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May 06, 2010

Hopeless Cry?

Looking into the mirror... I saw myself. This is who you are. Remember who you are~

Recently I just flow back to my shadow from the past. I was controlled by emotion. Some part that touch my jealousy, anger & emotion. I started to forget who am I...

My powerless hand. Was controlled by the strength of my shadow. Darkness kept me strong. However, the stinger I'll be melted with. The worse the ending would be. A silent night with sound of a pace. Walking toward... And forward. Lately its getting closer. My craziness.

I'm searching for death. Sort of a pace to hell. I was guided by emotion. Nothing more but not myself. That girl of my love. Was there in the same spot. I was melted by the touch of love. I trust her more than I know. I always trust her love for me. There are like thousands of curse out there. I'm that poor little guy standing over those shadow. I fear those pace. I fear it. The more it gets closer.. I'm afraid of looking at the mirror.

'Who is that Liz? Is that gotta be you?'

My hand holding my own fist. Trying to fight my own mandiness of fighting. I'm not strong but I'm angry. All those anger could change myself. To that desperate little monster. Scream of emotion, red eyes of anger & poor sadness, shivering cold fist of craziness and poor little heart of a warrior.

Fight! Fight! FIGHT!

A voice whisper in my heart. Don't ever let your honor fall disrespected that way. However, ignorance would have keep everything quiet.... and yes... I just did.

I suffer the pain. A real big change in my life. Still...

I'm that little warrior who keep fighting by stepping away from the past. I just did. I could done it with my weak heart of love. My heart is always loosing its strength for her. She makes me feel like the wind.

I'm playing for her attention. Every time I get to see her smile. I just feel great and happy.

Some certain things. I still don't get myself. I'm tired and suffering from this wondering mind. Why am I acting this way? I'm confuse and clueless... Totally.Publish Post

P.S. I miss you dear~

Love & kiss,

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