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February 15, 2010

First Date

It was dark
cooling and nice
you start falling asleep

 You lay on my shoulder
my arms are locked with your hug
I was holding your hand
as I believe it was love

I was confused and lost
I took my step and counting your fingers
your react in a lightning
and you are the Tornado
who was the first to have me in the arms

I have no where to go
in the dark I believe I could reach your lips
my hand was covered with a warm temperature
and you lein on me


Anonymous said...

nice poem, reminds me of...
eh, whats ur fb account?
this is clarion btw...

Liz V. February said...

Aha thanks~ Em... You already add me right?

Anonymous said...

haha,dont u think this situation is a lil' private?lol.

Liz V. February said...

No one know.... Right? haha