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July 08, 2010

A Run Of Dream

Don't cry... Run...

Why are we running

And what are we running for?

For the good? or somehow we just act like loser? No we are not. Me? I'm not running from problems. I actually did but I'll never get so much far from it because I know today I'll be running from things, tomorrow? It'll be different.

What am I running from?
Those shits out there that's killing me. That keeps me cry in a silent voices of my heart. I couldn't make it so far from my own trouble I'm getting into. All those undone craps left on the desk, at the bottom of my shoe, a disrespectful manner of mine. Every time I keep running, the more tears will fall to my face. Once she appears in front of an edge, I stop and smile. A hug that keeps me calm. The winds in her hair, the touch of an angel and the smell of love. I was fallen deep into my weakness. It keeps me comfortable and relax. As its like, there's no doubt we couldn't get through it. A tears of laugh, I could picture a flare in my eyes.

Run and run... No don't give up. Keep up running! There's no point of giving up. It just miles away...

Once you stop, you couldn't make it through. Its okay cause there's another day. Just keep trying... Don't ever give up.

Run Liz run... What am I running for?

An honor to live in my life. Slowly I learn from my relationship with the only girl I have until I could write a long definition of love, an inspiration. No I ain't gonna run from things again. I'll be the man brave enough that could face things right. I should be better than this because when I believe to myself, I can do it.

All the time I'd learned from my teacher is just funny. They don't teach me to understand but I learned to listen. Listen from the shadow, thoughts, journey, road and heart.

"People think with their eyes"

We should run for something. Not running away from it and never forget to follow our heart.

In this life,
People should not follow the way or peoples' thought. I just follow my heart because in this life for all time long I'd been into. I just know I forgot something. I'm running for my feelings. I did all this is to achieve the most important thing in my life...


and I found one precious happiness,
To be her angel.

Its like a dice. Not all the time you'll get "1".. 

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