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February 14, 2010

Valentine's Note


Chocolate, flower, date and gift.
Its all what I've seen on valentine's day
not for me in a person
I don't give chocolate or flower
I give surprise
something priceless
cannot be kept but can be remember
touched and felt

A bottle of water
I poured them into the river
with the bottle together
and start making a wish
I believe
nothing more than the waves
the movement
or maybe the voice

I see a shinny piece of glass on your eyes
I saw lover holding hands together
I saw the morning sun shines brightly through my window
and I saw you under my imagination

Just a plain piece of paper
shall be there this shadow
shall be home soon the light
shall 50 goes 50
never lost in those sleep

Love landed there from sight
on touch you see the light
light that seen from your side
where stands those red romance
bleed through your blood
and touched on valentine

The phone rings that you are waiting
as flash the call was answered
you hear her voice and you were smiling
you felt her sense of love
walking to your heart

A magical day of the year
like the amount of rock hidden by the side of beach
a voice whispered in the shell
only those sense of romance
could listen to them

Sun sets on the evening
before night shall fall
I'm sure its happening
from a kiss tells it all

Your soul spoke by the night it falls
my heart beat before I sense it all
the tree dances by the wind that blow
Everything just as I said so

Two love stick on both lips
as the surface touched the needs together
a single hug describes the word romance
hang as a keychain as the word Valentine.

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