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January 31, 2010

Photo Of The Day

Trick In Shape, Same In Solve
Mysterious Cube

January 27, 2010

Piece Of Diary

Just a small piece of note,
Flying down like leaves,
Slowly it lands and touches ground,
Begins from the letter friendship,
Turn out to be more than that,
But it didn't work out,
As it was pretty close to its end,
But things don't go the way we like,
And I was totally lost.

I was a lost warrior,
Holding a sword with light reflection,
 The power of light,
The power of dark,
I'm on this battlefield,
To stand for light,
By being the dark.
 It comes in a price,
It takes step of death.

Seven steps away from light,
I was lost under this unknown source of light,
The mirror of my sword,
Shows me and guides me,
On the road to another shadow,
Where each days I was used,
To defeat by the shadow,
By defeating the shadow.

I got 2 options,
Raise the sword of light,
And be the light that hides in the shadow,
Or be the shadow,
And Stands for the light.
Its a tough position I'm in,
Both decides every single steps,
Where I'll be totally close to death.

For the name and title,
Where Lord gave me,
I'll be the shadow of light,
That could be seen,
And could be unseen,
50 miles far away from victory,
But as the matter of fact I know,
Victory means nothing to me,
Both gonna go the same way,
What's more than bleed lot of bloods.

But as it said,
It comes with a price.

People change or things change,
Looking forward from this strange voice,
I recall back for the past where I heard them,
A voice of desperation,
Screaming out God ow God,
There was this hidden light from the sky,
Light down on land like giant spotlight,
Friend it says,
Thousand miles you travelled,
Sins collected from every mistake,
You are forbidden to lay your hand on those sword,
Nothing can turns you back like before,
Lays as your sword.

Look down on your knees,
Get to see yourself that way,
Nothing could place you first,
To be the one steps heaven,
You are million miles away,
And it takes every single bathe,
With holy water,
Where you couldn't find them,
With your naked eyes,
It says only the heart do,
Like the gate of destiny.

Fellows visitor,
If you are reading,
Hopefully this story lays behind notes,
Could give you an inspiration,
Or just a pill of cure,
For you to see,
What's justice,
What's honor,
What's loyalty,
And what's appreciation.

Photo Of The Day

 Diary Of The Days

January 26, 2010

I'm Not Standing On The Back of My Shadow But On It

Look upward,
Head north to south,
Or south to north,
I can move freely.

The light of fun getting brighter,
Spotted at a spoted,
Like a huge spotlight,
On the top from the sky,
But I never get to see,
What's the difference,
My light,
And those shadow.

Just like a piece of leaf,
 Falling as it dated to be on time,
On the upcoming season,
Sure you'll see,
What's behind a shadow,
other than darkness.
Taking out my paper,
Could buy almost anything,
As it comes in a price,
But still it never really do,
Buy everything.

Could I see a brigther life,
Maybe I mean it,
Something way betetr than this,
But I'm very thankful,
For this condition,
 But it true,
I expected way better than this,
Maybe I don't see it yet,
But as the matter of fact,
It doesn't matter.
{I not it down let it clear. Hopefully it appears to be dark. Because it doesn't matter}

Photo Of The Day


January 23, 2010

Black Winged Angel

Your wings are black,
But you are holy white,
Your shadow could be seen,
Only if someone could see in those eyes,
Silently you in a night of prom,
Right under this colorful light,
You were dancing.
You were drinking.
You were there,

Only demons could have those wings,
But where do you get those things?

You say its love but you don't understand,
You were loved by a great guy,
but you just don't give a fuck.

What makes you cleanly,
And could see the right?

A better look I compare,
Still you wouldn't accept me,
Maybe I'm not that awesome.
But telling me that's love,
I guess you need to grow up.

Everything might be fine outside,
But we both know there's something,
You & I are trying to talk about,
Right back then you were a slut,
I totally regret that I defend you,
From being known to be a slut.

As the matter of fact,
It won't make any difference,
They were right about you.