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July 26, 2010


There is a line where people always say,
"I will wait for you no matter how long..."

However, some just say it as a label of a beauty but in the end. Nope, not as long as how they say it but it just the length of the words. Here is a thing....

*Don't keep him waiting,
I disagree with this way. If a guy really loves the girl, just keep him waiting. See how long could it be and believe me... You'll never end up as a broken heart cause you'll cry when you made it that far. I felt that. I waited for as long as my girlfriend prepared for me to be my girlfriend and it wasn't a short time of waiting. I waited with lots of patient trying to be hers and here I am taken. Its been 4 months already. How long I waited for her? Is the huge number but that doesn't matter because the numbers of waiting, I'll never get sick, the amount of love, it'll never reduce. Dear, Liz is missing you...

-If the guy can't wait any longer and have other?
So? Let it be... He don't deserves you. I tell you one thing, that's an obsession to be in relationship or maybe a desperation on sugar. A sincere love isn't just a snap of finger. It takes a lot of passion. The eyes contact and the tears in it. By the time we realize, its a beautiful journey we made it so far.

-Why wait if can't wait?
Saying that he'll be waiting for her is another lie. What make it worse is that it just a fake hope. Girls always a mystery. It takes time to deliver the love inside and to be clear with their decision. A desperation or rush from the guy? Better just fine a better one. Maybe not in a short time. It takes more than that. Just wait... You'll see a light by the next morning or the upcoming days. There's no need to rush. Not to be in hurry. Keep searching and waiting for the right one. When it comes to the pace, make a strong decision. Forget lust.

Nothing comes with a finger snap. We're not superhuman. Just ordinary person with no perfection. Your braveness and calm heart. That what makes thing repay you with an unexpected gift. The biggest gift will be your achievement, that you made it so far. You should be proud of it...

Is always a sweet sound where the melodies played in my mind. Her smile keeps my heart weak and happy. I achieve one happiness inside me... And I know this time,
This smile,
All the laugh,
The happiness,
Really sincere :) 


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