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May 23, 2010

Romance of Love~

Romance of love?
So many undiscovered true romance. Romance isn't just about giving flower or chocolate to a partner. Its about how honestly behave to your love one. Even writing a book for your love one can be romantic. Romantic to another guy is like doing something adorably idiot but as the matter of fact. Its not. It shows how much you care her or him more than yourself. Also shows you are willing to give your love one everything. However, everything? Be careful about that. Another partner is the key to make it goes well... Appreciation. It all need appreciation to give the partner confidence. Without it, they will feel stupid and regret it. However, no one shall regret it. Its worth being daring for a girl. I'm willing to.

Romance is the vein of love. Its a blood travels into a graduated level so things would working out way better than before. Love is like. Adoring someone you really wanna spend the rest of your life with without even doubling your heart. Having an affair or loving two person at a time show how greedy that person and also how least is that person love until can share it into two. That's not love. That's the worst thing...

Romance is always a fantasy of a couple. Its the most fantastic thing any couple would had in their very own way. I see how sexy, adorable and sweet things are. The sweetest thing my love ever did to me was the time when she wrapped her arms over one of my arm and leaning on my shoulder. I learnt that there is someone who adores me and giving me a tape of this broken heart. Wait. My heart never broke. It just started to born. With my precious love's one heart.

An unexpected kiss on my cheek. I was shut by the window of silence. I'm breathless. As time starting to be count. I was literally silence at the moment. I was amazed by my only girl who adores me so much and I bet she knows how much I adore her too. She's been there. Permanently remains mine in my only heart that can be sit in for one and only girl who deserves it. Finally, there isn't a space anymore. She takes the seat and laying there with her loveliness. Sweetheart I was comforted in your arms. I felt like I could close my eyes and whenever I wake up... You'll be there in the frame of my eyes. Smiling sweetly with the winds in your hair. I combed it with my fingers and its silky soft like your skin. Your body keep me warm and special whenever I was fenced by your arms.

Everything she did to me. Is totally sweet and romantic. Her sparkling eyes. I can see how much stars of mine in her deep brown eyes. There a sincere stare on my eyes. A contact of her sweetest blushed. Deep inside. I'll always in there.

Is an inspiration. Not just a relationship that eliminates my single status. Its that how I open my door for someone to be with me. Yeah, I already have someone. The only one.

I'll never let her go a single inch from me. She is the most variable thing in my life. The orbs of happiness. The ink to sketch my smile. The oxygen for me to breath. And lastly...

The love that makes me feel special... Appreciated. 

P.S. *Hug & kiss... Muahx... I love you dear.~ 


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