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May 18, 2010

The Middle Of May~

I love adventure. I believe I'm strong. All the impossible I believe its nothing to me. When it comes to the edge. What's wrong poor little boy? Are you afraid.


Actually. no... I'm not afraid to try. I'm just scared... I'm afraid someday when I did something. I'll lost something too...

A friend of mine called me perfect. My perfection is always a mystery. No I'm not. I have a scar on my back, cancer on my skin, broken knee on the left and also deep voice that destroy my voice. What's the perfection is about? I felt pathetic...

Nobody is perfect. However love is my perfection. Its the battery of my day that keeps me strong and happy. I never know the definition of happiness. All I know is...

'I should keep trying to find my happiness.'

Down on my camera lens. I saw my patient. Not literally, I'm still impatient. From the shutter and the frame. I guess its obvious there is a missing spot. The smile. No I can't smile. If I can't I won't smile. I'll be honest.~ When I do. Then, I sincerely just did. So many things over my head. All shows I've been rushing in some kind of craze. What the hell is that? My lesson. Study... Photography? No, I have it. Just there are things touch my head to the surface of a puzzle. My teacher told me I have a negative issue. That I'm not easy to be understand. I just wonder... Is it?

Can anybody understand my words? Literally? Or just had the image but don't get the point. No I have a point there. Its obviously stated. Maybe it takes a little more harder to understand but here is the things. Its all related t me and people around me. The fantastic frame of life into every eyes that I saw. There is this sparkling eyes I couldn't forget. Her eyes.... Amazing. ~ She got me lost into it.

Her touch,
I'm comforted and happy. I'm glad. I'm thankful. I'm... Everything.

There is a wing in a battle.
Where all man shall stand their feet for their country.

The battlefield, they spoke the language as a warrior. No mercy. No friendship. No rules. No religion.
Its a war. Stop it.

"Poor little boy. Blind to see the world. 
Poor little boy. Deaf to hear the life.
Poor little boy. Eliminate by bullets.
I dream. There is no guns and weapons.
No war." -Liz~ 

Love? Relationship?
Love and relationship are two things. It shows a level. From a love lead to relationship.  Or maybe the opposite. Love couldn't be answer sometime. Not all love are perfect. When a couple love one another so much. Just them. That'll be perfect.

For the word of lust? Cheating? Hook-up?
All these just another senseless note. That couldn't be done or eliminate... Just on a repetitive note. but hey? Human can change right? Just doesn't sense. If human is able to change. Of course but not a lot of them... Can the broken heart be fix? Is there gonna be another chance to tape their heart? Do you feel that... Guilt? I don't know. I come from an unknown past. A deep shadow that nobody could accept me. After I found this light. Here I'm standing as a good person. I always wanna be that. Maybe I did took the wrong pace but hey. Peoples accept me the way I am without even knowing my past and even with them who know. Its like a new trend...That is accepted by those who loves funky style...

I used to be the punk in the street. Not that punk where they made a definition as we are trash. No we are not. We just hate rules. Freedom is a blood in our 'life'. I used to be that. Maybe now I changed a lot. For the past friends that walk on the same journey with me. Where are you now? Do you notice the differences? Or maybe... I'm getting less important. Actually yeah I am. But it doesn't matter. All person have their journey. What we've been planning before is a funny journey. I couldn't forget that we are totally dreamers who dream in their dream.

Its the week of examination going. I'm totally sleeping and relaxing. Advices doesn't totally work on me. I'm just walking and walking... And walking... What am I trying to achieve? Why am I stopping from a dream. Why I don't care? Why must I?

I want my freedom. Its been missing lately... Sadly. No... Not really. I can live this way. I'll appreciate this fantastic time. And.... happy teacher's day...... I'm sorry for skipping my work. Not entering class because I have activities. Sorry if my work is just a photocopy machine. Lastly...

For saying I don't like teachers. Its because they have broken into my privacy. However, happy teacher's day. God bless you all. On my knee I promised... To be better after holiday's break. You have my word. You can trust me...

P.S. I miss you dear. After this 2 weeks. We'll have our time together again :). Love you. 
Hug & kiss,

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