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May 01, 2010

New Month? I Wanna Make Wish

Over years that past. I never know if there is a word I can hold on. Over days that gone, I never know what ever regret with. Over the time that past. I started to think that actually we all won't regret anything if it all goes well. If it suck down to the bottom of your feet then you'll be like why... Why does it all goes this way? However, I believe a thing. That however suck it is. There will be something better to arrive and it'll change your mind.

What am I trying to wish?
Or what am I wishing for?

I don't expect sympathy or pity but I thank you for everything. I'm man enough to understand. I'm just a person with a weak heart that was control by its emotion. Well, that little person is always me. Whether they like me, or opposite? I still don't understand. Why? Maybe I'm just too sensitive & blindly judge? or maybe my words are totally mean to stab someone real bad? Or maybe?...

It doesn't matter ~

How I always wish my time could slow a little slower and skip a little faster. I'm selfish. Of course for myself. However I never forget about being patient. I might be impatient but still I can be what I say.


Its cold out there. Is it going to rain? I don't know. Here is a poem I wrote... 

'Gaze into her eyes,
I saw an angel melts me down,
An angel sent from God above,
For me to love,
And lights up my spirit.

The door of my heart,
Will always widely open,
Those beautiful flare,
Could be seen sharply exposed,
Those lights vertically lights down,
To the ground of journey,
It all started.

At the bottom line,
I could see myself,
As a little boy,
Telling myself,
That I shall cry no more.

May those dark shadow falls,
By the time it gets to start,
But this little warrior,
Fallen by its heart,
Staying away from himself,
But turning into something way better than this.'

*Thou shall know,
There always gotta a chance,
A sincere heart,
God will listen...

Here is my wish...
Stated here 4.30 PM by the first day of the month, May.

"May" I start up with the month of May.
"May" I request a permission.
"May" The month of an unpredictable soul.

I wish starting from today... 
I could be better and better.
I could be stronger and stronger.
I could be...

As long as emotion won't get the board to rule my life~ 

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