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June 19, 2010

There Will Be Love There

One single soul whisper,

One poor little boy kiss her,

One hunger hunt kills her,

One tear on single pain piss her.~

A pair heart,

One combination of his and her,

An upside down peach,

One single smile of love.

Walk past those decade,

Open eyes and think from the truth,

The view is a lie,

Listen to his/her heart,

What makes you believe?

Her response is a mystery,

His eyes makes you wonder,

Her touch makes you figure,

His kiss stated a message.

The fallen of the year,

A yellow orange beauty,

Like sun sets babe~

Thou shall never stand on the bridge,

When one shall end up falling down,

Two shall beware.

Thou shall be brave to stand on the bridge,

When one shall be the champ,

two shall be the best.

If you ever drops on you knee,

You'll get yourself bleed in pain,

But those pain never kill you,

Because once you get to fall,

You still have the strength to stand up.

The gravity of the earth,

Pull everything to touch the ground,

One thing the gravity didn't do,

It didn't makes our dreams fall to the ground,

Every single day.

Summer falls after the month of fallen,

It ends so soon after memories are framed.

An early year stands decade away from right,

An early sign to grow up little faster,

But not too fast.

Beautiful butterflies,

Capture in motion on the lens,

A photograph under an umbrella,

Doesn't literally shows where we stand.

If the rain will fall any minute,

The cloud gets grey and the weather gets cold,

But it'll rain on a sunny day,

Once the rain start to fall,

The tears is wipe out from the silence,

Nobody is crying,

Only the rain is heard.

If things screwed up,

Its not impossible to fix,

Harshly be able but,

Nothing is impossible.

A desolate smile,

Begging the sun the brighten the space,

But once you stand in the dark,

The only light doesn't appears from where it supposed to,

Where it comes?

That'll be different from one another.

One thing for sure,

There will be love there...

June 12, 2010

"Stop" ~ "No"

When everyone in the same condition with me you all might think the same thing, the same way too. Especially to your love one, you'll be in the same condition. Have you ever think about a distance away from him/her? Have you ever wonder what is she/he doing? Have you ever wonder how is she/he? Okay? Fine? Sick? Fever? Or whatever it is... Too many too list all of them. When one single call on the phone, you start smiling when you listen to her/his voice. One single text message, you start smiling when you when them. Isn't that amazing? You'll be less worry and your heart feel cold and calm. Not even a pitch of obsession.

A photograph~

One printed glossy paper, a piece of card or a frame of picture. You start looking at your love's one photograph. On the cellphone staring it as if like she/he was there with you. I have to agree, cause I'm feeling the same way. You start missing her/him. You start to write her/his name on a piece of paper. One single thing you should know, those name that written and those photograph that looked. Its an appreciation~

One Silent Whispering Melody~

Guitar playing a love song,
Sweet sound of romance from the lips,
One heart miss another,
Listening to a single kiss.


Not bored to be together. Not bored to be far away. Not bored to be alone. Just missing. Bored is a loneliness too. You feel very sad without her/him. When she/he appears in front appear in front of you. All the sadness will never be remember.

The smell of her hair,
The touch of her hand,
The kiss of her lips,
The warm of her hug,
The flare of her eyes,
And lastly,
The love of her heart.

"Stop!" ~

I hate to say goodbye. Let's just skip the goodbye. Let sadness send the message. I'll be far away and silent unheard for barely a week. Until the upcoming Friday. I'll be missing her a lot. How I wish something call by and cancel the plan. Let it falls on the other day. Skip it.... Stop! No... I wanna stay~ 



I'll never forget you. All the second on my trip. She'll be on my mind. The only girl that I ever had. The girl that makes me smile and laugh out loud. An ink of happiness that comes from the bottom of like, admire that leads to love, heart~  No!...

I'll be wondering the day I won't be around. What will she do to spend her time? Is she going out? Is she playing around? Sleeping? Haha... Anyway, dear....

P.N. : Hope you are completely recover from your sick. Get well soon. Take care... Love you~ 

*Hug and kiss,
Liz~ : I miss you... 

June 11, 2010

Something Nice but Simple

It might be simple,
It could be nice,
It could be nicely simple,
Or might be simply nice.

It might be adorable,
It could be stupid,
It could be adorably stupid,
Or might be stupidly adorable.

It might be harsh,
It could metal,
It could be harshly metal,
Or might be mentally harsh.

All single note combine. Just doesn't make sense.

And maybe,
There is no more maybe. Probably not. Still, not change anything.

A pace to death,
A note of goodbye,
A place to left,
A road to go die.

It could be simple. Simply simple. Simply nice. Well its nicely simple but hey? Do I find its nicely simply?
Not really?

The sun shines bright all days long. Today it goes brighter for everyone to go out there and grab some fun. Meet friends, spending time with family or date out with your love one. The garden is delighting. A beauty of desolated loneliness. Unseen but hidden under our shadow. One single piece of note.

Happy Summer Break~

June 01, 2010

June's Holiday Break

A Shadow Town 
What so good bout leaving a 'home'. My holiday? Not much than a sad photograph. That framed inside a small shutter from the camera. A memory that passes through the lens of truth where people could see the truth. I wonder if there is another day for a better tomorrow? Or a better tomorrow? What is holiday actually helps me? Sketching a smile? Being with your beloved family. Running and chasing with your siblings at the park. or maybe. just being there with your love one cuddling each other. Ain't that beautiful and our sunburn comes. No matter how much. Nothing to regret than that single photograph. Framed with a sweet laugh and cry. With emotion. You get to see. The world is touching your heart. Another word I prefer for me saying is,


In my parent's yard. I used to be that little boy. Who always move around with a broken a leg. I don't care the way I am. I have this handicapped chest here in between my chest and abs. When you put your hand on and take a feel you can feel how not normal is it but hey. It won't make any difference than myself. I'm still me. That guy. The only guy with the name Liz. In this street and town. Maybe there are more but I don't know who. Cause it doesn't matter. It makes no difference cause we are a person. My mom told me how unsuitable I am studying in the class that I not literally deserve to be in but hey. A little warrior kinda need more support. All this warrior received is more like dog. Sometime I wasn't able to control my emotion. I was just guided by my condition. Teacher told me emotion must be control. However, being a teacher isn't hard too but do you actually get everything here? There might be obvious but hey. I don't need advice. Advice shows a sympathy and I don't need that. Its really okay for me.

In my life dad used to teach me how to keep things like keeping their own wife. I treasure one single gift from got above. Myself... :) ....

Maybe my body or legs aren't perfect there. Maybe my look isn't great enough but hey. I'm being thankful I still be able to live in an average condition. Nobody is perfect right. that would be a life if I say yes. My parents sometime they aren't on my side. Not all the time. They not gonna support literally all my decision. All that matter is the consequence for them. I know it too because I think before I did something. I didn't make a rush on it because I know... I'm slow as a slow walker. And I'm not embarrassed bout my condition anymore. Nothing to be embarrassed of. Its quite more embarrassing to God if we end up found dead at the edge of nothing... A senseless kill. Poor ungodly soul. Not even a pity I'll lay on it. Just I'm touched by the strength and guts to do it. However, it still stupid to think of it.

Its kinda unfair?
Lets think about those without legs and arms? Do they even kill themselves. No because they are still God's great big family. One poor little girl asked......

'What do they use with their legs? If I can use mind and again. I'll work hard to score for another point for the best I can.'

Is it fair for her for suffered hard without even being copied the attitude... Sad wasn't it. Yeah. Totally. Like that little girl.. Sadder... Worse. What if I'm her? Will I ever gonna suffer that way? The morning you got up. Your legs and arms couldn't help you to move. Only your soul... Ain't that pathetic? Ow yeah maybe... but hey. Come think of it. Can you do that. Can you suffer for her respect? Shows that she wasn't alone suffer in pain.

Poor things I heard... Tears over the street. Haunting over the edge of a line. Where you see those people didn't understand you or speak to you. All they could do is tossing a million dollar bill shows no respect than an insult of the status. That poor little thing is still a person. Shows some respect or the others will stand together according to their rank and status. Money ain't about love. Respect... Priceless... 

What is a holiday break? Another rock or sword to break heart worse and worse? Where is the holiday that I can take a break from all the pain and tears? Where is the holiday if my smile is covered by emotion? Where is the holiday... If I couldn't see any melody played free as it suppose to. 

What is a holiday really is?

Nothing much than a sad photograph to be remember. ~ 

"If gun & bullets speak no mercy. Can tears & blood speak no sympathy? "