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August 08, 2010

Free, The Definition~

I do photography. For my school? I wasn't paid.
I give them the best for my own respect, free photography.
I take however I want not what they want cause, its a free quality.
I wish them for thank you but yet I get , free critique. Not just me, even the others photographer too.

1,2,3... All free so shut the fuck up and they are my photos. Not just me, how about the others felt? Those camera they are holding, they aren't free... Those photographs they took, they don't charge a single penny. Those hard work, they aren't paid... Even a Thank You and sweet comment would be nice. Not critique and lecture about it. Well, what can I say? FREE QUALITY~ If don't like it, find others photographer. See if they wanna go for you? Well if they do, don't expect same quality. Owh, I guess I knew it... All the same right? FREE QUALITY? shit~

I offer myself to be the photographer. I don't force to pay the high price in fact I just need a little money for my own food and I still remember. When my camera having problem, I myself pay the price to repair it and not even a penny I get just to heal Alpha. Its sad seeing its sick and painful. Finally he's heal and it was put on event again. My camera isn't the best thing to produce fucking stunning quality photographs. It has a very strong weak point in the dark. So face the fact~

Sometime I think it'll sound selfish but I have the right. Not just me. Even the others... They put their heart and effort for each pictures and wishing 'nice pic' or thank you would be nice.~

Well enough~

I don't wanna do FREE QUALITY photographs~ 

I harshly find transport to go to the event, Wasted my time charging battery, Wasted my effort~ I don't mind if its an outing with friends. But some school activities, they are just shit to be capture~ Well sorry I said that... I felt 3 times harder than what teachers felt right now. Not just me...

The others?

My friends? They put their effort to the parent asking for a camera... Its not easy like getting a candy. It takes a lot of cash... Its an hobby, but at least don't say so much things cause its free. Our photographs, our way~

Its true teacher don't force us to buy them. But since we get it so hard and being so nice doing free photography. Just appreciate it. Don't talk too much. Done~

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