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February 11, 2010

Took A Piece Of My Heart

I believe love always in front of me
but I was blind enought to see
to appreciate
or to listen

I was stubborn and naive
I love the one who don't love me
I ignored the one who loved me
and I pretend to love the one who loved me

Silence on this shadow I really need to be real
isn't its nice if we could love the one who love us
will it be great if I could just love someone
that was there in front of me
without even care what they say about her

It all begins after the beep
all thosewings of faith are build
wish are listened
but didn't go on

Those light that shines
reflected on the eyes
all those back mirror that seen
gonna be standing on your side

If only I were there as you were here
it all takes long journey to step back
what impossible always impossible
but all those love
anything could happen

Valentine dated on the month of February
where its only 5 days away from my birthday
I wish I found something that I could treasure
I wish there's a gift from heaven

Write down your name on a piece of paper
not much more seems to be a letter
I know what's on your shoulder
Yeah I ain't walkin any further

I wanna hear your voice so long
as everyday is Saturday
I wanna hold for so long
as there is the room for your heart lays

Hot as the sun
sets by 6
cold as snow
recorded by beat
single note played single game
I'm not a shame to be lame
as if the girl is listen
that's what things called appreciation

Only a piece of paper could mean a lot
stated there,
"I Love You'



dilla said...

:) sooner or later u just have to tell her. and .... i'll shut. :X ^-^ lol

Liz V. February said...

I believe I do... Not right now~