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February 08, 2010

Love Birthday's Gift

Fail once
Fail twice
Fail trice
For the fourth time again
Fail again for the fifth time
Again and again

Now I'm one this new story
I fall in love to this girl
Maybe there is a total distance in order
But is this gonna be new to me
Or maybe just like before

God I wonder
what can I expect from this
is this going to work out
I bag you for an answer
if it sure gonna hurts my feeling then please
hurt me now
so I'll be strong enough to live love life again
it doesn't matter how much blood I bleed

I wanna fight for love
and I deserve way million times better than this
or I'm just another pathetic?
or desperate enough to talk
to voice
to speak
to scream

As the matter of fact

You not in my place to understand
I don't see anything related
from teachers
or my siblings

My heart now kept to be silence

I'll kept this love remains a secret
its okay nobody know
if it worked out
maybe I might tell the whole world
but another time I'll fail
its okay
I just need to wipe those tears right?
God you tell me.......

People stands for me
they support me
go for it they said
each every time
each everyone
and each every girls
each every love

What's gonna be my birthday's gift?
the greatest gift for me is something from her
I don't expect something so much
maybe just a wish
or just a smile
or maybe
nothing more than love

What is it for I'm looking
times running and I fear facing tomorrow
as if there were time before tomorrow
I wanna make first love be my gift

5 days away from valentine
and I was 5 way away from her
why is it so hard?
why is it pain,
yeah it was my heart

Silence like the wind
nobody know and nobody care
just a flying note presenting myself
a mysterious letter placed,

Can I believe there is love for tomorrow?
May I listen to God should I believe?
Do I suppose to love day for tomorrow?
Or tomorrow just another senseless day?
As today that past~

My wish for the day
then may I say
'A Love Birthday's Gift'

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