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August 24, 2010

A Little Respect or Just Fuck Off

I look myself in the mirror
Sometime I felt proud
Gets to live in this fucking world
Facing stupid laugh and lies
Straight to my face

Living in a pace
Where millions of people in my life
Either its me that look stupid
Or just them who acting stupid
But my stupidity
I have heart too
And once they my heart
I'll ram them into hell

A house
Where I don't belong to
A pace
Where I been push from walking
A shit
Where people just understand me
Me me me...

Making myself look selfish here
But I'm not talking about myself,
Its my style and I'm saying others

I don't care
Cause I don't wanna care
What I'll have to pity on
What I'll have to cry on
What I'll have to face on
I just fucking stand at the bottom

There wishing for one thing
I'll just have some food when I'm hungry
And sitting on the sofa
Playing video games
Not keeping my mind in those shits
Where I don't literally belongs to

I'm just asking respect
Not to myself but to my life
Even slowly forget everything about myself
Maybe when I'm exactly what they talked
They will leave me alone and freak out
I'll destroy all those smile
I'm trying to defend to
Since its helpless
I'll let it bleed into myself

Every time I wake up
I'm hoping I was captured in my own dream
Saving everyones' smile
But as the matter when I try do that
I was the one who destroy them

Then what's the use of doing a senseless thing?
Why would I hoping for something that will never happen?
Why would I have to respect when I was disrespected?
And why?

Should I continue hoping for a shit,
That never will work on me...

I wish I'll just flow gone and stop letting people see my fucking face,
Maybe it'll be a dream come through for them...

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