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February 19, 2010

I Was Competitive

Why should I?

Over months of regret I never felt your happiness
you told me I was the charm of luck in your soul
but I was the one who felt unlucky

Down over the battlefield
warrior were all covered over the space
there was this abandon hut around the lake
covered and protected by shadow
light flashes over the surface of shadow
stands by my bow on the light of shadow

Tonight no warrior shall fall
I was powerless without my sword
I believe blood tastes it all
a single stab with my bow

By morning I woke from bed
those that I love
begins to hate

I was competitive over my shadow
by dawn I shall know that I stood low

The shadow has been broken
silence steps over the drops of blood
but I was those who bleed those blood
pain was felt if you stood tall
all hail the king
that kills us all.

"Life is unfair in certain way,
Nobody's perfect,
As the matter of fact only God can be perfect,
Live life love way you got,
Blood doesn't gets you a better way"


Anonymous said...

Yeah,nobody's perfect liz...if u felt like ur being challenged, let go coz those r juz words set up to trap u...except if dats an official challenge,then i think u shud go for it!haha... clarion..

Liz V. February said...

That's the problem. I kept being competitive. I can't be compare to other because I don't like it~