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December 31, 2009

Photo Of The Day????

Photo Of The Day is some great photograph that I pick between all photograph I had.
Each day I'll post different photograph according to the topic I knew or I got.

Begin from football...
There are gonna be lot more.

And I need some help on the topic. you can recommend me any topic through my chatbox. And I'll post the photograph I'll snap on the post with a title called '*-* photograph of the day *-* '

Thank you and today photo of the day is...


Long House Wedding

Ok here are some photograph for long house wedding...
I took them about past few weeks ago...
And its not about wedding even its a wedding.
Because I went there around noon and the bride,
Will be out by 8PM and I can't wait that long...

But here are some random photograph I took...

New Year's Eve Note

Just don't forget or regret,
Those memory that created,
On this precious year.

>>> Friends <<<
Tomorrow is gonna be a new start,
Today will be the last,
Somehow we got stuck,
But never stop rock in the time,
Its gonna be a new start,
But it won't make any differences,
Because we'll still remember,
How we talk to one another,
Maybe we'll be separate,
But you know I'll be there,
As long as I could.

>>> Milya <<<
We rock in time,
All this begins from us,
And I'd spent half of a year,
hanging out there at your class,
Without looking at the time,
Because I got no watch,
That shows its end.

>>> Taylor <<<
It begins with a great start,
We had a great memory we created,
From the internet I could see,
How beautiful kind of person you are,
And you'll always there with your smile,
That makes the others realize,
There is nothing to worry about,
Because she'll stay that way,

>>> Yas <<<
Those photograph we had,
For a long time ago,
A promise we made,
I'll hang on those words,
And you don't have to worry,
What we had in the past,
I'll treasure them more,
Because they are something,
You and I can never forget.

>>> Daus <<<
Adventure begins from melody,
And it was a great start,
Till when you had the view,
In the camera viewfinder,
You found what's interesting,
And you see the truth,
Of the beauty inside.

>>> Naz <<<
From a great opening of friendship,
We seem like related somehow,
However its a total mystery,
That finally feeling answer it all,
Its true that we're related,
And its a small world.

>>> Zaki <<<
Its sort of funny,
The way we talk from the beginning,
But they will always no heart felling,
Confidant guides you to success,
And you'll stay that way.

>>> Salleh <<<
Its funny the way it starts,
From the first I know,
You was known to be weird,
But weird is always good,
Because they all think the same,
Happy new year.

>>> Avy <<<
We live in the same street,
The look shows your emotion,
It says the kind of person you are,
And the way I know you,
You are just like me,
Be real.

>>> Aline <<<
I can't reach you and its a note,
LEft here as a silent message,
That I hope you could feel the same,
I can't stop thinking where you are,
And how you are totally,
I just hope you could read it,
Telling you happy new year.

>>> Lukezz Love <<<
The way it seems isn't desperate,
It shows your appreciation,
To keep holding the strength,
Of your friendship tightly unbreakable,
And to be the light,
Of those dark.

>>> Asx <<<
Love is a luxury and a mystery,
Its start weirdly unknown,
It ends complicatedly confusing,
But you do know what you want,
And you know what you need.

>>> Flora <<<
It just that awesome,
From the name its spelled,
Not yet from the backside,
Whoever she will be,
She'll stay that nice,
Because you are,
Who you see.

>>> Iffa <<<
Tomorrow will be a great start,
Books are totally a mess on desk,
Working hardly to dig more knowledge,
For the best of the result,
For the upcoming exam preparation,
And for you own sake.

>>> Dilla <<<
Stunning is always awesome,
Its not the noise or emotional,
Its what a feeling planted in your guitar,
The melody is something you called rock,
Keep up the way it plays and it just felt,

>>> Fakrul <<<
Music is your expression,
You played them with your emotion,
Your patient and your love,
Discover feelings and thoughts are interesting,
And you are the seekers,
Who's being the dream guy for the girls,
Great job buddy,
Melodies just stay in your blood.

>>> Yaty <<<
I guess it wasn''t that great,
Things are a total mess I created,
However it doesn't matter at all,
Its a great time,
And those talk are just my fantasy,
See the truth through the lens,
And happy new year.

>>> That Girl <<<
Its a puzzle that solved,
You go your way and I go mine,
There might be a huge difference,
And I quit right now,
Shoot the star,
Because you always get anything you want,
Yeah I press those word with no stress.

>> HER <<<
She loves the way it moves,
Just as strong as that way,
I wonder what she in the eyes on me,
And she makes me feel like shit,
Love story is wonderful,
That I wrote from a note to a book,
With no last page.

>>> Syazwan <<<
Your word is the romance,
That you had sincerely in your heart,
You believe in your feeling,
You got confidant from the view,
But you shouldn't forget,
It was awesome.

>>> All <<<
"There's no shame to lose in battle,
If we all completely lose,
There's no worry to face,
Each coming day is a mystery,
There is gonna be another new start,
Happy new year."

December 30, 2009

Photo Of The Day

So today photo of the day is about football...

Hope you like it....

Sunny Day Wireless Flash Photography

>>> Its Okay <<<

(I do not own this photograph)

The side way of the road,
She sketched her footstep,
There's a splash of water,
With the beat of her noise,
Just like the way we talk.

Finally its gone,
Love is only a feeling,
What do I expect?
More than that?
Probably not.

I don't deserve to be with her,
It just that simple,
She had somebody else,
I would say way better,
Than me.

Its not about misunderstanding,
It just all about the position,
We live on our way and we,
Just ignore the rest,
Now if you go east,
Then I'll go west,
Its okay.

There's no regret,
For what I've been through with her,
Finally we decided our own way,
From the look she's an angel,
I'm the devil,
But as the matter of fact,
Deep inside,
Its different than the look.

There are those photograph,
Stick behind my door,
I place them for a memory,
Each time I close the door,
I'll have a look,
Finally I took them down,
Our memory,
Remain memory,
And it won't make any difference,
Between she or me.

I thank her for showing her appreciation,
This love finally falls on her hand,
This feeling I give it to her,
It doesn't matter how its over,
As long as I understand,
How is our feeling actually related,
Next year we'll be separate,
Probably will but I wanna wish her,
The best always.

And if this is the last we meet,
I would like to say,
Thank you...

'Its great,
Its awesome,
Flash back to our story,
Its a total mess,
But its okay,
Thank you,
Happy new year.'

December 27, 2009

*-* The Better Way *-*

That purple rose,
Blew by the wind of faith,
Not even a single message,
I just stay shut to be real,
Not that I hate to listen,
Just I don't wanna listen,
Because I'm not a dog,
I can fly if I want,
I can stab you with my own hand,
The position you had doesn't mean anything,
Violence is not the answer,
But watch what its done.

Doesn't seems to be connected,
But I'm warning you to watch out,
This romance isn't a game,
Don't be a fool or I'll stand,
And I'll see you stand down on your knee,
But before I do,
I just wanna say,
Step out.

You are a teen,
You could stand in your own way,
There's no need to escape,
You are brutal and stunningly awesome,
There's no need to escape.

Face the word,
You are still a teen,
They will judge you the way it would,
But they won't get to be your king,
Because you are not an idiot,
Just a teen,
And everyone ever been into it,
Just they treat you wrongly,
You just face it.

Slowly the note of the melody,
Can bleed coming from your ears,
The tone is sharply warning,
You better stop or else,
You face the fact,
That you are just nothing,
This melody can kill you silently,
And everything you wish
Just didn't actually work out,
I'm not taking the advantage,
I just don't wanna give it a fuck,
Because when I say so,
You better watch.

I wanna scream and live on this way,
Just free and way better than that,
In this life there is no king,
Only God will be the one,
But for a person we are all just the same,
Love and like isn't another soul,
It just a shit born from you,
I hate you,
But you don't give a fuck on those word,
Like I say,
You'll be down on your knee.

I just wanna scream out loud,
And let the others know,
Why everyone always deserve a better position,
Because they deserve,
And I deserve way better like the others.

'Under this fantasy,
I see there another me down on my way,
Laying on me on the ground,
I'm an evil that against the angel,
And you are just a mistake,
I've seen before,
Step away and leave,
Its better without you.'

*-* The Rhythm Of Love With Its Connection *-*

Its 1 in the morning, And I was here all alone typing and typing, Reading peoples' journal, And listen to peoples' thought, Some thing I just agree but some certain things, Just doesn't make senses at all.

The line said... 'I will can't live without you by my side.'... Isn't something called 'LOVE'... What actually is love and what's a real love? That is just something call romance but only if both partner felt the same way. In case one of them did not... That's not the word. Its a romance from one but its also forcing to be love and shows how desperate the one. That's not the way. Love is always a word of freedom and caring. Which both have to be understanding and to give whats the best but without even pretending or just forcing. Forcing isn't a good word. As the matter of fact, that's the worst for a relationship. Some sort of thing we just have to have it real and we need to let it go. I've been through more than this but I never tell them that I can't live without them. Because it just doesn't make sense at all. There are lot more of things can be done out there than love. You might think that I'm saying this because I never been into relationship.


To be real. I know how to feel and what I felt. Now this is something in the half of nothing. This guy was falling in love to the girl when he got the chance. Its a bad feeling that isn't actually a relationship. Its just another bad hook up. To be more open, there is some more people think a real relationship they have seen is when there were hook up. And that's how it happen.

The word 'romance' didn't actually touch to the surface of the word 'violence'. According to dictionary this two words are not even related a single penny. To some certain reason they are related. 'Lifestyle' hits the two note in a combination. But still. Romance didn't even related to violence. Some certain reason they do but let me make this clear why it wasn't. To see deep in somebody eyes, we do know their feeling toward and we could understand what they had in mind. However romance is red as blood. But there must not be any pain to be in a romance that move on the walkway. Unless it hits the word 'sacrifice'... I might stop for that.
Life is just a mess I created, Love is the strength I grown up with, Romance is my blood that bleed, But a real love in my eyes, Only lays when you had the same thought, Its a reflection in your eyes, Through the lens you could see, Don't the word but the feeling, That I love you

Right back to the line I wrote early this post. Its not what they call romance. Its a will of a person. Its also another blind feeling. That is totally connected to the word 'desperate'. Patient takes a long journey to it ends but believe me... When you hits the bottom of it, it comes with a prize. There's no need to rush in this life. When first you lost your mind... Second...

You lost everything.

And if comes with third,

You lost in your forgotten city and there is a way out... Only if you could find one.

There is no word in shame to tell your status. It doesn't matter at all. Lots of us been through it. However it doesn't make sense at all when you got a heart broke stabbed by love. Because I believe the line....

'You deserve better'

'What can I say about falling down? What can I say about broken heart? What can I say about giving up? All I can say is, You deserve better than this'

December 25, 2009

*-* Christmas Wish *-*

Its chirstmas day,
And its raining,
I'm sitting under the rain,
Flashing back where you & I,
Were standing under the rain,
With a small umbrella,
That I got from the staffroom.

I just wonder,
Straight deep in your eyes,
If I could break the lens,
What do you see in me?
Or just as I said,
Its not gonna make any difference.

The way I look at the rain,
Just the same as the romance,
That lies underneath our blood,
Where I guess we're just closely a combination,
Of the lightning,
And rain.

Right under the rain in your wet dress,
We're connected there in a loneliness,
And there were only us,
Under this scene of romance,
I was trying to kiss you,
With the love on my lips.

In the middle of this story,
You place in an empty box,
its dark and its lonely,
Out there you are playing around,
Your happiness makes me an enemy,
I don't hate it,
Its what they called,

Dear God,
I've made the same wish each day of my life,
Under mistletoe I've been waiting,
If she mights appear to spawn out,
It doesn't matter anywhere,
Just I was wonder,
Where has she been?
After long time,
I never seen her,
Right now she's still a sign,
A sign of my heart,
To find its light.

'Cover is just a beauty,
The lens on the eyes is a seduction,
The body is a curse,
The heart,
Is the feelings,
The shadow,
Is hidden deeply silent,
In that silence,
Its a blank and empty soul,
That just hiding behind its shield.'

December 24, 2009

*-* It Doesn't Matter *-*

Just a single text,
Might means a little of something,
As the matter of fact,
Its just a coincidence,
And a mistake.

You said love is a luxury,
You say,
Can you love the pain of love for loving to much?
It the end you figure it out,
It means something,
But you blindly saw the differences,
Between a heading east,
Or heading west?

Maybe Christmas gonna tell me another story?
But may I ask?
What makes any differences?
Or it just not making any sense at all.

I can hear the bell,
Around that lonely street,
I know I'll figure it out,
What makes any differences,
What I've been up to.

A disappointment,
Isn't the word that I'm saying,
Its a tough position that I'm standing,
But I'll never stop of searching and keep up,
With what I do,
Because it won't make any differences,
You and I,
We're worlds apart,
You are standing there in your freedom,
And I build you a wing for you to fly,
I don't want your pity or sympathy,
I don't need your appreciation,
I just want you to see,
Its not making any differences.

Not me.

As you are cold,
I'll be your sweater to keep your warm,
Hoping you for the years,
And wishing you all the best,
Of all time.

Maybe its the way we talk,
Make the differences,
But each part I've seen,
You not making any differences.

I know it sounds repetitive,
Yeah I know that I'm competitive,
But I'm telling you about a real love,
That you should see with your eyes open,
And listen to your heart.

I'll write a list,
I'll make it long,
But the meaning gonna be short,
Because your too short to be tall,
And your timing is too short,
To listen to the long,
The length won't make any sense,
The time,
After all,
Its another word of,

'I don't wanna compare to the guy,
Because I don't wanna be the winner,
I don't wanna have you,
Because somebody does,
I don't wanna tell you I love you,
Because it doesn't make any difference,
Than stay silent,
As it suppose too.'

December 23, 2009

*-* I Believe What I See *-*

Each days that I past,
Seems to be a small sins,
That I carry without any worries,
Now time reach close to the something,
I was there wondering what kind of position,
That I'll be standing?

On the 24Th the result is coming,
Some certain people already decided,
Which school will they continue,
Or some already decided,
When will they start working,
Or stop schooling...

I was wondering... Or maybe there might be a holy water... That when I wash my face I might realize what position I'm standing.... Or just make me wake up from this sleep.

I have no interest in studies but I never think about stop... I will continue and work on what I do... because it helps me reach close to my dream even what I dream doesn't comes from my lesson... But the grade of my lesson, guide me a better where to the light of my heart. I wish my interest are all related to my goal.... But I'm not God to decide... Which way I'll be taking. This journey seems to me is a real mess. Sometime this mess just makes me a better position. God... you heard me...
I have a big dream to study at certain places. But of course its not that easy as you release a shot. You need to shoot straight to the target and releasing a shot is simple. but can you shoot straight to the target?

Thinking about the upcoming year... Gosh... I'm speechless. The only thing I could say is... Just let situation decide it.

I just wonder, Is it the taste? Is it the love? Is it the touch? Or is it the beauty? And maybe... Its hopeless.
I'm not going to stop what I do,
But I'll stop what I did,
Even if its hopeless,
I will still keep on trying,
It just that simple,
Just in a sudden,
I might be different,
But sort of that moment,
I never change...

I'm still that guy... That always keep searching for the light. That I need to light up the dark in this heart. That light means everything to me. For you guys who just started to read my journal... Here I am flashing back to the early post of this blog. I made this page for a reason I had a dream. About me searching for a light. And I saw a small source of light. Behind a strong and big wall. There is a small hole where the light comes from. Right behind the wall. I see something so big and it seems to is a future of me. And I ever had the same dream twice. But the second time its a bit different. I saw myself working hard to break the wall. I was there screaming... Crying... I even use my fist to break that wall. My fist was bleeding badly. Too bad its not even helping a single crack at all. Not even a scratch on the wall. There was someone there telling me. you don't have to break the wall. He said right behind the wall.... Is me in the future. But he said its a prediction. Not a real future. But it can be real. only if I work on it. Breaking the wall is just another shortcut. And of course... you will only receive nothing than a tear.

I never thinking about give up. Even if I might fail what I do... but failure is just another success.The word is not "fail"... It suppose to be "not yet success..." Its the opening from the start. And only if you done your homework and working hard... If you are the one standing and bagging for God... Only luck might help out or maybe... miracle. But why these all coming isn't because you believe you might. Its another chance from God to make you change from a snobbish person to a thankful person. Greedy isn't the answer, but just be thankful.

There I am standing in the middle of darkness,
But I'm not afraid of the darkness,
Because I believe in anywhere,
There might be another source of light,
But the strength of darkness are weak,
The light is the king,
And as the matter of fact,
I'm still alive and standing,
Not to wait death after me,
But me...
Keep my own word real,
And will make another statement,
That a person,
Can never be afraid,
Of death.

Here I am, With all of my words, That is a prayer I pray, Secretly and deep in silence, But I never pray in the wrong way, I'm on the right track, And here I am wishing you all, For a great result tomorrow, Good luck and all the best,

'I was a light hunter in the dark, I'm not afraid that I can't find the light, But I'm afraid, That I might be afraid of the consequence, But I learned, That I can never be afraid, To have a dream, That seems to be impossible, However like mum always say, Whatever you do, It always comes with a payment, And of course you get the goods.'

December 22, 2009

*-* Back In Town And Back To Home *-*

Above picture were taken with a mobile phone~

That's my dad

Two guy whisper to me...'quick!!! Take photo'
The only picture that I edited... The others I didn't... Sorry about that... Lazy...

Welcome to Batu Pahat Mall

My first wireless photography shot... After bough the flash.
Ota, Chai Tao Kueh, Gao Lak and more2 are what we used to eat... Favorite...
Little sister with grandmother (dad's side)

Late and late late grandfater

Wireless flash + vivid color shot....
Along... The one wearing blue shirt

Zhe Yang@ Yang Yang

One Buck(United State Dollar)
10 Ringgit (Old Malaysian Money)
'The digit might be small. But this piece of 10 dollars worth more than that,
people would love to buy this money for so much more than the amount' Say my uncle....

Be patient...

A new building somewhere.

No smoking....

It took long time to get there and it took so long to reach there but when we got there... It just felt so much like home and the situation never change... Just another home... See you guys soon again. By the time coming... Next year... Hopefully we could stay longer... Hopefully... We'll have fun again...

Thanks for Wendy for the photograph below... Silly mistake... i forgot to bring my camera battery... So this was taken with a digital camera...