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July 12, 2010


No I'm not perfect.
This page I made is just to show you my life,
Although things I wrote might sound fantastic and amazing,
But my life here ain't perfect...
Only she could make it perfect~

Its All About Liz,
A journal of mine,
Each word telling every single pace I made,
Each word describe every feelings in me,
Each word is not my perfection.

I tell you I'm a bad liar. So what's the use of lying? Honestly...  Imma make one confession here. I'll show everyone the same thing I told my girl and the truth of me.

"I love you Jen,
There's is nobody in my heart except you,
I know so many what happened before made you jealous,
But that was a joke,
And I'm not a nice guy last time,
I'm changed dear,
For you,
You gotta believe me.

I changed for you,
I change to be more mature,
And right now I understand,
All the time Id been very immature,
And stupid...

I forgot one thing,
Your feelings...

I feel very guilty,
And Imma put every part into words,
Sending you an apology,
Pls forgive me~

I know how you feel dear,
If Im in your place,
I will feel the same thing like you do,
But I changed for you,
And it never happen again I swear,
But one thing I want you to know...

I LOVE YOU & only~

Nobody else in my heart... And that statement will never change.
I'm yours and only,
No one will ever have me,
And I will never have anyone except you..."

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