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May 27, 2010

Holiday... Early Summer

So its the final day of the test. Finally examination is over. Totally great. Just great after 2 weeks suffer from that shit. However its not quite impressive. I know teacher. I'm doing suck. My apology. Nothing to do with my life. Its all about myself being arrogant and lost. I hate the condition of the test and completely ruin my studies. See how suck I'm doing. I bet I couldn't make it pass again this time. I'm ready for your lecture. Blame all you like... I'll be pretending as heartless... Probably.~

So hey... The evening today. Not much to do. Just have a sit at a restaurant nearby. Missing my girl over there. Tomorrow she'll be on a trip to somewhere else. Later then, I have a vacation. Miss her so much already. Hopefully there is time for us to meet during this break. I've been looking at her picture and dear... That smile never change whenever you're there by my side. In this moment. I learned something. That I'm very lucky that I belong to an angel sent from God above for me to love. I appreciate every single piece of her and happy every time she's just next to me. Everyday I feel love with her. My eyes was seduced to her heart. Permanently there. Lost interest for any other girl anymore. My heart was cursed by her love. Always her... And always hers. 

What's up with personality? Look? Appearance? Behavior? 
Its doesn't matter. Love isn't about the beauty of the rose. Its how the seed grows. Like a phrase said... 

'Once you love the ugliest of him or her. It makes no sense that they shouldn't be together. ' by  ... Forgot....

But my girl is a beautiful person. In side... Delighted... Out side. She has a beautiful look too. However, one quarter of my love is only to her look. The rest is about the person, her... That's more important because I love her from the person. That angel. Framed in a piece of photograph that I called love. Everyone deserve to love. Perfection comes from the heart when both couldn't see the ugliest of the person. All they could see is how perfect that person is. Then, you found a true love... Don't ever let it go and I'll never let her go. Let her sleep wrapped by my arms. I'll stay out the night watching and protect the princess of mine. Let her feel safe and special all the time... Always do. Yeah for the rest of my life.. Let me be there without even care of whatever people think. Love is our own fantasy. Our world. That belongs to us. :) ... 

Friends? Only a quarter of the number. Who will be standing by my side like right now. Where are the others? Gone somewhere else? Or... Don't remember me at all... It doesn't matter. You are still a friend of the digits.... 

What's important is... I'll be there living life of love. Which comes up with LOL ... In a better way. *Smile...

My heart, is your heart. My love, is your love.

P.S. Happy holiday and Jen ... I love you .. Miss you a lot.  *hug & kiss ~ 

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