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February 26, 2010

Walking Back On Time For A1

I always got inspired by A1's songs... I listened and I'm very happy to see they return as A1 again after decade of disappearance. Seeing them back on stage just great but one thing bad just Paul isn't there. He is always welcome back to be on stage with A1 but no one will be replacing his place. Now I'm sure any year by now or anytime by now. They will stand back like before after they have enough money to restart what they build before. Go A1... I felt like I was that 6 years old boy like before. The first band, song and boy band. Right now they are already a man band. However, thanks for A1 for great appearance again. Decade of waiting I still listen to A1's songs. Just amazing and touched. Everyone should listen to A1 and help them making their dream comes true. Like they used to since 1999. Good luck for them and they started 2 new song already. So much cooler but way better if Paul was there too. He's one of A1's member too. He deserve his respect and he's always welcome back to be placed where he supposed too. Ben Adam, Christian Ingebrigtsen and Mark Read... Go for A1. Not forget Paul.. Where are you now? Hope miracle happen for there 4 guys to be on stage again after 10 years of A1 unheard but still on tuned.

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