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February 27, 2010

They Dont See Certain People From The Better Way

They Dont See Certain People From The Better Way

People feelings aren't just a game. Some certain things people just take it easy and some certain things we don't judge them from the way its naturally suppose to be. Have you ever feel so good there's a girl lay in your arm with full of love as you are with her forever? I believe feelings can bring us to another stage in relationship. Some sort of things like hook-up comes up to a real love but sometime it ends up real bad and its totally unfair for one of them. They told you they was being played. However, I never heard of a hook up ends so smooth.

On a night of September. I dreamed something I never expect it to be real. Its me having this secret relationship. Never heard by the others but only both us living in our time. But in sort of times, we still having this love together but some certain things won't be that easy. So I toss the ring of love and my heart was chained with the strength of shadow. Deep inside I have this feeling I don't believe. If I ever look back for this love of silence. If I expose the truth of this heart, I won't be able to listen a single note of that girl's heart. So I wonder... What makes her special? Or what's behind her feeling on me. Or maybe. I was actually played by professional. Or? Am I just... Hiding?

A friend of mine, Fakhrul. He's the only person that isn't competitive outside when it comes to love. He believes a true love comes only if it could happen. But before he ever come to it. He'll give a way for the others to compare. But sometime... We don't know somehow what are they actually hoping for... But for somehow... We just don't know what kind of person stands behind their shadow. So far I know, he believes love can be discovered by the note of his fingers....

I just wonder. Why love can be so wonderful... Like the field on my viewfinder. Whenever I look into it. I see those captured moment with motion. Sometime it makes me smile and cry. But both black and white is still the match up to be an image... Without both this whole image are totally empty.. No one can figure out what makes the different between us living under this shadow and light. Because we don't live one. Everyone makes no different. Unable to be compare.

The time walking forward like my age increasing. Each day I'll get older and older. Soon I'll be no longer a teen. I'll be an adult. I'll go to work, start helping myself and living at my own home. But looking on the reflection of the mirror. Yes I'm ready. Nothing to fear that the field of death. I won't stepping back again. I just hope my heart can be more open. Sometime things seem to be better than me. I felt like loser or something. But sometime there are people being so nice to me. Just felt I was better than others. But I know, some certain talks. Are words of thoughts. But sometime to me. I just don't understand. Why would I wanna be better? Why I couldn't give a chance? Or maybe. I just think. This world goes on my feet. But I wanna be better than this.

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