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February 12, 2010

Fly By Time

If flower was bloomed before Sunday
would there be any coincidence
that things didn't come along
on the same road

Flight from North away
land along across the runway
what ends from the bottom I didn't expect
what land before the runway
is a total disaster

She walks along the road
on a simple note shown
from the look on her face
if it stayed that way
why would I believe anymore in coincidence?

February's break begins by now
each second counted to be miserable
but moments brighten by the sun
lately sets within nights to be rise
when there's the ungodly soul young guy
shown as the strength of the sun
where's the light of justice?

Is it going to land perfectly
50 miles away from the darkening
before night arrives
I'll be sure morning to stand
as noon gone by noon
as love flew to be true

The light stands night after night
lost like paradise is in trouble
your touch speaks to me
what makes me realize?
Ice can never melt?

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