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May 13, 2010

It Wasn't A Dream

When I got up from my bed after a sweet dream... Scared, sad, happy and a lot of expression... Here is the thing...

It wasn't about a dream.

Her touch. It makes me realize. I'm alive and should live longer. I stated it there. I found my treasure. Something very important to me. The girl I wanna spend the rest of my life with, Her~

From a hug. A word of 'yes!'. To be my partner. I started to think and be more ready. What if it was a dream? I'll be crying the time when I got up or I'll be praying I never got up from my sleep. Didn't expect. It wasn't a dream. Not my fantasy.... Not even my fantasy. Its all real. Her touch. I believe it...

Until today. She's being wrapped by my arms. I feel very happy and each day my love keep getting deeper goes deeper. I'm in so deep. Couldn't describe it but she's the only girl I could tell how much I love her. In my entire love.. There wasn't a girl I love this way before. Its all because of perfection on look. Right now I understand. What's the definition of love is about. Ain't about popularity, personality, appearance or even perfection. She's very perfect for me. Maybe she didn't realize. She's my perfect love.

Here is the thing,
Its not a dream. I was just in an extreme shocked. What I expect... Just happened way better than I thought. She's amazing. Just that I'm still dreaming in my own fantasy. Right now I realize. After a long time still... Its not a dream. I'm very happy :) . Luck of love stand by me right now. Thank you~

Her loveliness... An inspiration. I was falling extremely deep for her heart. Her touch. I could fall asleep over her wrapping arms.

*Its a short post. Not much time I could type dear.

P.S. Muahx~ Love you...


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