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February 18, 2010


I don't walk to my past
nobody live or traveled along their past
but past shall never be forgotten

Photograph captured with a single snap
50 over 50 of those were the truth
but those light colored part shall be darken
cause shadow stands under your light

A single beat of danger
as those falling stars reached Earth
stands the day after tomorrow
or day the day before tomorrow

Memory shall stand still
past shall be memorized
but I will never walk back
if time you left me away
I shall never walk your way
*That Cute little Girl*

Love light of gold
sketched strong with a mighty bow
an arrow stab sharply toward your heart
not anymore accurate before you stab me
I love you a single note I wrote
by time I forgot you leave the day Ilive
you stands there in my mind
without an answer
and you should never live there
*That Blondie*

Love life a thousand miles
long journey before the truth is seen
I'll live the life I could
and I'll never give up on love
because I shall be fallen
by the ground of death
bullets can stop me
I'll live with it.

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