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February 11, 2010

Early Valentine

Looking at the star
there outer space so far
life just seems to be that way
something that I just couldn't say
always remain mysterious

Perfection won't change the fact
I was all alone in till I got to 16
I never felt love but I do felt silently
secretly felt from my precious heart

Those birds are singing early morning
like morning was scheduled since Monday
first day for our weekday
a starts of the week
Slowly the sun turns dark
cloud seems to be unseen
and rain begins to fall
dream apart from the space
laying in tears

Live life located in a box
under the box you got a room
live there under your shadow
or just stand the way you could
and never stop something you deserve

I couldn't blame love for giving me an unfairness
the look on your personalities or appearance
still won't make anyone fall on you
the word love won't stick to you
only if I could have that

Lesson of the day already started
and I was totally lost myself in my dream
Early September hunts me as an animal
February dated
Early Valentine

Listen to my favorite song
played for me to feel
something I couldn't feel
each melodies told me a different story

A cup of coffee served early morning
it was 5 early morning
start up wearing nice

Early letter on my keyboard
seen the letter of your name
the bell on my phone was heard
sharp as I was alerted to my cell
but it makes me realize
running on quick
you got to be on time

'Certain things are noted there
listed long to be uncountable
Certain things just gonna change
I need to try for my first love'

and I was only a bird
that lost it wings

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