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February 10, 2010

Better out Side

Just listen to your voice
my heart slowly beats
all those pain are just noise
that could never get heat

From the situation I felt
The sun sets by now
the flare is seen on the window
way so much different from snow

Cold and windy
out there isn't a disaster
it just too messy
just on my view finder

Where could I see those things
just a blank piece of note flies
what makes you think
I can stand high?

I believe in things called love
that was just planted from boys and girls
from a friendship it started
blossom into something bigger than we expect

She's not the one
that you might amaze
or maybe she is the one
who could melt you

As the matter of fact I know

My heart towards her stands vertically upwards
not a single lie hidden backward
I believe maybe she thinks another way
when time comes by night
where those song were played

Patient was tested like chemicals
it takes a long time to discover
a missing part or the sentence
that join in the note of melodies
like those music could end somewhere
or else there isn't a right line
maybe just the condition


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