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August 06, 2010

An Empty Slot Of A Teacher

My photography?
They are my art,
I take the way I like it with deep messages. Here is the thing... Have you ever feel what is it like when someone says your art is just some shit? I have feeling too and I've been functioning for my school on lots of event over last year until now. Do I get any of them to say thank you? Well, they are lots of them. Telling me how nice my photography are and wishing I would be a professional photographer starting my own business.

Things just fuck up. Well I don't hate that teacher but its painful and I'm willing to drop down my camera and show the world its another 'art'. That teacher, I didn't get him to say thanks but in fact, I was insulted. Every pictures I gave him are all free without my trademark, the original copy. Not even a single penny I charge.

'Those weird taken pictures are meaningful. They are not art but craps.'

Well, I disrespect teacher at the moment. If anyone think my art is just some piece of shit then I bag you, find a better photographer. There are so many out there. My art is just simple and different. I don't do stunning photography like the others did..

And teacher,
Since my photographs are a rubbish... Why are you still asking those photos I took? Are you keeping shits in your computer? They could bring virus you know that? I think you take better photography than I do. Even a professional photographer from oversea comments that I got eyes on art of photography. Well? What are you gonna say? Or maybe you are just even more professional than the other photographers?

So far I think I wanna stop doing photography for free. I'm gonna charge you. At least I insult you back that you buy rubbish and I'll show you what rubbish really are. Fuck your line teacher and put your mark here. Don't talk shit to me cause I don't wanna hate anyone. or whatever.

'My art? They are my feelings. If you say that my arts are shit, then that's the same as saying my feelings are shit too.'

Fine! Enough... I'll just do photography for those who appreciate and understand better. Don't blame me for not taking picture cause I have the right to take or not.

As the matter of fact,
Don't pay me shit~ 

Let's put it aside...

I have a great time spent with my girl yesterday...
I miss her so much...


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