're always close.

Then you leave and didn't come back so long,
In a sudden your friends are here,
Looking for me without you,
Telling me that you're heading here with them,
I thought it was a good news,
But you didn't make your way here."

Whatever this vision I had,
God I pray its nothing,
Nothing bad like this,
Maybe it just a distraction,
Whatever it is,
I hope its nothing....

*-* November Road *-*

So its Monday,
My brother got his test,
Soon there won't be any test,
And we'll be heading to JB.

Right now I'm thinking,
About me,
Telling myself what is life,
With my slackness,
I can never find out,
Finally I stop from being,
A bad slacker.

December is coming,
I'll be having something new,
To be write down,
Someday I hope all of my writing,
Will be down on a book,
Under my name.

"Light is shine bright,
On the door of my home,
Its time to look forward,
For the real light,
Toward every single steps,
Be careful on what have seen,
Never step down for sins.

Sometime it just fun,
But it isn't clean,
Or good,
Get on the right line,
Help us like a family,
I don't want your pity,
I want your hand.

Be strong and get on,
Not just listen on the word,
Let it be your power,
Your mighty power.

Things change,
Each single step it takes,
Even if you found,
That you stumble through,
There is always a way,
Someday you'll find the answer,
Get on the ride,
Drive toward North,
North of success.

Is coming,
Within December,
The end of the year,
2009 will be complete,
And here comes a new wish,
Within new year,
On 2010.

The time I past,
Seems like 3 second of my breath,
But I never stop hunting,
For the greatest,
And the best,
I can never satisfied,
Because we'll roll along,
On the same journey.

The golden phrase,
Says the gorgeous town,
On each single blade,
All bloods are red,
None of them,
Can see the difference,
Because we all got no difference,
We are all born,
To be a person."

"Its not apocalypse that we can't be a fighter,
Its not the end of the world if we can't be millionaire,
Its the world says,
We are a person"

November 28, 2009

*-* Flash With Box *-*

Something about flash box...
That's the thing...

So this photograph are some preview of it...Before

*-* Today's Note *-*

Milya and Fakhrul were here at my house just now... Yeah just playing around and hang out... So glad to see them again... Well... This is a new post... Which only contain this.... LoL>....<

Next Wednesday I'll be going to LS with mum and dad.. So I won't be on by the internet till Friday or Saturday... So I'll post some photograph of the beautiful nature left at LS... Hope everyone will like it.

September coming here I am to be shooting at JB by December.. Maybe Cristmas... Or whatever...

Short post... The shortest~

November 27, 2009

*-* The Unpredictable Silence *-*

Short in a moment,
When the first I saw that girl,
She had the most amazing smile,
Till then I'm falling apart,
Soon its falling apart,
Right when I was without her,
Better or worse I can never understand.

I keep finding a way,
The way she talks to me,
The way she treats me,
It seems to be nice,
Sometime to me,
Does she sees anything in me?

She steps in the way,
I keep thinking on something to start with,
Anything she does make it seems like love,
So I'm falling in love,
But its falling apart,
I wonder if there is something,
Could help me figure out this mess,
Of unconnected wire.

Then it past,
The last I saw her was nothing,
Then a look,
After time past,
She appears on the front,
And talk to me,
On that moment I just keep thinking and thinking,
What's been happening,
Things change,
But do I?

She never change from the first I saw her,
Just that lovely girl that's been being my best friend's girlfriend,
Some sort of thing she just don't get it,
In my eyes she's an angel,
The key to the heaven and I won't go there,
Without the key,
I hope she could give me anything more than this,
Its a real pain to be a friend,
But its way harder I can talk to her,
Love me or not that's the answer,
And do I?

On the busyness of the mall,
I saw her there in a deep shadow,
And neither does she,
The world is very small,
First comes coincidence,
Second comes faith,
Third comes destiny,
But is it always coincidence?

Right in front,
What I see,
Is it the truth,
Or is it just a coincidence,
Or just game,
In my heart the only thing I wish to say,
She's beautiful,
In a person.

I think I lost myself in her deep,
Beautiful eyes,
That I can't get over it,
She just makes me feel like shit.

In this silence,
What do I expect,
Never really happen,
But what if it comes in line,

"Deep in my heart,
There is a pearl,
A pearl of love that keeping this space,
And that pearl will disappear,
Until my heart found its partner"

*-* kidz... *-*

November 26, 2009

*-* Portrait Color *-*

Just some photograph of mine using a portrait color setting on my DSLR~

November 24, 2009

*-* Something New *-*

Time past till now that its written here,
Its about new year,
Its gonna step in 2010,
And now I'm here with my own,
Typing a brand new story,
That I wish everyone would love it.

>I called it the way we talk<

Cute face with cute personalities,
Ain't get a chance to see the truth,
Behind the cuteness.
Yeah she's fine that she thinks she's fine,
But she ain't worth the world at all.

She makes you fall to see you down,
And she'll be standing on the mountain top,
Showing thee strength of a girl,
She's as fake as her color,
Where you can see it obviously,
Not naturally beauty,
A a seduction.

I've been waiting for changes,
As the matter of fact all I've been through,
Just a craps,
Seen on the look of my face,
This ain't real as I thought,
Ow things didn't go on,
Yeah and so I stop it,
So I did it my way,
Without hurting.

Find out that its love and its stuck in the middle,
However love that I didn't give a fuck.

Thanks for her saving me,
I'm free from the destruction,
From her seduction,
That made me crazy.

So as seen here outside,
There is a dead mouse,
Got killed my cat,
And of course it shows the shadow of me,
That what I've been hiding,
Finally I realize,
Miracle happen again and right now,
Life can never got better than this,
Thank God,
For the difference,
Thank you...

So I said it,
And I never take my words back,
Not anymore,
I swear.

Stop being silly,
Get out from the color,
Nobody will ever give a fuck~

She didn't left me or neither do I,
But it just I found someone better than her,
As beautiful as the season of autumn.

>I didn't being silly cause I ain't give a fuck<

See the note above titled >Please Note<

November 22, 2009

*-* Photography With Quote *-*

I just read some information about photograph and every photographer needs a quotes... Which can be tips for the others... And it helped me a lot... This is mine....

'Each single photographs taken shows the better you are.'
And I would like to say,

'Telling the story about the photograph to the others is a bad photograph'
That's mine and here are some others. Not mine... This quote means so much and help the others a lot to understand what photograph actually is...

'You don't take a photograph, you make it' by Ansel Adam

'Your first 10000 photographs are your worst' by Henri Cartier

'Which photograph is my fav? The one I'm going to take tomorrow' by Imagen

'Photograph the light not the land' By ???

'Listen to others compliment but don't get to into it' by ???

'Use the others' idea to work on better' by ???

If you found out a quote for yourself... It means already know what you are up to.

*-* Photo Shooting Children *-*

*-* Thing *-* LoL *-*

Ok... A very short post... This is about something I really want............

A HVL-F58AM (I guess some of you know what is this)...

Well that's the name... Its a flash gun.... Gun flash... Erm... Whatever it is... Its a flash that works like a gun... Emm.. Its a thing that I want... Before December... Hopefully...

A900,70-200 F2.8 lens, and HVL-F58AM...
Hope this is mine... LoL~

The only thing left to complete a set:
  • external flash(wireless) HVL-F58AM
  • a vertical grip (of course with another extra battery because I can use two battery after I mount on the vertical grip)
  • a wide angle lens
That's all to complete...
I'm planning to get a LCS-AMSC30,
Which is a bag,
A large system bag.

Anyone sell on of the above list?
contact me on the phone...
0165221184 (miss call or prank text will be ignore)
You heard me...

November 21, 2009

*-* Saturday's Shot *-*

So I renamed my blog 'Its All About Liz'

About this is all about me.

The Door

10 miles far away,
I can never think about leaving,
Where can I go if I left?

There are like the world I wanna be at,
I wanna be at somewhere,
My dream can come true,
Where I can see the real life,
That exactly looks the same,
Like the one in my fantasy.

I wanna be known,
I wanna be listen by the other,
Let me listen to the other too,
I'll be glad in anyway,
As I reach my light,
Anything could happen,
Its like the rain of gold,
Where I can see the real personality,
Of a person in this way.

Its weekend,
Everyday seems the same,
My old boring life,
All I've gone through,
Wasn't the way that I want,
And I can't even change them.

Let's get on the train,
It travel to the whole world,
Where would you like to land?

There is a city of gold,
A hidden map could find the hidden city,
The map is the only thing that it takes,
To get yourself there.

When I feel my dream has burnt,
I walk around it,
Each steps it takes,
Teach me a great way,
To go on in no matter what way,
Nothing can be different,
When its burnt into pieces,
Of memories.

There are so many question,
I still didn't get the answer,
The door out there is open,
But not the gate,
The fence stands tall,
I can never see outside,
Without climbing.

Thousands piece of paper,
Millions of note,
Each single note is each single voice,
Mute voice that can be listen,
When you read,
Because its whispering,
To find an answer,
If it could be end,
With a better way.

November 20, 2009

*-* A Piece Of Note *-*

Its half past nine in the night,
And its Friday,
What a lonely day,
With the single me here on the computer,
Now thinking about having a relationship,
But not with the one I want,
So I might call it relation-shit,
Which I wonder why do I think it that way,
I'm single and not available,
Only that if I only had the right heart.

Right now I'm having 5 packets of junk food,
And couple of cup,
Of Cola with ice,
Drinking here while I'm typing,
Something a little about me.

I was born by the month of February,
And I live in the street with a store nearby,
I hate the street here,
More like shit,
That I can't picture the view to you,
I can say that when you are here,
The main thing you will know is,
What a sad neighborhood.

I always wanna be like the kid,
Running around the street with the others,
Without worry about things that come-by,
I wish God always give me the best,
But as the matter of fact I know,
God is giving me with every single step that I took,
But I'm happy,
He's the one that listening.

I wish I live a a better street,
Where almost like everyday,
With a fine weather,
I could see the kids,
Are running outside,
The pedestrian walking on the walkway,
And I could see people jog around with the others,
And I can photograph the portrait of neighbors,
That is so beautiful.

My street,
I can see nothing than bikes,
Street racing,
People hanging out,
All the house are fenced well,
And there is no walkway,
But a big road,
That doesn't fill up with lots of cars,
But wind and flying papers.

When I ask a postmen,
About his work,
He told me that,
His work doesn't seems to be appreciate by the neighbor,
Even in the morning,
They don't greet each other,
Most of them,
Certain people they all great,
They speak with each other,
But some of them,
When you past by they might disturb you,

I want a better place and a great home,
Where I can see appreciation,
And friendliness,
I wish things can change in a sudden,
But maybe they don't listen,
I'm just sad they don't,
But when they whisper,
I do listen,
Even its not the great way,
I still listen,
But in the best way,
They all just a piece of note,
On the big road,
Flying with winds.

*-* Whisper The Way I Want *-*

Some sort of thing,
We just don't get it,
There are some sort of thing,
We see the way,
Might be funny,
Jokes or whatever,
Some certain thing we just don't hear,
What are they trying to whisper.

I love music and it inspires me,
Like how I do on photograph,
People see inspiration in something from the way you whisper,
Each and every single note it takes,
So much more than a hidden feeling,
Just listen to those whispering voice,
And you might know.

What's coming to fall out,
And what going to drop down,
Then and the time that it arrives,
We all roll along.

I look down deep in my heart,
What a total mess I made,
The whole wire lost its connection,
Each single one bring me to confusion,
Just like how it goes on love,
A circulation like the wind,
Just listen to my voice whisper,
And you might know.

She stepping the way,
Each single step I listen carefully,
And I hope its getting louder and louder,
I might know how close is she getting too,
And ow she just makes me feel like shit.

If you might be able to listen to me whispering something,
I'm sure we are exactly at the same situation,
I love games not with girls,
But finally I was caught in the middle of relationshit,
And I'm the one stepped back,
For no reason.

This is my life,
I wanna be free and happy,
I just wanna flow it in my own way,
Good way for good reason,
But I'm happy just not the right way,
And my short point is to be my own,
Now let me show you my own,
Exactly not even a single lie.

All time I've been lucky,
I'm just an easy man that falls easily on love,
And this crap just making me over and over,
Love note is what I wrote,
And it always stay mute,
Nothing than a meaningless note outside,
Mean so much for me,
With the ink of my heart.

I don't care what does it looks like in me,
Well I just get it straight,
I need a love,
A real love deeply inside my heart,
Written with blood,
The name of the one,
Than I might drop by again and telling,
Another brand new note,
That might be written down,
With my own blood.

'Trying tell you something'

"It could be rain,
It could be tears,
It could be a note,
On the way I whisper."

November 18, 2009

*-* Cats and Family + Randon Photograph *-*

Photograph of cats.. All cats at my place.Dad


Random photograph~.~