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August 25, 2010

Take My Hand & Run

'People will start thinking of responsibility for their action
And things played on starting from one step of a time starting from this second,
We all have been DEGRADED,
We all will be the GREATEST.'
By The Maine

Let's scream it out,

I put my arms to the air giving a salutation,
Starting from last night,
I made a start line with my love,
I put my last bow here,
Not leaving what I am but,
Forward for a different way,
Without changing me,
Just change this life,
Make it us~

That is what I really wanted. Wanting someone would take my hand and run with me, creating a life on our own journey without even give a damn on what others might think. I'm tired of listening to those voices that keeps making me look bad. Here I run forward to achieve a goal. My goal... No, our goal. It starts here. Catching that beautiful lights together with her pretty face, I could see the most beautiful flare through her smile. A reflection that speaks to me.

Tonight, I light this candle up.

You and I, never say goodbye. It just begins, for us to find where we are accept and to find our own home.

Here smile keeps playing in my mind. It makes me feel weak and unforgettable scene. Her smile, touch and kiss. I could that sparkling eyes crying a happiness inside like the way I do. A flame is burning my heart that keeps me warm. By the moment, this love burns for her.

A Rose, red as blood, a passion of love, romance...

The only things matter in my life,
Is you and I.

Take my hand, let's run... Go there, searching for space and home. Ignoring whatever the others will say, we move on on our own time.

August 24, 2010

A Little Respect or Just Fuck Off

I look myself in the mirror
Sometime I felt proud
Gets to live in this fucking world
Facing stupid laugh and lies
Straight to my face

Living in a pace
Where millions of people in my life
Either its me that look stupid
Or just them who acting stupid
But my stupidity
I have heart too
And once they my heart
I'll ram them into hell

A house
Where I don't belong to
A pace
Where I been push from walking
A shit
Where people just understand me
Me me me...

Making myself look selfish here
But I'm not talking about myself,
Its my style and I'm saying others

I don't care
Cause I don't wanna care
What I'll have to pity on
What I'll have to cry on
What I'll have to face on
I just fucking stand at the bottom

There wishing for one thing
I'll just have some food when I'm hungry
And sitting on the sofa
Playing video games
Not keeping my mind in those shits
Where I don't literally belongs to

I'm just asking respect
Not to myself but to my life
Even slowly forget everything about myself
Maybe when I'm exactly what they talked
They will leave me alone and freak out
I'll destroy all those smile
I'm trying to defend to
Since its helpless
I'll let it bleed into myself

Every time I wake up
I'm hoping I was captured in my own dream
Saving everyones' smile
But as the matter when I try do that
I was the one who destroy them

Then what's the use of doing a senseless thing?
Why would I hoping for something that will never happen?
Why would I have to respect when I was disrespected?
And why?

Should I continue hoping for a shit,
That never will work on me...

I wish I'll just flow gone and stop letting people see my fucking face,
Maybe it'll be a dream come through for them...

August 23, 2010

5Th Month Anniversary

Its been 5 months we're together and the greatest part is... I love every second with her...

She makes me felt appreciated, cared and lucky...
And by the same time she makes me crazy and turn my heart to be weaker and soft to treat her the sweetest I can...

The loveliest thing about her is that she's very special. A very adorable caring person to me. For the first time, I can call this home. 

Dear, it might seems to be a short post but I have a lot more to say and let it be personal...

Hug & Kiss, I love you~ 

Will This House Be A Home Again?

I wake up and stop letting things take away my spirit... Here I put a riot from my heart. Where I use to stop crying like that little boy but keep screaming and play hard music knowing its like my blood. To be the way I wanna be... Ain't desperate enough to be someone I don't wanna be...

I put those word and fuck up a little in the middle position but hey, don't ever compare me to someone...

Does this house seems like a home again?
Where you felt you don't belong to somewhere...

I just wanting to start up and mess up a little bit with an evil smile but a pure heart knowing people would judge me bad, a stupid face I won't give a fuck cause hey... I like to be this, to be wild and crazy... Breaking guitar, breaking glass or break the chain. Here one pace I could describe in one single home, to be hurt.

Push me out let the door open. Showing me a landing wings that to let me free but freedom doesn't lead to stupidity.Teachers always said, one cause teen gets stupid is because of freedom. Too much freedom lead to crime but I won't give a damn on that statement... Freedom doesn't goes that way. It just how locked they are and not always free but feeling free like for the first time after prison I might screw things up. Crime? I don't do that. Why? Because I have my style... My position ain't rank up like master in all those places I don't fucking care...

I did my paper today and the question is why student fail on test? The greatest answer I wrote is, force.. 

Yeah force... My place don't step in if you want me to step out. Its easy play? Owh yeah...


Here is my home... 

August 22, 2010

To The Ultimate, I'm A Shadow

They say a traveler should have seen the truth on the lens of a camera.
They say a journey could be made with a single ride on our pride.
They say money you'll get everything you want but fuck it!
Can I put my journey on a pace to help the helpless...


Seems like I ain't helping a single line if I can't even help myself. Knowing a harsh time and terrible lives, I'll willing to be the ultimate shadow of strength just to defend them. Defend those who are helpless. Doesn't matter relatives, friends or even strangers but hey... This heart, this pure soul and this single light... I wanna brighten them. Put aside my own things and discover a single... A single...

Just a single piece of love that could begins from a seed to lighten the whole garden... Maybe that would be great...


What's so good about knowing the truth? It makes me felt powerless... All I could do is watch. I wish I really could take their place and step off from the bottom line but this shit ain't working out... If I could only defend the whole town smiles in the world, I would have done that... If only the shadow would stand on me, I'll take the pace and walk along with it... Knowing myself is less important, it don't matter much but I just can't stop thinking about a miracle rain...

Fuck it...

Over the pace it takes, I found these damn fools fooling around like bunch of losers. Money always turns into a role play. You roll the dice, you'll make it twice.

I blow a small wind wishing I could make it cold but yet it seems useless... I just... Maybe I don't understand or maybe... I guess no.. I just wanting a beautiful light to be seen all years long in my entire life but things.. It goes black and white, I tie my tie and wear a suit... Not even a lie for to stop walking the fault line but...

What it gets? What can I take? Or does people even understand the word suffer isn't as simple as it seems?

It just... Harder than it seems but why... Why you people couldn't stop acting selfish?

Just a single... Shit to be made~

A Place Where Your Loving Kindness & Care Is Needed

We are all viewed as a person. Forget money or rank. They just some shit that doesn't make any sense to me. Rich people or poor people, young people or old people, talented people or smart people, smart or stupid, good looking or not so... I don't put a damn on it cause open your eyes and open your heart and stop talking about anything. Just take a look at them... What do they have? We all should be thankful because in their eyes we are made 'perfectly'. I put my hand and myself involve in a visit to these special friends. Giving them a 'healing hand' would be nice. Pay a visit and show them they aren't alone because there are still people who care.

So here are my photographic report~