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July 28, 2010

I Need You~

Thing doesn't seems good right now. She always gives me direction to be a better person but I fail to show her my changes. I'm really sorry. My ego, I get it. I realize it. I was a loner traveler on my journey. Now I'm lost, its not that she didn't gives me direction but I made the wrong move. Fail step, wrong pace. Here it goes, I'm so fucked up.

I'm falling on the middle pace but dear... Are you gonna carry me up at where I fall and run with me on the same journey? Are you going to gimme your hand and let me get up and follow the right direction? Will you give me a chance to prove I'll change? Will you dear? I need your love, its my strength and support. I'm sorry because I disappoint you. I'm just a fallen boy with no perfection on the ground and need strength for me to stand up... And I won't let you down again. Please?

I'm weak and useless... I'm just pathetic. 

"Its all about Liz"... Not anymore. This page is just a box. Filling with black & white notes. I need the opportunity for me to chance and reset the Liz I am. I need a chance for the sake of our love to blossom in the rainy summer. I need you to hold me and comfort me with your heat.

I really need her... 

I put all my fingers together and trying to reach you, I'm sorry for everything. I'm not getting better but I'm just getting badder. Really, I can change. I really want to... I wish you'll gimme a chance to be who you wanted and I really wanna be that person over your heart. That's because I love you and I'm willing to do anything for you. Doesn't matter where to go but I'll step my feet for the happiness to achieve. I'll follow the guide way and right feeling. I need you........

and I miss you...... 


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